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Friday, 8:25pm - James Comey if you have a spleen then there is a 100% chance that you will die.
Friday, 8:41am - DroidFreak36 At least, I can't unless something is going horribly wrong.
Friday, 8:41am - DroidFreak36 Sure. I can't hear or see my spleen.
Friday, 2:48am - Darvince did you know that things you can't hear or see exist?
Thursday, 11:45pm - DroidFreak36 lol
Thursday, 11:34pm - Soccer scandalous
Thursday, 11:34pm - Soccer "I just [don't like you] ... as a matter of [fact]" -DroidFreak
Thursday, 11:28pm - DroidFreak36 I just capitalize and punctuate things as a matter of course. Although if I'm quoting something that isn't capitalized I'll sometimes do something like "[W]hy do people insist on correcting my capitalization and punctuation[?]" to indicate that the bracketed parts were added or changed by me to convey the original meaning.
Wednesday, 12:27am - James Comey I would prefer if that were not done again.
Wednesday, 12:26am - James Comey why do people insist on correcting my capitalization and punctuation when quoting my posts, which purposely do not conform to so-called grammatical standards ... don't they understand that linguistic prescriptivism is a tool used by bourgeoisie to exclude, oppress, and silence the uneducated masses
Wednesday, 12:14am - James Comey w h a t i s
Tuesday, 11:27pm - atvelonis vulgarity is the fool's fig leaf
Monday, 5:14pm - Yimmy brb minus rating every post i can
Monday, 1:15am - Quirvy We're quite a positive bunch these days
Sunday, 10:36pm - James Comey I am so proud of myself!
Sunday, 10:36pm - James Comey Try 2017. I would know because it was on one of MY posts
Sunday, 10:15pm - Yimmy there have been no negative karma ratings since January 14th, 2016
Sunday, 10:12pm - Yimmy hatpc sure is fun huh
Sunday, 7:27pm - Yaya Business as usual, then
Sunday, 3:30pm - James Comey I w a s b e i n g f a c e t i o u s
Sunday, 9:53am - Yaya I t ' s a r e f e r e n c e t o a s o n g
Sunday, 1:55am - James Comey Today, I met two 70-year-old dudes in a large, crowded hall full of smelly people with tattoos. This was the highlight of my life ... I shall never experience anything that will exceed the satisfaction that I received today. From now on, my life ... is effectively over
Sunday, 12:06am - Yaya I saw Hall & Oates in concert tonight. They made my dreams come true
Saturday, 7:56pm - James Comey *I Will Survive Starts Playing*
Saturday, 2:51pm - Darvince *sends Yaya to Mars to freeze*
Thursday, 10:47am - Rocket Guy2 well at least there's posts in the chatbox
Thursday, 9:56am - Yaya Confession: I have not played that level since making that post
Thursday, 1:44am - Soccer last post 10 days ago active
Wednesday, 1:07pm - Rocket Guy2 oh boy! here we go being active again
Wednesday, 12:45pm - Yaya *begins to melt*
Wednesday, 11:10am - atvelonis on this day (may 9th, 2017) I am ALL james comey
Tuesday, 11:46pm - Soccer speak for yourself
Monday, 11:54pm - James Comey on this day (may 9th, 2017) we are all james comey
Monday, 2:33am - Darvince hi not james comey
Sunday, 5:45am - James Comey no
Friday, 6:17pm - Yaya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocrTr56uhyw
Friday, 5:05pm - atvelonis me irl
Friday, 2:00am - Darvince nothing exists
Wednesday, 3:28pm -
Monday, 5:51pm - jebby I enjoyed that joke, HB.
Monday, 4:45pm - Darvince Anglicize the entire world!
