Tue. 2:28pm - jellsprout Because how else will I know that I can shop cheaper at G2A?
Sun. 11:37pm - HB parce que tu n'as pas appris à utiliser l'AdBlock
Sun. 10:30pm - atvelonis HB why is your avatar always 8000 pixels tall
Thu. 10:48am - Rocketguy2 this is news to me
Thu. 10:48am - Rocketguy2 people exist?
Wed. 11:00pm - jazz remember me? i exist, i think!
Tue. 9:10am - Yaya Melting clocks, amirite
Tue. 12:38pm - atvelonis For sure. I like to spend time on a few subreddits to answer questions, but even those can be soul-sucking.
Fri. 5:00pm - Yaya Nice, Atvelonis. Reddit can be pretty toxic tbh. I use it sparingly for a few things I figure I can't get elsewhere  
Fri. 6:12am - Rocketguy2 social media implies people go on it
Thu. 1:53pm - Yimmy interguild is social media
Wed. 2:14pm - atvelonis I'm doing an experiment to completely stop using Reddit, which is the only "social media" I use in any significant capacity. As fun as Reddit can be, it's a huge waste of time
Wed. 7:07pm - Silver Honestly, that's probably for the best.
Wed. 4:07am - HB you could've said a Whatsapp Deezer and i would find it just as convincing , as i know nothing of social media
Tue. 10:07pm - Silver Yeet came from a Tumblr vine, I believe.
Tue. 12:08pm - Yaya Sorry I doubted you. You can go back to your hermit mountaintop  
Tue. 3:14am - HB upon further research i have arrived to the conclusion that i am not being paid enough.
Tue. 3:11am - HB second, i am not aware of gamers having a corporeal form
Tue. 3:09am - HB first of all, the etymology of yeet remains a mystery to me - from my observations it appears to have evolved from an interjection to a verb that rougly carries the same meaning as throw .
Mon. 11:37pm - atvelonis Let's try again. HB, do you have any opinions on gamer girl bath water
Mon. 12:31pm - Yaya Guess not
Thu. 9:49am - Yaya HB, do you have any opinions on yeet
Sun. 11:26am - Jorster have a baby update
Sun. 11:26am - Jorster mfw i actually go on the interguild
Thu. 1:39am - HB Zsa Zsa Gabor's ultimate legacy is having a name which serves as a pronunciation aide for the voiced postalveolar fricative for people who are unable to read IPA
Wed. 1:43pm - atvelonis well the sale is on now so I must be dead
Wed. 10:06am - Yimmy kill atvelonis for early summer sale!!
Tue. 4:05pm - Rocketguy2 otherwise known as now
Tue. 3:11am - HB as soon as the last breaths of life have slipped out of your diaphragm ,,,
Mon. 7:11pm - atvelonis steam summer sale when
Tue. 11:21pm - Darvince wow I came on at the same time as another user in 2019
Tue. 5:42pm - atvelonis oh god how has it been four years already
Mon. 8:18pm - Yimmy man i didnt realize the staff update when atvelonis and co became staff was four years ago
Mon. 9:02pm - Yaya Not 76 player, literally unplayable
Mon. 12:12am - atvelonis fallout 76 52-player battle royale when
Sun. 7:45pm - Soccer my yaya when
Sun. 1:00pm - Yaya no uwu
Sat. 2:32am - Soccer yes me
Fri. 6:09pm - atvelonis no u
Tue. 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 The correct response is singing along to orchestral remixes of songs
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