Sun. 2:08am - Darvince the death of life
Fri. 8:16pm - Jorster lamplop
Thu. 3:27am - DroidFreak Yeah, I use my laptop when I'm at work. All of my HATPCR coding happens on it (except for the earliest versions).
Wed. 2:45pm - Darvince your lap tonp?
Wed. 2:48am - DroidFreak Although my laptop has fewer rn becaue last time it failed to restore my tabs I just left the session restore tab open rather than using it. XD
Wed. 2:47am - DroidFreak lol I always have way too many tabs open.
Tue. 10:37pm - Soccer tfw you realize you have 8 interguild tabs open and it's not even by accident
Tue. 8:33pm - Jorster did hb die
Tue. 8:07pm - canadianstickdeath Press
Tue. 6:27pm - SHOS Woop another day
Tue. 4:57pm - Soccer rip
Tue. 4:14am - Darvince tfw you middle click on a bookmark once and 8 interguilds open
Mon. 9:34pm - Jorster livio can i be admin
Mon. 6:05pm - Darvince someone asked me how i type dartalk so fast
Mon. 5:32pm - SHOS Woo! Happy bday.
Mon. 5:08pm - Yimmy happy bday
Mon. 4:02pm - Jorster happy birthday to u
Mon. 12:28pm - Yaya It me birthday
Mon. 1:50am - DroidFreak Anyways, it turns out a lot of TWICE's songs are DnB. I'm pretty sure I've listened to at least 24 hours worth of their music on loop now.
Mon. 1:46am - DroidFreak Mountain Dew ice is pretty good too. I'm drinking some of that right now. XD
Mon. 1:45am - DroidFreak Send help, I've become adicted to k-pop
Sat. 7:24pm - Wow, I just got a sandwich from KFC, probably one of the most depressing things I've eaten in a while. And I usually like fast food
Thu. 8:31pm - Yaya As if the chat thread didn't do that already
Thu. 2:24am - Jorster I love mafia games because they inflate my post count
Thu. 2:17am - Jorster Yeah voltage is the one I meant
Thu. 12:34am - Yaya If I'm thinking of the blue raspberry you're thinking of, yeah that tasted like gross cotton candy lol. Cherry citrus game fuel is my favorite
Wed. 11:44pm - DroidFreak Unfortunately the only ones that come in diet afaik are regular and code red (cherry).  I try to stick to diet mostly so I don't wreck my teeth and metabolism
Wed. 11:42pm - DroidFreak Voltage. The blue raspberry one that tastes like swedish fish. Although I like lots of different dew flavors.
Wed. 9:40pm - Yimmy there are two blue ones
Wed. 8:20pm - Jorster It better be the blue one
Wed. 9:57am - Yaya Droidfreak what's your fave flavor of mtn dew?
Wed. 4:57am - SHOS Omg Israel is so hot
Mon. 6:35pm - SHOS Soooo I'm drunk again guys. Sup
Sat. 11:29pm - Darvince but i'm in the desert
Sat. 10:41pm - Jorster darvince is a corn fed white boy
Sat. 3:58pm - Darvince i remember the ban page like it was yesterday
Sat. 3:35pm - Yimmy whoops i thought i clicked on random chat
Sat. 3:35pm - Yimmy oh wait
Sat. 3:34pm - Yimmy yeah i know
Sat. 3:28pm - Soccer yimmy...
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