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Buboy suggested i do it it paragraph style, so imma do it paragraph style.

so yeah. this week was mostly dead. i mean, there was only one level. (Sharks In Venice 2 (Collab)) at least it was a collab. it's a puzzle cave so i couldn't get very far. quirvy may edit the last sentence at will. www.interguild.org/members/forums/jump.php?to=1378852197">01110000011011110110 also made fun of me and... stuff happens in MC, witch i still don't understand. BANG_JAN, JUDGE ONE POST ROUND anyway, one post was very active, until bang_jan impersonates darvince. JORSTER JUDGE THE SIX STEPS ROUND six steps is also popular... i complain about darvinces IRC and a mysterious new members* appears she also posts in EMG... Cavegen has been updated i also try to start a new comp but everybody here is pessemists. 01110000011011110110 makes a succesful forum game jell continuse to get asked.random chat is super active and this update is terrible
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Monday, September 16 2013, 1:05 pm EST
Apocryphal Ruminator

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This is more biased than Fox News.

jellsprout said:
As a kid I always thought tennisballs looked delicious and I liked biting them. I still remember the feel of the fuzz on my teeth and tongue.
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Monday, September 16 2013, 4:47 pm EST
Resident Goody two-shoes

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and THIS is what happens when i do it in paragraph form


Interguild discord!! People use it!!
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Monday, September 16 2013, 5:13 pm EST

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Hmm, yeah. I probably wouldn't say anything if I didn't want to procrastinate on my essay, but I might as well. I actually think this is worse then your last one. I will kindly try to explain why.
- The "paragraph style". Okay, all the text is in a paragraph, but now it just looks like a wall of text because you didn't capitalize anything and used a lot of run on sentences. If you're going to go to the trouble to put in paragraph form, you better just go the whole nine yards.
-The content. It is nice to read your own thoughts on the updates as Jell said, but I mostly would have no idea what you're talking about by reading the update if I was a member who was reading this to catch up on what's happening (what these things are supposedly for-- hey don't ask me...). What the links are referring to isn't very clear and highly opinionated (there's nothing wrong with writing these things from your point of view, but sometimes it's just too cryptic) and there is no explanation for them besides the hyperlinked text itself. Someone could get this information from just reading all the new posts with the same efficiency.

For recommendations on how to improve, I would point to the earliest of weekly updates that were made by Livio himself (whom you seem to respect). It's actually scary and hilarious how much effort was put into the first 20 or so, back when they were weekly updates.

If you're looking for something less , and more informal, check out these quality weekend updates that were made by non-mod members like you in the past.

I know it's a lot harder to write about stuff when there's this little going on, but they don't have to be magnum opus apotheosis literary masterpieces of the ages. You're doing this because you want to, not because we have thousands of members who need to be caught up because they weren't on last week. So even though that just contradicted the entire post, I would overall say clean things up a little, but don't sweat it if nothing actually happened.

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
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Friday, September 20 2013, 6:52 pm EST

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I wouldn't really call sharks in venice 2 a puzzle cave. There are a few puzzle areas (specifically, the water area below the checkpoint), but overall IDK if I would call it a puzzle cave.

But then again aside from this I haven't seen anyone comment on it, so maybe to everyone it is a puzzle cave or something?

spooky secret

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