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Wednesday, 3:48pm - jebby life IS hard. I'm still learning to appreciate what I have and accept that life will never be quite as fun as it used to be when I had no responsibilities. I'm trying to find other things that make life meaningful
Wednesday, 7:03am - Yaya Difficulty rating?
Tuesday, 10:38pm - I had the same tacos. lets be real here, those were 4/10 tacos. sure, they were fine, but definitely below average in the grand scheme of things
Tuesday, 9:19pm - atvelonis I had a couple of tacos today. Too much lettuce, not enough cheese. But the meat was good I guess. 7/10
Tuesday, 1:01am - Soccer i had an enchilada yesterday. it was spicy.
Monday, 5:30pm - shos Yeah life's a bad thing sometimes. I made a breakthrough this week though, so I'm actually starting to see the end of the tunnel for my Masters ^_^
Monday, 12:17pm - Yaya Things are going fine in terms of I will graduate in two weeks, and I have a decent idea of what I want to do afterwards (achieving such is a different enchilda), but uhh... life is hard
Monday, 9:08am - jebby academia just not going well or you aren't sure what you want to do after academia. I had several crises like this after graduating
Sunday, 3:00pm - Harrison Burgeron the suffering is caused by N++ interfering with academia
Sunday, 9:36am - Yaya Everything
Sunday, 6:11am - jebby Is the suffering caused by N++ or academia?
Saturday, 9:55pm - Soccer the usual
Saturday, 6:14pm - Yaya N++, academia, suffering. How bout you?
Saturday, 5:53pm - Soccer what've you been up to lately
Saturday, 5:46pm - Yaya I was decent at it. It could be frustrating, but also somewhat zenlike. N++ is basically more of the same, some new mechanics, so yeah
Saturday, 5:23pm - Soccer i was never a big fan of N in the first place, could never actually beat anything
Saturday, 5:20pm - Yaya HIiiii
Saturday, 5:06pm - Soccer hi yaya
Saturday, 4:55pm - Yaya N++ is lit
Saturday, 1:48pm - Soccer how are ya atvelonis
Saturday, 1:43pm - atvelonis hello
Saturday, 12:17pm - Soccer hi
Tuesday, 12:45am - Darvince hitōra
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron © not me, as much as I would like to take credit for them, but Livio de la Cruz. I don't know about u Livio but my wife is a supermodel. Her name is Shos
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "He's just like us," they said while electing a Manhattan billionaire with super model wives and a solid-gold toilet.
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "Drain the swamp," they chanted as they elected the swampiest swamp king and all of his swampy cronies.
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "Crooked Hillary," they said as they elected the most blatantly sketchy and corrupt politician in decades.
Monday, 4:59pm - shos ooh happy birthday and all!
Monday, 1:31pm - atvelonis ayy dnscrypt is working. take that, verizon
Sunday, 6:41pm - Harrison Burgeron Yaya, it is the day of your birth
Sunday, 6:37pm - atvelonis yooo happy birthday
Sunday, 5:46pm - Yaya Happy birthday, Yaya!
Sunday, 1:35am - Quirvy lol at "shos, can i get an ELI5" "That's what the abstract is supposed to be"
Friday, 12:39pm - Soccer same
Friday, 3:13am - Darvince he;b
Sunday, 1:31pm - atvelonis ayy
Sunday, 8:53am - 24 Hi guys. It's been a while since I logged in. Senior High life got me busy but I'm up to making a cave soon.
Saturday, 6:31pm - Harrison Burgeron That was straight out of the mouth of Mymop
Saturday, 5:30pm - Darvince I love war!
Saturday, 4:49pm - Harrison Burgeron "I like Harry S. Truman the best because he was the one who made he decision to nuke Japan and end World War 2."
Friday, 12:20pm - atvelonis ah great another war
Thursday, 11:29pm - Harrison Burgeron OK, Honest Abe, Honest Abe never lied. That’s the good thing. That’s the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you. That’s a big, big difference. We’re talking about some difference.
Thursday, 12:04am - Soccer can i get an ELI5 of the abstract
Wednesday, 10:55pm - Yaya That's what the abstract is supposed to be
Wednesday, 10:20pm - Soccer shos, can i get an ELI5
Wednesday, 9:39pm - Harrison Burgeron U are no longer a Confused littleboy. U are now a published Ssientist
Wednesday, 9:38pm - Harrison Burgeron Son ( shos ) , I am so proud
Wednesday, 7:39pm - Yaya Similar to your caves, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get past the beginning : P In all seriousness, congrats. I read enough scientific papers for school tho
Wednesday, 4:24pm - shos me and my team
Wednesday, 4:24pm - shos http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/7564456/
Wednesday, 4:23pm - shos http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/7499798/
Wednesday, 12:00pm - Darvince "thank" you liver
Wednesday, 11:58am - Darvince finally
Monday, 3:58am - Harrison Burgeron Where is Haily anyway? His twitter hasn't been updated since last year. He's probably too busy with his gentlemen friends at the country club playing golf or whatever married people do in their spare time Go Haily u do u
Sunday, 11:29pm - atvelonis glorious icecaves.net
Sunday, 7:32pm - Harrison Burgeron Sir, we are incredibly interested in your published work
Sunday, 7:05pm - Soccer that would be sweet
Sunday, 5:55pm - shos hey guys, just if you're interested, I can show you some of my published work which may explain why I'm never here lately
Sunday, 5:23pm - Harrison Burgeron No shos it's just you. Or your computer.
Sunday, 5:22pm - shos did we just go back a couple of years design wise?!
Sunday, 5:03pm - Yaya There's some inconveniences about it but I honestly wouldn't mind the change
Sunday, 2:17pm - Hismop Maybe we could add a feature that lets you see either this or the other thing as the page layout
Sunday, 2:16pm - Hismop I actually sort of like it, but I also like the normal page
Sunday, 2:15pm - Hismop What's this new home page layout? Was it done as an April Fool's joke?
Sunday, 1:29pm - Rocket Guy2 it's actually disgusting please delete this
Sunday, 8:09am - Rocket Guy2 it is for me
Sunday, 5:14am - Quirvy Is the interguild displaying a throwback homepage for anyone else?
Sunday, 1:08am - Harrison Burgeron It's YOU
Sunday, 12:22am - oh my god
Sunday, 12:10am - Harrison Burgeron The best ;
Sunday, 12:06am - atvelonis ahhhhhhhh
Saturday, 8:54pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 8:46pm - Yimmy hey guys guess what word this is: Euouae
Saturday, 8:45pm - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 8:43pm - Yimmy this is really annoying
Saturday, 8:09pm - Livio I agree.
Saturday, 8:06pm - Harrison Burgeron Wow Livio you are s t u p i d
Saturday, 7:44pm - Livio Hey guys!
Saturday, 7:38pm - Harrison Burgeron an ip address is a unique identification for devices associated with a certain internet connection livio you have a degree in this how do you not know what an ip is
Saturday, 6:50pm - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 6:46pm - ∑Ω disappointed it didn't turn into jizz
Saturday, 6:45pm - ∑Ω happy birthday - jazz
Saturday, 6:31pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 6:26pm - that's cool
Saturday, 6:10pm - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 5:59pm - Harrison Burgeron hippy
Saturday, 4:18pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 4:13pm - Quirvy ok that music has been up long enough that I'm mercifully going to stop it
Saturday, 4:11pm - Livio ...
Saturday, 4:08pm - Harrison Burgeron that's very insensitive Livio
Saturday, 3:50pm - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 3:48pm - Yaya I feel like I'm having a stroke
Saturday, 1:44pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 1:41pm - atvelonis my god the music
Saturday, 5:08am - Livio ...
Saturday, 5:05am - Rocket Guy2 nice meme
Saturday, 3:17am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 3:13am - Ahoy livio
Saturday, 3:12am - Livio Hey, krotomo
Saturday, 3:07am - what's up?
Saturday, 3:07am - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 3:05am - yaih u dent railly knew whit um deung rught new  
Saturday, 3:04am - Quirvy isn't it kinda late for you to be up, kroto?
Saturday, 3:04am - lul cool what's up?
Saturday, 3:03am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 3:01am - U thunk U'va cioght ente thus swutchung ef tha lattars
Saturday, 2:57am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:56am - Thus taxt thung us railly cenfosung
Saturday, 2:45am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:44am - Harrison Burgeron aych bee
Saturday, 2:41am - Livio I agree.
Saturday, 2:38am - Soccer test
Saturday, 2:21am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 2:19am - Quirvy my personal favorite is Yeey
Saturday, 2:18am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:17am - Harrison Burgeron ''soccerboy13542''
Saturday, 2:17am - Harrison Burgeron ''jebby''
Saturday, 2:11am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:10am - Quirvy this Livio pretending to post in the chatbox  thing is lame
Saturday, 2:09am - Quirvy I liked it better when the neezle takeover prank was the default april fools joke
Saturday, 2:09am - The old windows version of safari works for me, so that's good
Saturday, 2:07am - Livio I agree.
Saturday, 2:05am - Quirvy Also for what it's worth I am getting autoplay
Saturday, 2:02am - Quirvy For what it's worth kroto, I can still play hatpc on firefox
Saturday, 1:26am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 1:22am - canadianstickdeath Well that was nice and nostalgic.
Saturday, 1:21am - Livio lol
Saturday, 1:18am - canadianstickdeath Aw I don't think the autoplay on it works anymore.
Saturday, 1:17am - Livio lol
Saturday, 1:15am - canadianstickdeath I found this in the censor list. I wonder if it still works:
Saturday, 1:04am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 1:01am - canadianstickdeath Somebody else can replace that combopack with something your choice what it is.
Saturday, 1:00am - Livio lol
Saturday, 12:59am - canadianstickdeath :combopack:
Saturday, 12:58am - canadianstickdeath Aw it seems livio finally turned the april fools code off
Saturday, 12:56am -
Saturday, 12:55am - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 12:54am - For some reason I can't play HATPC on Firefox anymore... I was just playing it earlier today, not sure what happened. Now the same thing happens as when I open it in Chrome, it thinks it's an image or something.
Saturday, 12:51am - Harrison Burgeron Hey Livio how's your social activism going?
Saturday, 12:36am - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 12:33am - Quirvy I have become such a lazy person
Saturday, 12:00am - Livio lol
Thursday, 11:59pm - Quincy de la Cruz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaan_Banana this man , is my Uncle
Tuesday, 9:03pm - Quincy de la Cruz good morning Atlandis
Tuesday, 2:14am - atvelonis gooooood morning interguild
Sunday, 2:52am - Soccer nice
Friday, 4:10pm - Yaya And suddenly... I can access the IG on my home Wifi! Just as nothing prompted the problem, nothing prompted its solution. Well, I'm still busy, but I digress
Thursday, 7:51pm - Yaya Due to my issues with my home's wifi, and my final semester generally coming to a head, expect me to be a bit more inactive for a while. I'll try to pop in occasionally
Thursday, 4:10am - DroidFreak36 Pardon my regex but /[hy]ello, (my name is|I'm) Droid(Freak(36)?)? and I run a shop that sells be?acon/
Wednesday, 11:23pm - Soccer pardon my french but bonjour HB. comment allez-vous?
Tuesday, 7:07pm - HB sir, c'est parce que la politique est plus importante que les jeux
Tuesday, 3:29pm - canadianstickdeath I'm still surprised that nobody on this site played SMM. Seemed like the type of game we would have been all over back in the day...
Monday, 5:37pm - jebby it's remarkable that I didn't realise that aych bee spells HB until it was literally spelled out to me
Saturday, 7:47pm - HB The funnest
Saturday, 12:12am - Yaya Something something you must be fun at parties
Friday, 11:06pm - HB You know who else makes "Entertaining" videos ... M. Night Shyamalan. They are called "Movies", Therefore Mr. Shyamalan is also a celebrity and so is vsauce
Friday, 6:49pm - Yaya My fave quasi-educational channel is Ask A Mortician. Fairly macabre, but also informative and fun
Friday, 6:35pm - atvelonis Most of the channels I'm subscribed to are educational, actually. CGP Grey, Kurzgesagt, Vsauce, that sorta thing. And some engineering/tech channels as well
Friday, 6:32pm - atvelonis idk if I'd consider them celebrities, they just make entertaining videos
Friday, 7:21am - Yaya In my defense... I've mostly been using a proxy server to get onto the Interguild SINCE I STILL CAN'T ACCESS IT ON MY HOME WIFI, and somethings don't work right on it. The chatbox, Recent Posts, links, PMs, etc are a bit off, or non-functioning. In the case of the chatbox, sometimes new posts don't show up
Thursday, 8:35pm - HB hi yaya
Thursday, 7:33pm - Soccer hi yaya
Thursday, 12:10am - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdOgvdbl314
Wednesday, 11:54pm - Yaya I was briefly subbed to h3h3 in 2015. I found their stuff funny on occasion, but I'm not a fan of reaction videos, and usually whatever crap they were calling out just made me angry or depressed. I'm pretty sure my YT tastes are super weird for someone of my demographic. My subscriptions look pretty different than they did even a year ago  
Wednesday, 11:11pm - HB why do you value celebrities so much i have literally never heard of these people in any context in my life
Wednesday, 10:59pm - atvelonis I only hope h3 doesn't come out with a video defending jon's views. I love h3 too but plsno
Tuesday, 10:39pm - HB The Answer Is To Scrub His Existence From Your Mind, Forget That He Has Ever Been on YouTube.
Tuesday, 9:49pm - Yaya *shrug* Still giving him views, which in turn gets him more visibility & exposure
Tuesday, 9:08pm - Im still gonna watch his videos, just with adblock on
Tuesday, 5:10pm - HB Spongebob
Tuesday, 4:48pm - Yaya Your choice Atvelonis, but now is not a good time to be giving people with those kinda views a pass, imo. Those opinions shouldn't be normalized more than they already have been
Tuesday, 4:34pm - Yimmy what happned?
Tuesday, 4:28pm - atvelonis I think I first started watching him maybe 4-5 years ago (think Kro showed me him), he's been one of my favorite YouTubers since. I guess I'll keep watching his videos, they're still funny, but I can never look at him the same way again
Tuesday, 2:25pm - Yaya YT gaming personality is racist and has ****** political views. Shocked, shocked I tell you. I never found him funny to begin with, sooooo
Tuesday, 11:12am - atvelonis rip jontron
Monday, 7:25pm - HB No. I Expect That The Interguild Should Be At Least As Secure, If Not More, Than The Tower Of Hanoi.
Monday, 4:50am - canadianstickdeath HB you're probably getting that message because the site is on http and not https. This site was made by 15-year-olds nine years ago so I'm not sure what you're expecting in terms of security.
Monday, 12:28am - HB We Like/Live To Suffer.
Monday, 12:28am - HB Suffering Is The Meaning Of Life Yaya.
Sunday, 11:59pm - Yaya Ugh, why'd my spring break have to end on daylight savings day
Sunday, 4:35pm - jebby no problem, hope it's useful for making some cool Reborn levels. Especially when checkpoint support is added
Sunday, 4:34pm - Thanks for all the work you've put into cavegen jebby
Sunday, 3:12pm - jebby region selection/copying/moving is on its way: http://giphy.com/gifs/xUPGcyF8xpUuqpoxyM
Sunday, 1:12pm - atvelonis hi Teo
Saturday, 8:46pm - HB the fact that my browser tells me, whenever I am trying to log in to my interguild account, that any information that I send to this website could be compromised, gives me anxiety
Saturday, 8:35pm - Soccer scared of heights?
Saturday, 6:45pm - soccerboy your level gives me anxiety
Saturday, 8:22am - shos I hereby declare that I have no time evar
Saturday, 4:05am - DroidFreak36 They did teach me a few useful bits of info. Like which abilities scale well and which don't, and how high her base stats are.
Saturday, 4:04am - DroidFreak36 TFW I fill 3 pages with stats and calculations about my Paragon hero of choice.
Thursday, 6:50pm - Yimmy has jebby tasted petrol
Thursday, 5:38pm - Yaya Not sure, take some time off, make some difficult life decisions™. Maybe try to get a job in the local parks system (not govt operated, so I might actually have a future with them)
Thursday, 5:14pm - jebby what will you do after graduation?
Thursday, 5:14pm - jebby I never really enjoyed the taste much either. Same with coffee, when I drink it, I drink it for the effects
Thursday, 4:54pm - Yaya Yeah, I'm graduating in the spring
Thursday, 4:54pm - Yaya Like, all alcohol I've tried so far is pretty bad tbh. Some of the fruitier ones are tolerable, but at best they just taste like medicine. Maybe it's companionship that makes them taste good : /
Thursday, 4:54pm - jebby is this your final year, Yaya?
Thursday, 4:52pm - jebby never really got into whisky. Always tasted like petrol to me. I don't mind a rum and coke on occasions though. Sailor Jerry's in particular
Thursday, 4:49pm - jebby in hindsight, life after graduation has been much harder. Yet somehow I'm teetotal now

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