Monday, 2:35am - Harrison Burgeron don't you mean ... Englishing your Polish
Monday, 2:15am - Teo Wow, congratz! Meanwhile thanks for polishing my english, Interguild; having my final exam today
Monday, 12:13am - Darvince of science
Sunday, 4:21pm - atvelonis oh that's lit, congrats
Sunday, 5:44am - jebby congratulations, Yaya
Sunday, 2:08am - Quirvy congrats yaya
Sunday, 12:20am - Harrison Burgeron CONGRATULATIONS ... YAYA, now thou must incorporatst it into You're name, How about YabYas
Saturday, 9:15pm - Yaya As of today, I have a Bachelor Of Science. I am now Yaya + BS
Saturday, 8:22am - Darvince interwuields
Saturday, 3:11am - Harrison Burgeron interguild
Saturday, 12:00am - happy seis de mayo
Tuesday, 3:30pm - jebby
Tuesday, 3:30pm - jebby *your
Monday, 11:25pm - Harrison Burgeron You're life is impersonal, Darvince.
Monday, 2:59am - Darvince the existence of your favorite videogame is impersonal, your thoughts about it may be impersonal or they may be quite personal
Monday, 2:22am - Harrison Burgeron Excuse me ,,, i consider my feelings about my favourite video games extremely personal. Please do not invalidate my feelings
Monday, 1:33am - Darvince this is thoughts about something quite impersonal so no HB
Sunday, 11:05pm - atvelonis kek
Sunday, 10:39pm - Harrison Burgeron back in the day they called it a diary
Sunday, 7:12pm - atvelonis It's more for me than other people, I just like having my thoughts down somewhere permanent
Sunday, 7:08pm - Yaya Darvince, I first thought it was a cookie. No offense Atvelonis, but it's a review for an acclaimed game of a popular franchise that has been out for 2 years, after a certain point you must question if all that detail is worth the effort
Sunday, 7:05pm - atvelonis Done. Would've made it a lot longer though.
Sunday, 6:37pm - atvelonis I suppose the advantage is that I'm forced to cut any sort of repetition out of my writing, but it's still annoying
Sunday, 6:09pm - atvelonis Steam's 7500 character limit is killing me though. I think it'll have to be shorter than the one I posted earlier, rip
Sunday, 6:09pm - Darvince i thought that was a piece of coal till i put it in another tab and saw the url
Sunday, 6:08pm - Yaya More thought out? Also, I too have taken a middle school health class, HB
Sunday, 5:37pm - atvelonis Damn character limit
Sunday, 5:02pm - atvelonis Writing a more thought-out MGSV review on Steam right now since I've finished it. Will post link soon
Sunday, 4:04pm - Darvince how can you, in less than 1000 days, decide to commit the other 20000 days of your life to that person
Saturday, 9:49pm - Harrison Burgeron
Saturday, 5:06pm - Yaya Yaya is still alive, but has had a rough past 17 hours
Saturday, 1:39am - Harrison Burgeron sorry i forgot it was friday i thought it was saturday ...
Saturday, 1:39am - Harrison Burgeron yaya aint drunk anymore
Friday, 11:41pm - Soccer yaya i'm scared :'(
Friday, 9:08pm - Yaya Yaua has had 4 mojitoa amd os ***********
Thursday, 4:34am - Darvince This file is too large for Recycle Bin.
Thursday, 2:41am - Harrison Burgeron PLeASE DO NOT give UP ON YOUR LIFE .
Thursday, 2:41am - Harrison Burgeron it can be fun again once you are a sixty-five year old pensioner living in the seaside town of Dover in south-eastern England where you may take daily walks to gaze upon the chalky white cliffs for which it is known
Wednesday, 3:48pm - jebby life IS hard. I'm still learning to appreciate what I have and accept that life will never be quite as fun as it used to be when I had no responsibilities. I'm trying to find other things that make life meaningful
Wednesday, 7:03am - Yaya Difficulty rating?
Tuesday, 10:38pm - I had the same tacos. lets be real here, those were 4/10 tacos. sure, they were fine, but definitely below average in the grand scheme of things
Tuesday, 9:19pm - atvelonis I had a couple of tacos today. Too much lettuce, not enough cheese. But the meat was good I guess. 7/10
Tuesday, 1:01am - Soccer i had an enchilada yesterday. it was spicy.
