Sat. 8:25am - Yimmy The primary rule is that every turn each player can come up with a rule and if it gets majority vite it gets added
Sat. 2:38am - HB what is nomic
Fri. 9:39pm - Yimmy how many people would be interested in a game of nomic?
Fri. 8:44pm - Yaya I hate going even a day without showering. If I have the time, I'll even take one in the morning and one in the evening
Fri. 7:40pm - HB Tfw Yaya is so old that I force him to acknowledge his own mortality by existing P.S. I love being locked out of the bathroom It is so fun and not inconsiderate at all!
Fri. 6:33pm - Yimmy only 3 days without showering??? amateur
Fri. 9:30am - Yaya Tfw HB is old enough to have a roommate
Fri. 3:36am - HB I am posting this here, because I cannot think of a more passive aggressive place to do so: CONGRATULATIONS TO MY ROOMMATE FOR SHOWERING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THREE DAYS! And for keeping me awake when I should be asleep
Sat. 7:31pm - HB when did i get the close encounter award
Wed. 8:05pm - Darvince Cult classic
Wed. 1:47pm - Yaya No I meant a user made a HATPC level with 1000 treasures (I guess vanilla was misleading). Their username was something like kiwi_artist, but I think the acct has since been deleted. The last level of the HATIC campaign does indeed have 100 treasures tho
Wed. 1:32pm - Isa isnt that hatic  
Wed. 10:09am - Yaya I remember the one vanilla HATPC level that had 1000 treasures and was ridiculous.
Wed. 4:32am - DroidFreak (Please don't actually try to make a level with 100k treasures)
Wed. 4:22am - DroidFreak (I didn't actually make a level with 100k treasure, I just simulated what it would look like)
Wed. 4:20am - DroidFreak And the top GUI now repositions the life bar & treasure counter to account for the number of treasures in the level:
Wed. 4:17am - DroidFreak Steel arrow crates are worth 20 points btw.
Tue. 6:19pm - atvelonis New horizons in music appreciation
Tue. 12:22am - DroidFreak I could possibly add a score-sending system to the game, although it would be difficult to make it hard to spoof (send a fake score). It's been in the back of my mind.
Mon. 11:21pm - atvelonis @HB: the closest thing to dubstep Pong I can find (Plasma Pong). One of those games I would play when I had no internet
Mon. 11:14pm - atvelonis @Droid: Speaking of scores, could you add a score-sending feature to the game? Presumably hosted on your site or the IG
Mon. 9:24pm - Darvince why have I been online for 42 minutes I could've done things but no I didn't because I didn't even do things in the first place ok like so now I'm going to have a 43rd minute online.
Mon. 9:17pm - Darvince Ocay.
Mon. 8:54pm - HB i clear my cache every day thank you ... as well as my internet history and cookies
Mon. 8:52pm - Darvince have you tried clearing your cache
Mon. 6:28pm - HB i can't even play hatpcr on firefox anymore i don't know why. i click on one of the menu buttons and it doesnt do anything
Mon. 4:01pm - DroidFreak Score has been in for a long time, you probably just didn't notice because it was so hard to read.
Mon. 11:31am - Rocketguy2 I see you've added score back in, what will be the score values for metal arrow crates?
Mon. 8:48am - DroidFreak New top GUI:
Mon. 5:33am - DroidFreak There was actually a post asking about the hannah games 6 days ago, but I didn't see it until now because I didn't have that IFTTT trigger set up yet.
Mon. 5:22am - DroidFreak I just set up an IFTTT trigger to send me an email anytime someone mentions "hannah", "hatpc", or "hatic" on /r/neopets.
Mon. 5:05am - Darvince I' interpretation.
Sun. 10:32pm - atvelonis Hmm, one of the things I liked about the original was that it was sort of open to interpretation, and I'm afraid that the new one will kinda ruin that?
Sun. 11:45am - Jebby You don't need to have seen the original at all to appreciate it. Just go watch it.
Sun. 11:29am - DroidFreak Yeah, I gotta go see that. Kingsman 2 also, my roommate says its camera work is awesome.
Sun. 11:07am - Yaya Idk if I'll see it. I like the director, but its been years since I've seen the original Blade Runner
Sun. 5:58am - Jebby Blade Runner 2049 is gorgeous - would recommend to anyone who appreciates great cinematography, even if you don't like science fiction. Watching it again next week at an IMAX
Sun. 2:17am - HB Can someone delete one of my posts i don't even care which one it is i just want to have 666 posts again.
Sat. 10:16pm - DroidFreak Loading a neopets account that doesn't exist?
Sat. 3:05pm - Isa btw, loading a nonexisting userlevel gives you a popup about the account not existing, but after that it's stuck
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