Tue. 5:03am - DroidFreak36 I've already added steel arrow crates, and I've added an event system that didn't exist in HATPC. I also have plans to overhaul the HATPC campaign. As for making a sequel, IDK. I'm corresponding with a guy who wants to make a HATIC remake so I might end up working with him on that.
Tue. 4:58am - DroidFreak36 Yeah, I've seen Aeon, but I think it was abandoned in a pretty early state.
Mon. 8:39pm - Yimmy Aww, bummer. I'd have liked to try it. If you still happen to know, would the andwer have anything to do with the unicode code?
Mon. 6:47pm - Xyteran I saw there was some discussion regarding whether or not you'll be adding some custom boxes, but I noticed you already have a few differences. Any chance you'll be going the distance, making non-HatPC/IC objects in order to make a proper sequel?
Mon. 6:46pm - Xyteran Ha, I don't think the Crypt even exists anymore. And DroidFreak36, that's awesome! I remember the Aeon project was a thing a while back. It was supposed to be a spiritual successor to HatPC that allowed for a better platform with more items.
Sat. 6:58am - Isa xyteran we still havent advanced through your hard clues
Sat. 1:32am - DroidFreak36 Hi Xyteran! HATPC Reborn is a HATPC remake I'm working on. Check it out and give be some feedback.
Fri. 11:30pm - James Comey How is thy life Dekudude.
Fri. 11:17pm - atvelonis DroidFreak is remaking HATPC and it is glorious
Fri. 6:07pm -
Fri. 4:20pm - Xyteran Whoa, what is this HATPC Reborn stuff??
Thu. 7:30pm - Darvince They got poisoned
Thu. 3:28pm - atvelonis And the Steam Summer Sale begins!
Thu. 12:03pm - Yaya Yeah... that one was a joke
Thu. 1:47am - James Comey interguild and dating are mutually exclusive
Tue. 9:56pm - Yaya I volunteer at a nature center, and they all died over the weekend. They will however make an excellent gift for this blind date I have coming up...
Tue. 5:02pm - atvelonis blind date gone horribly awry?
Tue. 3:55pm - Hismop Yaya, why have you touched 50 dead feeder fish?
Tue. 1:04pm - Yaya Things my hands have touched today: 50 dead feeder fish. Wooooo
Mon. 5:50pm - Darvince the united states is entering some very bad years
Sat. 9:38pm - atvelonis how was i even a person in 2012
Sat. 9:22pm - James Comey please compile your greatest hits , so that we may participate in your entertainment http://www.interguild.org/members/forums/topic.php?id=69335
Sat. 7:23pm - atvelonis reading my old comments on this site is such a cringefest, oh my god
Sat. 7:20pm - Darvince i still have ideas that were born 50,000 years ago embedded in me
Sat. 6:51pm - James Comey no. i cannot beat any trap on any game.
Sat. 1:11pm - Yimmy can anyone beat the trap up on bcave1?
Fri. 10:22pm - DroidFreak36 lol
Fri. 11:56am - Yaya Yes
Fri. 11:26am - Is there a walkthrough for JourneyV yet?
Thu. 10:15pm - canadianstickdeath I've done When Nature Calls already. WNC 2 & 3 aren't really viable if you're looking to beat it for real.
Thu. 3:49pm - Rocket Guy2 Any of the When Nature Calls series
Thu. 11:42am - Yimmy I'm open  to suggestions for levels to make a WT of.
Wed. 11:28am - Yimmy guys go watch my video kthx
Mon. 8:38pm - atvelonis >mfw dlc for mmo & card game, paid mods
Mon. 8:38pm - atvelonis >hyped for bethesda press conference
Mon. 11:13am - Darvince whom is the music challenge of aych bee
Sun. 10:32pm - James Comey ok ... i too shall make a music challenge , but you shall need a willing partner , who will be willing to blindfold you and click on the youtube links for you , without telling you the names of the Songs
Sun. 9:55pm - DroidFreak36 He was familiar with one of the artists and the general style of another one of them. That's the non-spoilery way of explaining.
Sun. 12:05pm - Darvince inside knowledge meaning knowledge of your music taste?
Sun. 10:20am - DroidFreak36 One of the guys on Monstercat Buddies completely nailed the challenege, but that's because he had a few tidbits of inside knowledge. Both HB and Yaya did pretty good considering you went in blind.
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