Tue. 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 The correct response is singing along to orchestral remixes of songs
Sun. 5:29pm - HB this man is absolutely obsessed with adult contemporary female singers who were popular in the nineties, such as sarah maclachlan
Sun. 3:33am - HB oh my god my neighbour listened to the song 'sunny came home' five times in a row this morning while singing along and now fourteen hours later he is doing it again
Sun. 3:32am - HB we shall never forget the day when obama deemed us worthy enough to visit our lowly website
Fri. 3:32pm - Yimmy was it obama, yaya
Fri. 2:57pm - atvelonis FINALS ARE DONE
Fri. 8:25am - Yaya Guess who found a dog tick behind their ear last night orz
Thu. 9:33pm - Yaya work is tiring
Thu. 5:46am - Darvince :pensive_bread:
Wed. 11:51pm - atvelonis interguild my true love why have you been so quiet
Wed. 8:56pm - atvelonis stupid cs exam done
Sun. 8:58pm - HB it would appear that CSD also came on last night when i believed that he had disappeared for good after turning thirty
Sun. 1:22pm - Yaya Huh, apparently Droidfreak came on at the end of March. I thought he had disappeared for good
Tue. 4:46am - Darvince thanks
Wed. 10:56pm - atvelonis I see some people online complaining about the blurriness but I'm actually fascinated by the photo. The coloration offers this fiery intensity contrasted by the unseeable darkness in the center. The color gradient is really visually appealing... idk. I like it a lot.
Wed. 2:51pm - HB
Tue. 7:33pm - Yaya Sounds related to anatidaephobia
Tue. 4:04pm - HB once i stared at a crow for too long and it started following me. i would walk a few steps forward, look back, and then the crow would glide towards me. this happened about four times. i was genuinely frightened
Tue. 1:36am - atvelonis Fascinating. You know, they always remember a face. Treat them well.
Mon. 10:25pm - HB I saw three (3) crows
Mon. 2:13am - atvelonis I saw two geese today
Sun. 3:38pm - HB on thursday I saw twelve (12) daffodils.
Sat. 9:48pm - atvelonis it was so nice today. I took a walk and saw some flowers. Really pretty
Sat. 9:56am - SHOS To me it offers to purchase houses in Santiago
Fri. 5:41pm - Yaya Interguild giving me ads about teen moms with anxiety. Guess that goth dating went south, huh
Thu. 5:48am - SHOS Lol my "too dry" vid just got copyright claims after a zillion years
Wed. 3:39am - HB LIVING on a PRAYER
Wed. 1:28am - atvelonis we haven't been gotten as long as we got each other
Tue. 11:40pm - Yimmy but on a much more real level, we are the ones who have been gotten
Tue. 9:23pm - Yaya g o t t e m
Tue. 3:15pm - atvelonis interguild? more like interBROKEN hahahahaha
Mon. 2:19pm - Livio lol
Mon. 2:13pm - Yaya (????)
Mon. 2:08pm - Livio Hey, Darvince
Mon. 1:58pm - Darvince is this LOSS? XD
Mon. 10:04am - Livio that's cool
Mon. 9:55am - Yaya April fool
Mon. 9:54am - Yaya Interguil is interkil
Mon. 2:18am - Livio ...
Mon. 2:04am - HB Hi LivvieCoke
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