Mon. 10:33pm - atvelonis damn I missed Internationeezle Day
Sat. 4:27am - SHOS It's basically bread with loads of sugar, no? I prefer normal bread lol
Thu. 2:24am - Mymop Today I had a delicious loaf of challah (a small one, don't worry) at lunch.  That's something I hadn't had  in a while; it was very nice to be reminded of how wonderful challah is.  
Wed. 1:53am - atvelonis holy cow
Sun. 2:16am - Soccer jeez
Sun. 1:25am - Yimmy golly
Sat. 11:07am - HB nothing
Sat. 11:07am - HB absolutely
Thu. 5:00pm - SHOS What's up guyz
Fri. 3:41am - HB god
Wed. 8:19pm - Yimmy no it isnt
Tue. 11:59pm - atvelonis it's almost wednesday august 11th
Sat. 8:51pm - HB hello bang jan
Tue. 5:36am - HB at the risk of sounding like a massive egotist, even today, even now, i think "its name was drag-on. as in, this story is really dragging on and on and on" is the pinnacle of humour
Sun. 1:17pm - Yimmy i won't be there
Wed. 10:32pm - HB what if you end up crying in either case at the inevitable heat death of the universe
Tue. 4:06pm - Yimmy be quiet hb i will cry
Fri. 4:59pm - Anonymous This may affect some users.
Fri. 4:59pm - Anonymous
Mon. 4:58pm - Rocketguy2 you are merely not trying hard enough
Fri. 2:40pm - atvelonis false, the interguild is a digital enterprise and cannot disintegrate into the wind, a physical phenomenon
Thu. 3:34am - HB the last remaining vestiges of the interguild disintegrate into the wind
Tue. 3:21pm - SHOS This happens to me too when I download torrents O_o
Fri. 12:41pm - Yimmy interguild doesnt trust my ip so it makes me do a whole captcha every time i visit the website and im not comfortable with all that unpaid labor
Tue. 7:11pm - Yaya like tears in the rain...
Tue. 5:52pm - Livio this site
Sat. 7:04am - Rocketguy2 hey [color=
Sun. 3:10pm - HB hello evan sun
Sun. 1:02am - [color= Hi long time no see friends!
Sat. 2:50am - atvelonis ayy lmao
Fri. 6:06am - SHOS HIYA
Sun. 11:23pm - HB hello onarole
Sun. 1:21pm - Onarole hey!
Thu. 2:40am - HB @jory wie alt ist dein kind jetzt
Tue. 4:23am - HB mein gott
Mon. 1:25pm - Quirvy lol nice to know the April Fools bot is still working
Sat. 4:09am - HB now i have got to be a bit more careful in posting now that i am so close to my 1000th post
Sat. 4:05am - HB remind me to join the discord after i graduate
Thu. 9:27pm - Livio lol
Thu. 9:21pm - atvelonis oh my god
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