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Tuesday, 5:03am - DroidFreak36 I've already added steel arrow crates, and I've added an event system that didn't exist in HATPC. I also have plans to overhaul the HATPC campaign. As for making a sequel, IDK. I'm corresponding with a guy who wants to make a HATIC remake so I might end up working with him on that.
Tuesday, 4:58am - DroidFreak36 Yeah, I've seen Aeon, but I think it was abandoned in a pretty early state.
Monday, 8:39pm - Yimmy Aww, bummer. I'd have liked to try it. If you still happen to know, would the andwer have anything to do with the unicode code?
Monday, 6:47pm - Xyteran I saw there was some discussion regarding whether or not you'll be adding some custom boxes, but I noticed you already have a few differences. Any chance you'll be going the distance, making non-HatPC/IC objects in order to make a proper sequel?
Monday, 6:46pm - Xyteran Ha, I don't think the Crypt even exists anymore. And DroidFreak36, that's awesome! I remember the Aeon project was a thing a while back. It was supposed to be a spiritual successor to HatPC that allowed for a better platform with more items.
Saturday, 6:58am - Isa xyteran we still havent advanced through your hard clues
Saturday, 1:32am - DroidFreak36 Hi Xyteran! HATPC Reborn is a HATPC remake I'm working on. Check it out and give be some feedback.
Friday, 11:30pm - James Comey How is thy life Dekudude.
Friday, 11:17pm - atvelonis DroidFreak is remaking HATPC and it is glorious
Friday, 6:07pm -
Friday, 4:20pm - Xyteran Whoa, what is this HATPC Reborn stuff??
Thursday, 7:30pm - Darvince They got poisoned
Thursday, 3:28pm - atvelonis And the Steam Summer Sale begins!
Thursday, 12:03pm - Yaya Yeah... that one was a joke
Thursday, 1:47am - James Comey interguild and dating are mutually exclusive
Tuesday, 9:56pm - Yaya I volunteer at a nature center, and they all died over the weekend. They will however make an excellent gift for this blind date I have coming up...
Tuesday, 5:02pm - atvelonis blind date gone horribly awry?
Tuesday, 3:55pm - Hismop Yaya, why have you touched 50 dead feeder fish?
Tuesday, 1:04pm - Yaya Things my hands have touched today: 50 dead feeder fish. Wooooo
Monday, 5:50pm - Darvince the united states is entering some very bad years
Saturday, 9:38pm - atvelonis how was i even a person in 2012
Saturday, 9:22pm - James Comey please compile your greatest hits , so that we may participate in your entertainment http://www.interguild.org/members/forums/topic.php?id=69335
Saturday, 7:23pm - atvelonis reading my old comments on this site is such a cringefest, oh my god
Saturday, 7:20pm - Darvince i still have ideas that were born 50,000 years ago embedded in me
Saturday, 6:51pm - James Comey no. i cannot beat any trap on any game.
Saturday, 1:11pm - Yimmy can anyone beat the trap up on bcave1?
Friday, 10:22pm - DroidFreak36 lol
Friday, 11:56am - Yaya Yes
Friday, 11:26am - Is there a walkthrough for JourneyV yet?
Thursday, 10:15pm - canadianstickdeath I've done When Nature Calls already. WNC 2 & 3 aren't really viable if you're looking to beat it for real.
Thursday, 3:49pm - Rocket Guy2 Any of the When Nature Calls series
Thursday, 11:42am - Yimmy I'm open  to suggestions for levels to make a WT of.
Wednesday, 11:28am - Yimmy guys go watch my video kthx
Monday, 8:38pm - atvelonis >mfw dlc for mmo & card game, paid mods
Monday, 8:38pm - atvelonis >hyped for bethesda press conference
Monday, 11:13am - Darvince whom is the music challenge of aych bee
Sunday, 10:32pm - James Comey ok ... i too shall make a music challenge , but you shall need a willing partner , who will be willing to blindfold you and click on the youtube links for you , without telling you the names of the Songs
Sunday, 9:55pm - DroidFreak36 He was familiar with one of the artists and the general style of another one of them. That's the non-spoilery way of explaining.
