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Monday, 11:33pm - Yaya Yaya has entered the abyss
Monday, 7:02pm - atvelonis walrus
Monday, 6:52pm - HB If I died, which kind of undead creature do you think I'd become? a) ghost b) zombie c) vampire
Monday, 11:19am - Jorster I'm GOING FOR RECORD
Monday, 1:53am - HB lol I've been on for one hour. Should I start GOING FOR RECORD? (n/n) - (the only choice is n)
Monday, 1:22am - Darvince lol
Monday, 1:21am - HB What is that website? I have never been on it before
Monday, 1:20am - soccerboy13542 is it this: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?page=deadlines
Monday, 1:19am - HB Lol, no comment on Thomas but I know he is on "spring" break at the moment. How do I know? It's a secret
Monday, 1:15am - Jorster just unblind yourself friend
Monday, 1:15am - Jorster prolly for the best
Monday, 1:15am - HB i'm already blind, but ok
Monday, 1:15am - Darvince thomas is still banned tho
Monday, 1:15am - Jorster #clique
Monday, 1:14am - HB #cliquereunion2018
Monday, 1:14am - Jorster hi doctor vince
Monday, 1:14am - Jorster I just applied at a kia dealership as an auto tech
Monday, 1:14am - Darvince hi jister
Monday, 1:14am - