Wed. 1:16pm - soccerboy13542 good luck
Wed. 10:43am - Jorster wish me lucketh
Wed. 10:43am - Jorster Interview at a hyundai dealership for a mechanic position today
Wed. 2:55am - Darvince ugh
Tue. 11:55pm - HB RIP
Tue. 11:16pm - Yimmy yaya has loved the abyss
Tue. 10:56pm - Yaya Yaya has embraced the abyss
Mon. 11:33pm - Yaya Yaya has entered the abyss
Mon. 7:02pm - atvelonis walrus
Mon. 6:52pm - HB If I died, which kind of undead creature do you think I'd become? a) ghost b) zombie c) vampire
Mon. 11:19am - Jorster I'm GOING FOR RECORD
Mon. 1:53am - HB lol I've been on for one hour. Should I start GOING FOR RECORD? (n/n) - (the only choice is n)
Mon. 1:22am - Darvince lol
Mon. 1:21am - HB What is that website? I have never been on it before
Mon. 1:20am - soccerboy13542 is it this:
Mon. 1:19am - HB Lol, no comment on Thomas but I know he is on "spring" break at the moment. How do I know? It's a secret
Mon. 1:15am - Jorster just unblind yourself friend
Mon. 1:15am - Jorster prolly for the best
Mon. 1:15am - HB i'm already blind, but ok
Mon. 1:15am - Darvince thomas is still banned tho
Mon. 1:15am - Jorster #clique
Mon. 1:14am - HB #cliquereunion2018
Mon. 1:14am - Jorster hi doctor vince
Mon. 1:14am - Jorster I just applied at a kia dealership as an auto tech
Mon. 1:14am - Darvince hi jister
Mon. 1:14am - Jorster Welding is easy just dont blind yourself
Mon. 1:14am - Darvince at least by that standard
Mon. 1:14am - Jorster Holy active people
Mon. 1:13am - Darvince then again neither am i
Mon. 1:13am - Darvince yes, hb, you are not a man
Mon. 12:53am - HB Honestly if I tried welding I would probably end up losing a nonzero number of limbs. Does that mean I'm not a man???
Mon. 12:50am - Jorster when me and my last girlfriend broke up I impulse bought a welder
Mon. 12:50am - Jorster I can weld too so guess I'm manly af
Mon. 12:43am - soccerboy13542 you're not a man though if ya can't weld @Thomas
Mon. 12:43am - soccerboy13542 admittedly i haven't looked into it a whole lot, but there are a decent amount of 2-year programs
Mon. 12:39am - Jorster I hear lake washington institute of tech has a good one
Mon. 12:39am - Jorster It all depends on what kind of mechanic programs are offered around here
Mon. 12:39am - Jorster I also agree with that. I have a good foundation of hands on experience with mechanic work too, and I enjoy it a lot.
Mon. 12:35am - soccerboy13542 i think you would like trade school / not having to deal with a lot of the generic classes that colleges require you to go through
Mon. 12:24am - Jorster I can make more money in computer science but I enjoy mechanic work more, so I'm not 100% yet. Thank you for the well wishes
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