Monday, 5:30pm - shos Yeah life's a bad thing sometimes. I made a breakthrough this week though, so I'm actually starting to see the end of the tunnel for my Masters ^_^
Monday, 12:17pm - Yaya Things are going fine in terms of I will graduate in two weeks, and I have a decent idea of what I want to do afterwards (achieving such is a different enchilda), but uhh... life is hard
Monday, 9:08am - jebby academia just not going well or you aren't sure what you want to do after academia. I had several crises like this after graduating
Sunday, 3:00pm - Harrison Burgeron the suffering is caused by N++ interfering with academia
Sunday, 9:36am - Yaya Everything
Sunday, 6:11am - jebby Is the suffering caused by N++ or academia?
Saturday, 9:55pm - Soccer the usual
Saturday, 6:14pm - Yaya N++, academia, suffering. How bout you?
Saturday, 5:53pm - Soccer what've you been up to lately
Saturday, 5:46pm - Yaya I was decent at it. It could be frustrating, but also somewhat zenlike. N++ is basically more of the same, some new mechanics, so yeah
Saturday, 5:23pm - Soccer i was never a big fan of N in the first place, could never actually beat anything
Saturday, 5:20pm - Yaya HIiiii
Saturday, 5:06pm - Soccer hi yaya
Saturday, 4:55pm - Yaya N++ is lit
Saturday, 1:48pm - Soccer how are ya atvelonis
Saturday, 1:43pm - atvelonis hello
Saturday, 12:17pm - Soccer hi
Tuesday, 12:45am - Darvince hitōra
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron © not me, as much as I would like to take credit for them, but Livio de la Cruz. I don't know about u Livio but my wife is a supermodel. Her name is Shos
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "He's just like us," they said while electing a Manhattan billionaire with super model wives and a solid-gold toilet.
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "Drain the swamp," they chanted as they elected the swampiest swamp king and all of his swampy cronies.
Monday, 9:08pm - Harrison Burgeron "Crooked Hillary," they said as they elected the most blatantly sketchy and corrupt politician in decades.
Monday, 4:59pm - shos ooh happy birthday and all!
Monday, 1:31pm - atvelonis ayy dnscrypt is working. take that, verizon
Sunday, 6:41pm - Harrison Burgeron Yaya, it is the day of your birth
Sunday, 6:37pm - atvelonis yooo happy birthday
Sunday, 5:46pm - Yaya Happy birthday, Yaya!
Sunday, 1:35am - Quirvy lol at "shos, can i get an ELI5" "That's what the abstract is supposed to be"
Friday, 12:39pm - Soccer same
Friday, 3:13am - Darvince he;b
Sunday, 1:31pm - atvelonis ayy
Sunday, 8:53am - 24 Hi guys. It's been a while since I logged in. Senior High life got me busy but I'm up to making a cave soon.
Saturday, 6:31pm - Harrison Burgeron That was straight out of the mouth of Mymop
Saturday, 5:30pm - Darvince I love war!
Saturday, 4:49pm - Harrison Burgeron "I like Harry S. Truman the best because he was the one who made he decision to nuke Japan and end World War 2."
Friday, 12:20pm - atvelonis ah great another war
Thursday, 11:29pm - Harrison Burgeron OK, Honest Abe, Honest Abe never lied. That’s the good thing. That’s the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you. That’s a big, big difference. We’re talking about some difference.
Thursday, 12:04am - Soccer can i get an ELI5 of the abstract
Wednesday, 10:55pm - Yaya That's what the abstract is supposed to be
Wednesday, 10:20pm - Soccer shos, can i get an ELI5
Wednesday, 9:39pm - Harrison Burgeron U are no longer a Confused littleboy. U are now a published Ssientist
Wednesday, 9:38pm - Harrison Burgeron Son ( shos ) , I am so proud
Wednesday, 7:39pm - Yaya Similar to your caves, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get past the beginning : P In all seriousness, congrats. I read enough scientific papers for school tho
Wednesday, 4:24pm - shos me and my team
Wednesday, 4:24pm - shos http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/7564456/
Wednesday, 4:23pm - shos http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/7499798/
Wednesday, 12:00pm - Darvince "thank" you liver
Wednesday, 11:58am - Darvince finally
Monday, 3:58am - Harrison Burgeron Where is Haily anyway? His twitter hasn't been updated since last year. He's probably too busy with his gentlemen friends at the country club playing golf or whatever married people do in their spare time Go Haily u do u
Sunday, 11:29pm - atvelonis glorious icecaves.net
Sunday, 7:32pm - Harrison Burgeron Sir, we are incredibly interested in your published work
Sunday, 7:05pm - Soccer that would be sweet
Sunday, 5:55pm - shos hey guys, just if you're interested, I can show you some of my published work which may explain why I'm never here lately
Sunday, 5:23pm - Harrison Burgeron No shos it's just you. Or your computer.