Sunday, 12:05pm - Darvince inside knowledge meaning knowledge of your music taste?
Sunday, 10:20am - DroidFreak36 One of the guys on Monstercat Buddies completely nailed the challenege, but that's because he had a few tidbits of inside knowledge. Both HB and Yaya did pretty good considering you went in blind.
Sunday, 10:06am - DroidFreak36 Song challenge answers are up.
Saturday, 5:16am - Isa droidfreak you should make a music quiz on sporcle.com
Saturday, 2:29am - James Comey start your journey now ..., my lord;
Saturday, 1:38am - Darvince Popular 3D Free MMORPG: shows almost nekky hot women
Friday, 10:58pm - James Comey you are dead
Friday, 10:13pm - Darvince >what does it think i've done those 30 times
Friday, 10:13pm - Darvince >youtube just told me to press the subscribe button to subscribe to a channel
Friday, 9:18pm - DroidFreak36 And, full disclosure, this is the hard-mode version of this challenge where I handpick songs that will make it challengeing. I might do an easy mode version of it later with songs that are typical of the artist's style.
Friday, 9:16pm - DroidFreak36 Yeah, no Monstercat on this one. That would have given the folks over at Monstercat Buddies an unfair advantage.
Friday, 1:56pm - Yaya Haven't listened to any yet, but when I first read the post I was like "oh great, I know nothing about Monstercat", but then I saw the next post, so I'm at least marginally better off
Friday, 11:41am - Yimmy i am muscially challenged
Friday, 10:17am - DroidFreak36 Of the three places I posted that music challenge, you guys are probably gonna be the most challeneged by it... good luck.
Friday, 12:59am - DroidFreak36 Nice screenshot in the featured content
Wednesday, 6:20pm - Yaya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wednesday, 6:11pm - Yimmy the other walkthrough was a compilation
Wednesday, 6:09pm - Yaya If your walkthrough is shorter than the other, you can say it's a world record speedrun of the level :p
Wednesday, 6:02pm - Yimmy when you spend an hour on a walkthrough of a level but find that there already is a walkthrough for said level
Wednesday, 4:40pm - jebby I've notice a lot of borderless HATPC caves lately - I should really start supporting that in CaveGen
Wednesday, 4:39pm - jebby I think most of the issues about swimming have already been raised, so I'll just say good job! I'm sure this one was a pain to implement
Wednesday, 11:48am - Yimmy update: hatpc does work on IE, which is starangely enough included on windows 10 along with edge
Wednesday, 11:42am - Yimmy does hatpc work on opera
Wednesday, 11:24am - Yimmy woah ive never actually played level 15
Wednesday, 10:59am - canadianstickdeath It was a bit of a stream of conciousness okay... :p
Wednesday, 10:31am - DroidFreak36 For the record, CSD, it'd be a lot easier to read your wall of text if you separated it into paragraphs or bullet points.
Wednesday, 12:13am - DroidFreak36 Well, level 9's gem is now possible since I fixed it in the HATPCR version.
Tuesday, 11:44pm - Yaya Nope, Level 7 & 9's gems have always been impossible. And Tutorial 6 has never had a gem
Tuesday, 10:43pm - DroidFreak36 Is there actually a way to get the gem in the original HATPC's level 9? I've tried and I can't seem to hit that arrow.
Tuesday, 3:45pm - atvelonis Fantastic job!
Tuesday, 5:39am - DroidFreak36 New update with still water for you guys to try out.
Tuesday, 1:27am - Soccer yup, always starts on the right. you can probably modify it by taking falling water animations
Tuesday, 1:00am - DroidFreak36 Do water taps always render on the right side of their tile in HATPC? I'm thinking of adding right and left variants for aesthetics.
Monday, 11:28pm - DroidFreak36 Yeah, I think marvel is losing steam. Although Guardians 2 was pretty good.
Monday, 8:06pm - atvelonis I think it turned out especially well in my mind because a lot of Marvel's movies have been sorta bland lately, too formulaic. It's refreshing to see a superhero movie that isn't quite so rehashed for once
Monday, 9:26am - DroidFreak36 Also, I give Wonder Woman a thumbs up as well. Congrats DC, you actually made a good movie for once.
Monday, 9:02am - DroidFreak36 Now time to add another layer of complexity on top of my already complex movement code.
Monday, 8:58am - DroidFreak36 (where argument[0] is x, argument[1] is y, and global.water[] holds water depth from 0-16 in i, j coordinates)
Monday, 8:51am - DroidFreak36 One line script to test if an x, y point is under water: return (global.water[floor(argument[1] / 32), floor(argument[0] / 32)] >= ceil((32 - argument[1] % 32) / 2))
Monday, 2:39am - James Comey the real superhero is in all of us
Sunday, 11:37pm - atvelonis Wonder woman turned out really well. DC is finally picking up their game, it seems
Saturday, 8:45pm - DroidFreak36 I suppose I could do that. That would increase the compatibility with old HATPC levels a bit.
Saturday, 8:36pm - Quirvy Oh, I didn't realize that. When you load hatpc levels from neopets users, should you automatically insert an $inv() line, since neopets hatpc levels have the starting invincibility?
Saturday, 8:14pm - DroidFreak36 Starting invincibility is not a thing by default in HATPCR user levels. To turn it back on, you add a line that says $inv(). It's also possible to toggle invincibility with the i key when playing a level.
Saturday, 4:55pm - Soccer yeah, hit the i key
Saturday, 3:06pm - Yaya I think you can toggle it on and off with some key?
Saturday, 2:27pm -
Saturday, 2:25pm - Quirvy Maybe for you
Saturday, 2:21pm - tbh it's pretty unnecessary
Saturday, 2:16pm - Quirvy is starting invincibility not a thing in HatPC Reborn anymore?
Saturday, 10:03am - Yaya I dreamed I was playing HATPC last night... some imaginary Isa level. I recall thinking the trap timing was weird
Friday, 10:21pm - Wow, that looks cool as heck. Can't wait to see what water + background 2 looks like
Friday, 9:33pm - DroidFreak36 Also, I figured out why my screenshots always look off-color. They display properly on my pc but somehow uploading them makes them display off-color.
Friday, 9:28pm - DroidFreak36 http://i.imgur.com/cjW6o7K.png
Friday, 9:22pm - DroidFreak36 Water rendering code and the two water level tiles are implemented.
Friday, 3:34am - DroidFreak36 Emoji mode? Emoji mode.
Thursday, 11:47pm - Darvince that is an even worse idea but actually less radical
Thursday, 11:05pm - James Comey even newer, more radical idea: reskin for hatpc reborn with all tiles replaced by emojis
Thursday, 11:04pm - James Comey 💣 dynamite
Thursday, 10:44pm - Darvince hb no hb no hb no
Thursday, 10:44pm - Darvince no
Thursday, 10:07pm - James Comey e.g. hannah 🐿️
Thursday, 10:06pm - James Comey new, radical idea: hatpc level codes but all the characters are emojis
Thursday, 11:20am - Darvince so is the character "æ"
Thursday, 9:07am - canadianstickdeath OK it's definitely unused :p
Thursday, 9:02am - DroidFreak36 It's not used for anything according to my key but IDK if my key even includes all the technical tiles like WTCs and water crates.
Thursday, 9:01am - canadianstickdeath I don't think - is used for anything but I don't want to say it's not and be wrong about it lol.
Thursday, 7:33am - DroidFreak36 If I do implement a new tile for a partial water level, would "-" work, or is that used for something else I'm not thinking of?
Thursday, 7:26am - DroidFreak36 I like the way that original HATPC water looks. And it'll be easier to render than translucent water, so it'll be a bit easier on performance. It's a neat trick that it looks like it has a translucent element when it doesn't.
Wednesday, 9:38pm - wow I forgot dark water even existed
Wednesday, 8:37pm - Yaya Didn't you hear HATPCR is only going to have dark water?
Wednesday, 4:54pm - Darvince what if you made water translucent instead now that we have modern technology
Tuesday, 4:39am - shos belated congratz, yaya!
Monday, 7:03pm - James Comey what went wrong with happy days and. what went wrong with mash.
Monday, 6:41pm - James Comey what went wrong with shockwave. what went wrong with flash
Sunday, 7:02pm - DroidFreak36 Huh. Actually, on further examination, water isn't rendered the way I thought it was. I thought it was a translucent field of blue with opaque blud dots. Turns out there's no transulcent component at all, the field of dots tricks your eyes into thinking there is.
Sunday, 2:23pm - atvelonis sweet
Sunday, 1:31am - DroidFreak36 So I think imma put some work into HATPCR over the next few days now that I have a method to get the swimming sprites.
Friday, 10:01pm - DroidFreak36 Welp, better get it removed then. Maybe then I will be able to see it.
Friday, 8:25pm - James Comey if you have a spleen then there is a 100% chance that you will die.
Friday, 8:41am - DroidFreak36 At least, I can't unless something is going horribly wrong.
Friday, 8:41am - DroidFreak36 Sure. I can't hear or see my spleen.
Friday, 2:48am - Darvince did you know that things you can't hear or see exist?
Thursday, 11:45pm - DroidFreak36 lol
Thursday, 11:34pm - Soccer scandalous
Thursday, 11:34pm - Soccer "I just [don't like you] ... as a matter of [fact]" -DroidFreak
Thursday, 11:28pm - DroidFreak36 I just capitalize and punctuate things as a matter of course. Although if I'm quoting something that isn't capitalized I'll sometimes do something like "[W]hy do people insist on correcting my capitalization and punctuation[?]" to indicate that the bracketed parts were added or changed by me to convey the original meaning.
Wednesday, 12:27am - James Comey I would prefer if that were not done again.
Wednesday, 12:26am - James Comey why do people insist on correcting my capitalization and punctuation when quoting my posts, which purposely do not conform to so-called grammatical standards ... don't they understand that linguistic prescriptivism is a tool used by bourgeoisie to exclude, oppress, and silence the uneducated masses
Wednesday, 12:14am - James Comey w h a t i s
Tuesday, 11:27pm - atvelonis vulgarity is the fool's fig leaf
Monday, 5:14pm - Yimmy brb minus rating every post i can
Monday, 1:15am - Quirvy We're quite a positive bunch these days
Sunday, 10:36pm - James Comey I am so proud of myself!
Sunday, 10:36pm - James Comey Try 2017. I would know because it was on one of MY posts
Sunday, 10:15pm - Yimmy there have been no negative karma ratings since January 14th, 2016
Sunday, 10:12pm - Yimmy hatpc sure is fun huh
Sunday, 7:27pm - Yaya Business as usual, then
Sunday, 3:30pm - James Comey I w a s b e i n g f a c e t i o u s
Sunday, 9:53am - Yaya I t ' s a r e f e r e n c e t o a s o n g
Sunday, 1:55am - James Comey Today, I met two 70-year-old dudes in a large, crowded hall full of smelly people with tattoos. This was the highlight of my life ... I shall never experience anything that will exceed the satisfaction that I received today. From now on, my life ... is effectively over
Sunday, 12:06am - Yaya I saw Hall & Oates in concert tonight. They made my dreams come true
Saturday, 7:56pm - James Comey *I Will Survive Starts Playing*
Saturday, 2:51pm - Darvince *sends Yaya to Mars to freeze*
Thursday, 10:47am - Rocket Guy2 well at least there's posts in the chatbox
Thursday, 9:56am - Yaya Confession: I have not played that level since making that post
Thursday, 1:44am - Soccer last post 10 days ago active
Wednesday, 1:07pm - Rocket Guy2 oh boy! here we go being active again
Wednesday, 12:45pm - Yaya *begins to melt*
Wednesday, 11:10am - atvelonis on this day (may 9th, 2017) I am ALL james comey
Tuesday, 11:46pm - Soccer speak for yourself
Monday, 11:54pm - James Comey on this day (may 9th, 2017) we are all james comey
Monday, 2:33am - Darvince hi not james comey
Sunday, 5:45am - James Comey no
Friday, 6:17pm - Yaya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocrTr56uhyw
Friday, 5:05pm - atvelonis me irl
Friday, 2:00am - Darvince nothing exists
Wednesday, 3:28pm -
Monday, 5:51pm - jebby I enjoyed that joke, HB.
