Fri. 6:47pm - HB he has returned to the land of frogs from which he emerged
Fri. 1:18pm - Yaya Where in the world is droidfreak36
Fri. 12:45am - Darvince racism is dead, long live racism!
Thu. 6:49pm - Yaya Also they're hella racist  
Thu. 2:36am - HB we would like to bring your attention to the fact that the NFL must not be supported as they are not properly handling the issue of chronic traumatic encephalopathy amongst players
Wed. 12:26pm - jellsprout Jorster's right, though. How can you not love a sport where the women play in short skirts?
Tue. 9:26pm - HB top 10 anime betrayals
Tue. 9:13pm - Yimmy when i resd that i thought you were talking about the person but i didnt know who hockey was
Sun. 3:10pm - Jorster soccer is just lame worse hockey
Sat. 6:35pm - Yaya I've been done a concern
Sat. 9:56am - Darvince we must get bigger always
Sat. 3:53am - HB perhaps the mosquito eggs in your skin will make some friends
Fri. 4:09pm - Yaya I'm now in an actual tropical climate (Florida) for the next two weeks
Thu. 7:02pm - Soccer hb is super active
Thu. 6:54pm - HB woah it's Socquer
Thu. 6:49pm - Soccer woah it's livio
Thu. 1:03am - HB coco
Wed. 8:26pm - Darvince novocaine
Wed. 4:38pm - Rocketguy2 damn
Wed. 12:28am - HB every location south of the 46th parallel is tropical to me
Tue. 1:29pm - Yaya Yes, Ohio, bastion of tropicality
Tue. 6:21am - Rocketguy2 In this day and age, where isn't a tropical climate?
Mon. 9:47pm - HB sure am glad to live in a non-tropical climate
Mon. 9:46pm - HB ouchers
Mon. 6:12pm - Rocketguy2 get a 17th mosquito bite, and become enlightened
Mon. 6:11pm - Yaya I have 16 mosquito bites and can't focus on anything
Mon. 5:15pm - Rocketguy2 personally, I prefer the air
Mon. 5:15pm - HB I don't know about u, but I personally blame global warming
Mon. 3:30pm - Mymop Just got back from Scotland. It's too warm here.  
Sun. 7:48pm - Livio that's a good question, I wonder if there's an easy way to support emoji
Sun. 12:08pm - Rocketguy2 U+1F608
Sun. 8:14am - Darvince U+1F60E
Sat. 10:22pm - HB i am an emotionally stunted citizen of the 21st century and cannot express my feelings without fun, colourful pictograms
Sat. 10:21pm - HB livio when are you fixing emojis
Sat. 8:07pm - Livio sorry, fixed it. When I fixed it last time, it wasn't permanent. Now it'll last.
Thu. 7:06pm - Yaya Interguild is broken again. Someone contact livers
Thu. 6:33pm - HB Hey guys it is the year 2008 A.D. (anno domini)!!! The cake is a lie and I just lost the game! anyone excited for Lady Gaga's debut album? i hope Obama wins the democratic primaries! maybe he will fix the stock market crisis i'm scared about the Large Hadron Collider I hope it doesn't create a black hole that swallows the whole universe!
Thu. 5:42pm - atvelonis The roads in rural Scotland are horrible, but it's pretty
Thu. 2:09am - Darvince No, it just is.
Tue. 6:11pm - Rocketguy2 Is that really something to be proud of
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