Tue. 4:23am - HB mein gott
Mon. 1:25pm - Quirvy lol nice to know the April Fools bot is still working
Sat. 4:09am - HB now i have got to be a bit more careful in posting now that i am so close to my 1000th post
Sat. 4:05am - HB remind me to join the discord after i graduate
Thu. 9:27pm - Livio lol
Thu. 9:21pm - atvelonis oh my god
Thu. 8:38am - Livio that's cool
Thu. 8:33am - Yimmy holy crap guys it's livio
Thu. 12:03am - Livio what's up?
Thu. 7:37pm - Rocketguy2 bryan gaming
Fri. 9:59pm - Bryan bryan
Sat. 12:11am - atvelonis "a while" = probably five years
Sat. 12:11am - atvelonis I remember it hit 400 a while ago and then when it hit 401 it broke the list formatting so livio (?) deleted a bunch of accounts
Fri. 2:01pm - SHOS Well, look at the bright side. Nobody left.
Fri. 8:44am - Yimmy it's really great that interguild has a perfectly round 400 members but it's been that way sfor almost three years and that's a little sad
Sat. 9:56am - SHOS This is madness
Sat. 6:02am - Rocketguy2 the post is bumped, balance is restored
Sun. 2:32am - HB on another note: all of the woes that have befallen 2020 can be attributed to the fact that the following thread was not bumped in time; http://www.interguild.org/members/forums/topic.php?id=1024 do NOT make the same mistake
Sun. 2:32am - HB i shall join once i decide whether or not it is worth it to associate my serious adult businessperson discord with the interguild
Mon. 7:59am - Darvince that link should always stay working
Mon. 7:59am - Darvince discord dot gg slash rUQkXF6
Sat. 11:09pm - atvelonis someone send a link
Sat. 11:09pm - atvelonis wdym you lost access, can't you rejoin  
Sat. 3:01pm - Yimmy it has the boon of not being stranded on a dead website
also a zoom thing'd be neat
Sat. 5:58am - Rocketguy2 vaguely, more active than here, certainly
Sat. 1:05am - HB is the discord still active (i lost access)
Fri. 10:56pm - atvelonis I'm down
Fri. 3:51pm - Rocketguy2 I don't think I'm quite mentally ready to put voices to names to y'all yet
Fri. 7:58am - HB would anyone be interested in an INTERGUILD-based zoom party
Fri. 5:27am - Rocketguy2 maybe some things are better off destroyed though....
Tue. 5:05pm - Yimmy it's always hard for me to post in the chatbox, knowing i'll destroy an ancient piece of culture from more than a year ago
Tue. 6:58am - HB honestly that's pretty tame
Tue. 12:56am - SHOS Top of the chatbox: Nov 2020. Bottom: April 2019.
Tue. 12:55am - SHOS Hey someone should make a hatpc video
Tue. 11:47pm - Yimmy i don't think any cellular automata could work- everything in hatpc is finite so any oscillator or spaceship couldn't be sustained for a sufficient amount  of time
Tue. 9:40pm - [color= no luck though
Tue. 9:40pm - [color= i tried to think about how to implement a turing machine or a cellular automata in HATPC today
Tue. 6:19pm - Yimmy good question binary guy! actually it is because this website is in shambles
Mon. 1:29pm - [color= like dis
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