Monday, 4:45pm - Darvince Anglicize the entire world!
Monday, 2:35am - Harrison Burgeron don't you mean ... Englishing your Polish
Monday, 2:15am - Teo Wow, congratz! Meanwhile thanks for polishing my english, Interguild; having my final exam today
Monday, 12:13am - Darvince of science
Sunday, 4:21pm - atvelonis oh that's lit, congrats
Sunday, 5:44am - jebby congratulations, Yaya
Sunday, 2:08am - Quirvy congrats yaya
Sunday, 12:20am - Harrison Burgeron CONGRATULATIONS ... YAYA, now thou must incorporatst it into You're name, How about YabYas
Saturday, 9:15pm - Yaya As of today, I have a Bachelor Of Science. I am now Yaya + BS
Saturday, 8:22am - Darvince interwuields
Saturday, 3:11am - Harrison Burgeron interguild
Saturday, 12:00am - happy seis de mayo
Tuesday, 3:30pm - jebby
Tuesday, 3:30pm - jebby *your
Monday, 11:25pm - Harrison Burgeron You're life is impersonal, Darvince.
Monday, 2:59am - Darvince the existence of your favorite videogame is impersonal, your thoughts about it may be impersonal or they may be quite personal
Monday, 2:22am - Harrison Burgeron Excuse me ,,, i consider my feelings about my favourite video games extremely personal. Please do not invalidate my feelings
Monday, 1:33am - Darvince this is thoughts about something quite impersonal so no HB
Sunday, 11:05pm - atvelonis kek
Sunday, 10:39pm - Harrison Burgeron back in the day they called it a diary
Sunday, 7:12pm - atvelonis It's more for me than other people, I just like having my thoughts down somewhere permanent
Sunday, 7:08pm - Yaya Darvince, I first thought it was a cookie. No offense Atvelonis, but it's a review for an acclaimed game of a popular franchise that has been out for 2 years, after a certain point you must question if all that detail is worth the effort
Sunday, 7:05pm - atvelonis Done. Would've made it a lot longer though.
Sunday, 6:37pm - atvelonis I suppose the advantage is that I'm forced to cut any sort of repetition out of my writing, but it's still annoying
Sunday, 6:09pm - atvelonis Steam's 7500 character limit is killing me though. I think it'll have to be shorter than the one I posted earlier, rip
Sunday, 6:09pm - Darvince i thought that was a piece of coal till i put it in another tab and saw the url
Sunday, 6:08pm - Yaya More thought out? Also, I too have taken a middle school health class, HB
Sunday, 5:37pm - atvelonis Damn character limit
Sunday, 5:02pm - atvelonis Writing a more thought-out MGSV review on Steam right now since I've finished it. Will post link soon
Sunday, 4:04pm - Darvince how can you, in less than 1000 days, decide to commit the other 20000 days of your life to that person
Saturday, 9:49pm - Harrison Burgeron
Saturday, 5:06pm - Yaya Yaya is still alive, but has had a rough past 17 hours
Saturday, 1:39am - Harrison Burgeron sorry i forgot it was friday i thought it was saturday ...
Saturday, 1:39am - Harrison Burgeron yaya aint drunk anymore
Friday, 11:41pm - Soccer yaya i'm scared :'(
Friday, 9:08pm - Yaya Yaua has had 4 mojitoa amd os ***********
Thursday, 4:34am - Darvince This file is too large for Recycle Bin.
Thursday, 2:41am - Harrison Burgeron PLeASE DO NOT give UP ON YOUR LIFE .
Thursday, 2:41am - Harrison Burgeron it can be fun again once you are a sixty-five year old pensioner living in the seaside town of Dover in south-eastern England where you may take daily walks to gaze upon the chalky white cliffs for which it is known
Wednesday, 3:48pm - jebby life IS hard. I'm still learning to appreciate what I have and accept that life will never be quite as fun as it used to be when I had no responsibilities. I'm trying to find other things that make life meaningful
Wednesday, 7:03am - Yaya Difficulty rating?
Tuesday, 10:38pm - I had the same tacos. lets be real here, those were 4/10 tacos. sure, they were fine, but definitely below average in the grand scheme of things

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