Wed. 12:05pm - [color= oh never mind
Wed. 12:05pm - [color= if atvelonus is right, I'll never lose my color!! Hail Livio!!!!!
Wed. 4:43am - HB
Wed. 4:02am - Darvince surreal detect
Wed. 12:11am - DroidFreak I think mine is still fine.
Tue. 11:03pm - atvelonis Livio is punishing us for not worshipping him enough
Tue. 10:49pm - HB so did i, but i was harrison bergeron at the time
Tue. 10:48pm - Quirvy i can confirm i also lost my color recently
Tue. 10:07pm - [color=
Tue. 7:26pm - HB as the only female member of the interguild, I have nothing to say
Tue. 4:30pm - Darvince i'm starting to think it would be a good idea to bring god back from the dead
Tue. 4:28pm - Darvince putin putout putin putout putin putout
Tue. 4:20pm - HB my favorite russian spambot is BolshoyPuTinAlex, whose email address is  
Tue. 4:12pm - Darvince спамбот
Tue. 1:18pm - HB Lol, when I saw Alinnnnaaa go on I thought it was neezles... but no, it's just your regular average russian spambot
Tue. 12:34pm - Yaya That happened to me this morning, but I thought I was just really tired and accidentally changed my chatbox name
Tue. 11:49am - Isa rip color
Tue. 11:31am - [color= i also thought it was a physical cookie being baked.
Tue. 8:04am - Darvince and whoever does this is hilarious
Tue. 7:38am - Darvince i've discovered a topic that's on like 60% of forums and it's titled "Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts"
Tue. 7:08am - Darvince "The meaning of being can never be contrasted with beings or with being as the supporting "ground" of beings because "ground" is only accessible as meaning, even if that meaning itself is an abyss of meaninglessness."
Tue. 6:21am - Yaya Tfw not actual cookies
Tue. 6:01am - DroidFreak I was trying to hack it together with PHP pages like I did with cave loading, but it doesn't want to work when I do that so I think I'll try making a javascript extension that does it.
Tue. 5:46am - DroidFreak My cookie-making process is not cooperating. I might have to try a different method.
Tue. 5:45am - DroidFreak Trying to, anyways
Tue. 4:23am - Darvince then we would be inside the sun and also dead probably
Tue. 4:20am - HB What if the sun passed in front of the moon?
Tue. 4:17am - Darvince I was much more interested in the annular eclipse on 2012, May 20. Because it was the closest eclipse to Phoenix for a long time.
Tue. 4:15am - Darvince I looked at the sun for about 1.7 seconds longer than usual today.
Tue. 4:04am - DroidFreak I'm baking up a cookie rn.
Tue. 3:48am - DroidFreak [puts on sunglasses]
Tue. 3:21am - HB uh oh it looks like DroidFreak may have stared too long into the sun without special protective glasses and now his vision is ruined so he will have to wear sunglasses all the time
Tue. 3:10am - Quirvy lol
Tue. 2:08am - DroidFreak It has a blur filter... which is weird because I'm not even adblocking or anything.
Tue. 1:51am - HB
Tue. 1:38am - DroidFreak So even the partial eclipse visible here wasn't really visible.
Tue. 1:37am - DroidFreak It was raining all day in Des Moines.
Tue. 1:26am - atvelonis eclipse was cool, luckily wasn't cloudy in SC
Mon. 12:09pm - Darvince burdon of proof is on quivery
Mon. 12:09pm - Darvince no
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