Mon. 12:56am - Jorster
Mon. 12:28am - HB my god can you ever go a single week without partying.
Sun. 6:27pm - HB no.
Sun. 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 can you prove that there's two people instead of one
Sun. 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 but what if there's only two people left on the earth
Sat. 7:19pm - HB you don't get it: in order to confirm that you and i are not the same person, both of us must be observed in the same room by a third person.
Sat. 4:51pm - Yimmy i've never seen hb and myself in the same room together. mildly concerning
Sat. 4:50pm - Darvince and now you are cursed
Sat. 4:50pm - Darvince you've been blessed for never having to find out about it
Sat. 4:49pm - HB i don't know what that means but it sounds furry
Sat. 4:44pm - Darvince Foreverial Tiedup Tony Toponi, fully delitized and fully wrapped, tiedup like a mummy.
Sat. 3:00pm - Yaya I've never seen HB & my 19 year old sister in the same room together. Mildly concerning
Sat. 2:00pm - Jorster 1991 you are but a baby
Sat. 4:38am - Rocketguy2 she's as old as bang_jan
Sat. 4:37am - Rocketguy2 oh damn, the age reveal from HB
Sat. 1:35am - HB the year of 2030 concerns me as a concept, as i shall be 31
Sat. 1:24am - Darvince don't worry they'll still be offering flash programming classes in 2030 because it'll be a tradition
Sat. 1:14am - HB it concerns me that my old high school is still offering flash programming classes considering that flash is going to be discontinued within 2 years
Sat. 12:08am - Jorster I have a good pair of nikes that supports the arch properly
Sat. 12:08am - Jorster yeezys
Fri. 11:40pm - HB does anyone have a suggestion for a cool, stylish shoe that offers more arch support than converse - and don't say yeezys
Fri. 11:02pm - Jorster you're wrong and stupid, sorry
Fri. 9:42pm - HB coffee is absolutely awful I am never drinking it again?
Fri. 9:38pm - HB Pretty sure that has always been the case as real life political events have always been a taboo subject on neopets
Fri. 9:30pm - Darvince soon you will be unable to say tiananmen square on neopets
Fri. 9:20pm - Yaya Did anyone else know Jumpstart was bought by some Chinese gaming company last year?
Fri. 6:46pm - Jorster just kidding this is the link
Fri. 6:46pm - Jorster
Fri. 6:46pm - Jorster there is now
Fri. 3:49pm - Is there an Interguild Discord? would be cool
Fri. 1:32pm - Darvince that sounds like something i would do but don't do because i don't gain anything from it
Fri. 12:56pm - Yaya is that a thing
Fri. 3:17am - HB unfortunately this person appears to be the kind of individual who regularly exports their friends list into an excel sheet and compares the changes whenever they see that their number of friends has decreased
Fri. 3:01am - Soccer yes
Fri. 1:17am - HB is it socially acceptable to delete someone from your facebook if (1) you have only spoken to them once, approximately exactly 1 year and 12 days ago, and (2) they are incredibly irritating
Fri. 12:10am - HB you know what's annoying: people with foreign significant others whom they refer to as The Demonym, just to create that air of mystery and exoticism
Thu. 10:56pm - HB a hipster, sitting on a bench while reading 'just kids' by patti smith
Thu. 1:30pm - Darvince every day I thank God that my suggested ads are still completely irrelevant to my interests
Thu. 12:18pm - Rocketguy2 chaotic? Definitely, but good? Debatable
Thu. 10:55am - Jorster chaotic good
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