Wed. 8:10pm - HB I prefer speaking to people in real life, with my vocal cords.
Wed. 4:16pm - atvelonis I personally find Slack a bit easier to use than Discord, and it has a few extra features. I like both though
Wed. 3:22pm - canadianstickdeath I get really bad performance from discord; when CPU usage is high (which for me is always), discord doesn't seem to know what to do. Screen keeps going completely grey for a few seconds. Voice calls drop with people randomly in one direction or the other and it doesn't bother to tell you it's happened.
Wed. 11:33am - DroidFreak I mean, it doesn't adversely affect its utility for things besides gaming.
Wed. 11:32am - DroidFreak Discord is the best text and voice chat app out there. The fact that it's geared towards gaming is kinda irrelevant.
Wed. 10:33am - Xyteran I'm gonna join the unofficial Interguild IRC. Someone should drop by and say hi sometime.
Wed. 10:33am - Xyteran Isn't Discord primarily for gaming?
Wed. 5:45am - DroidFreak So: (0.6.0) - December or early January, refactor and several added features. (0.6.X) A few smaller updates to fix bugs and add a few new features. (1.0.0) Beta release. Not a huge leap from 0.6.X because I want it to be especially stable for the release.
Wed. 4:58am - DroidFreak I'm on Dreamhost now.
Wed. 4:58am - DroidFreak That'll probably happen in early 2018, and I think my current host can handle it.
Wed. 4:57am - DroidFreak I plan on promoting it more when I hit a "beta release" point. That's basically how I'm distinguishing alpha vs beta since it's already technically public.
Wed. 4:03am - Jebby DroidFreak, at what point do you think you'll want to start promoting HATPCR beyond the IG? If you posted on a few subreddits and got a 100 people playing it, could your hosting provider handle it?
Wed. 2:23am - DroidFreak
Wed. 2:23am - DroidFreak BTW I think imma also set up a patreon in case people wanna give me money.  Sometime before the beta release, probably.
Wed. 2:21am - DroidFreak That's the HATPC Reborn discord server I run.
Wed. 2:16am - DroidFreak
Wed. 1:04am - Yaya *whispers* Isn't discord what all the cool kids use these days?
Tue. 11:47pm - atvelonis I didn't even realize there was an IRC
Tue. 10:44pm - Xyteran Lighter reddd
Tue. 10:44pm - Xyteran reddd
Tue. 10:43pm - Xyteran Ugh, username. We should resurrect the IRC. I'm not really into HatPC anymore, but I sure miss this community.  
Tue. 10:43pm - [color= We should resurrect the IRC. I'm not really into HatPC anymore, but I sure miss this community.
Tue. 10:28pm - soccerboy13542 whew
Tue. 6:56pm - Yaya Lol
Tue. 4:02pm - LIVIO!
Mon. 9:17am - atvelonis some bug with the custom chatbox names, happened to everyone
Mon. 8:09am - Darvince there "is" an IRC but it's completely dead and has a permanently stained reputation
Mon. 7:53am - [color= Erm, why is my name showing up all weird?
Mon. 7:51am - [color= Does Interguild have an IRC?
Sun. 11:51am - Yaya Amateur. Go find a copy trapped in a mechanical cube beneath some frozen wastes
Sun. 12:51am - atvelonis you know what i love? when i finally find a listing for some obscure elder scrolls book and it costs $400 like no thanks buddy have fun selling that one
Sat. 9:57pm - Darvince I'm my boyfriend.
Wed. 5:37pm - HB I want to be mean and say that Bryan is neezles' boyfriend or something, but NO. Bryan is a fake account that I lost access to many many years ago.
Wed. 3:36am - Darvince who's me
Tue. 9:26pm - Yimmy whos bryan
Tue. 5:12pm - HB Bryan is me. I am Bryan.
Tue. 12:43pm - atvelonis enlarge the chatbox and there's a box on the right
Tue. 3:56am - HB loljk
Tue. 3:54am - [color= How do I fix my name?
Tue. 3:54am - [color= Hey guys! I'm back!
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