Sunday, 5:22pm - shos did we just go back a couple of years design wise?!
Sunday, 5:03pm - Yaya There's some inconveniences about it but I honestly wouldn't mind the change
Sunday, 2:17pm - Hismop Maybe we could add a feature that lets you see either this or the other thing as the page layout
Sunday, 2:16pm - Hismop I actually sort of like it, but I also like the normal page
Sunday, 2:15pm - Hismop What's this new home page layout? Was it done as an April Fool's joke?
Sunday, 1:29pm - Rocket Guy2 it's actually disgusting please delete this
Sunday, 8:09am - Rocket Guy2 it is for me
Sunday, 5:14am - Quirvy Is the interguild displaying a throwback homepage for anyone else?
Sunday, 1:08am - Harrison Burgeron It's YOU
Sunday, 12:22am - oh my god
Sunday, 12:10am - Harrison Burgeron The best ;
Sunday, 12:06am - atvelonis ahhhhhhhh
Saturday, 8:54pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 8:46pm - Yimmy hey guys guess what word this is: Euouae
Saturday, 8:45pm - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 8:43pm - Yimmy this is really annoying
Saturday, 8:09pm - Livio I agree.
Saturday, 8:06pm - Harrison Burgeron Wow Livio you are s t u p i d
Saturday, 7:44pm - Livio Hey guys!
Saturday, 7:38pm - Harrison Burgeron an ip address is a unique identification for devices associated with a certain internet connection livio you have a degree in this how do you not know what an ip is
Saturday, 6:50pm - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 6:46pm - ∑Ω disappointed it didn't turn into jizz
Saturday, 6:45pm - ∑Ω happy birthday - jazz
Saturday, 6:31pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 6:26pm - that's cool
Saturday, 6:10pm - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 5:59pm - Harrison Burgeron hippy
Saturday, 4:18pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 4:13pm - Quirvy ok that music has been up long enough that I'm mercifully going to stop it
Saturday, 4:11pm - Livio ...
Saturday, 4:08pm - Harrison Burgeron that's very insensitive Livio
Saturday, 3:50pm - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 3:48pm - Yaya I feel like I'm having a stroke
Saturday, 1:44pm - Livio lol
Saturday, 1:41pm - atvelonis my god the music
Saturday, 5:08am - Livio ...
Saturday, 5:05am - Rocket Guy2 nice meme
Saturday, 3:17am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 3:13am - Ahoy livio
Saturday, 3:12am - Livio Hey, krotomo
Saturday, 3:07am - what's up?
Saturday, 3:07am - Livio that's cool
Saturday, 3:05am - yaih u dent railly knew whit um deung rught new  
Saturday, 3:04am - Quirvy isn't it kinda late for you to be up, kroto?
Saturday, 3:04am - lul cool what's up?
Saturday, 3:03am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 3:01am - U thunk U'va cioght ente thus swutchung ef tha lattars
Saturday, 2:57am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:56am - Thus taxt thung us railly cenfosung
Saturday, 2:45am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:44am - Harrison Burgeron aych bee
Saturday, 2:41am - Livio I agree.
Saturday, 2:38am - Soccer test
Saturday, 2:21am - Livio what's up?
Saturday, 2:19am - Quirvy my personal favorite is Yeey
Saturday, 2:18am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:17am - Harrison Burgeron ''soccerboy13542''
Saturday, 2:17am - Harrison Burgeron ''jebby''
Saturday, 2:11am - Livio lol
Saturday, 2:10am - Quirvy this Livio pretending to post in the chatbox  thing is lame
Saturday, 2:09am - Quirvy I liked it better when the neezle takeover prank was the default april fools joke

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