Wed. 3:48pm - jebby life IS hard. I'm still learning to appreciate what I have and accept that life will never be quite as fun as it used to be when I had no responsibilities. I'm trying to find other things that make life meaningful
Wed. 7:03am - Yaya Difficulty rating?
Tue. 10:38pm - I had the same tacos. lets be real here, those were 4/10 tacos. sure, they were fine, but definitely below average in the grand scheme of things
Tue. 9:19pm - atvelonis I had a couple of tacos today. Too much lettuce, not enough cheese. But the meat was good I guess. 7/10
Tue. 1:01am - Soccer i had an enchilada yesterday. it was spicy.
Mon. 5:30pm - shos Yeah life's a bad thing sometimes. I made a breakthrough this week though, so I'm actually starting to see the end of the tunnel for my Masters ^_^
Mon. 12:17pm - Yaya Things are going fine in terms of I will graduate in two weeks, and I have a decent idea of what I want to do afterwards (achieving such is a different enchilda), but uhh... life is hard
Mon. 9:08am - jebby academia just not going well or you aren't sure what you want to do after academia. I had several crises like this after graduating
Sun. 3:00pm - Harrison Burgeron the suffering is caused by N++ interfering with academia
Sun. 9:36am - Yaya Everything
Sun. 6:11am - jebby Is the suffering caused by N++ or academia?
Sat. 9:55pm - Soccer the usual
Sat. 6:14pm - Yaya N++, academia, suffering. How bout you?
Sat. 5:53pm - Soccer what've you been up to lately
Sat. 5:46pm - Yaya I was decent at it. It could be frustrating, but also somewhat zenlike. N++ is basically more of the same, some new mechanics, so yeah
Sat. 5:23pm - Soccer i was never a big fan of N in the first place, could never actually beat anything
Sat. 5:20pm - Yaya HIiiii
Sat. 5:06pm - Soccer hi yaya
Sat. 4:55pm - Yaya N++ is lit
Sat. 1:48pm - Soccer how are ya atvelonis
Sat. 1:43pm - atvelonis hello
Sat. 12:17pm - Soccer hi
Tue. 12:45am - Darvince hitōra
Mon. 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron © not me, as much as I would like to take credit for them, but Livio de la Cruz. I don't know about u Livio but my wife is a supermodel. Her name is Shos
Mon. 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "He's just like us," they said while electing a Manhattan billionaire with super model wives and a solid-gold toilet.
Mon. 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "Drain the swamp," they chanted as they elected the swampiest swamp king and all of his swampy cronies.
Mon. 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "Crooked Hillary," they said as they elected the most blatantly sketchy and corrupt politician in decades.
Mon. 4:59pm - shos ooh happy birthday and all!
Mon. 1:31pm - atvelonis ayy dnscrypt is working. take that, verizon
Sun. 6:41pm - Harrison Burgeron Yaya, it is the day of your birth
Sun. 6:37pm - atvelonis yooo happy birthday
Sun. 5:46pm - Yaya Happy birthday, Yaya!
Sun. 1:35am - Quirvy lol at "shos, can i get an ELI5" "That's what the abstract is supposed to be"
Fri. 12:39pm - Soccer same
Fri. 3:13am - Darvince he;b
Sun. 1:31pm - atvelonis ayy
Sun. 8:53am - 24 Hi guys. It's been a while since I logged in. Senior High life got me busy but I'm up to making a cave soon.
Sat. 6:31pm - Harrison Burgeron That was straight out of the mouth of Mymop
Sat. 5:30pm - Darvince I love war!
Sat. 4:49pm - Harrison Burgeron "I like Harry S. Truman the best because he was the one who made he decision to nuke Japan and end World War 2."
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