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   Sure, now you have completed the basics of hacking, it's time to move on to the scary stuff. (I'm talking to you, Brutal Mario!) Some of the basic hacking requires Xkas, a program used to insert custom items into your SMW rom. A tricky thing with Xkas is that you MUST USE AN UNEDITED ROM. Don't even think about using Xkas on a edited rom. VRAM errors can occur when sprites are inserted improperly, and when blocks are not inserted properly, your rom can crash when played. SMW Central has alot of the sprites, blocks, and music that people use, so go there and take a long, long look at their website (and make an account, maybe?). This guide is to help you, guide you, and comfort you if your rom blows up.

  Have you seen those platforms crashing down in the video below?

Those platforms crash down because of a sprite command. The command tells the game to send layer 2 falling down. With a regular level, layer 2 is the background and cannot affect gameplay. To change this, go to Lunar Magic and click on the button with the lonely Mario head. This brings up a dialog box that allows you to change level modes, music, time, layer 1 scrolling, number of screens, and the item memory index. Right now, we want to change the level mode. Let's work with level 105 (Yoshi's Island 1). In this level, the Level Mode is 00. This level is a horizontal level but with a layer 2 background. If we change the level mode to 01, the background will disappear because the background of a level is almost always layer 2. If choose mode 01, Mario will not interact with layer 2 which will render all traps in layer two obsolete. If we change the mode to 02, Mario will interact with your death trap of choice. Mess around with these settings and get familiar with them. When you continue hacking, they'll be a huge pain in the neck to deal with.
  So how do you get those platforms to fall down? First, select an object in layer 2, and place it wherever you want it to be. Then, open up the sprites dialog box and select Special Commands and Generators. We are interested in sprite E9, the Layer 2 Smash. The Layer 2 Smash 1 sprite makes the object smash down faster than Smash 2 or Smash 3, and Layer 2 Smash 2 is faster than Layer 2 Smash 3. Let's choose The first one, Smash 1. Placement of the sprite is important, too so look at level 1A for help. But don't test it just yet! If you used level 105, chances are that the sprite won't work. Why? Because of the Layer 2 Scrolling rate! To change this, click on the buttons with the fish (swimming, not dead) on it. We need to change it to H-scroll: Constant, V-scroll: None. Why? Because it won't work otherwise! When you test your level, don't be surprised to see the object not smash down on some screens. The Sprite's smashing is hardcoded. You can't edit the smashing, so work around it. Check out the levels that have these sprites (in this case, level 1A) and look at the spikes. The sprite was made to work on this level only.

I'm lazy so this will be continued later.
Note: This is for the pentathlon round 2.
Note: This is supposed to HELP not ANNOY


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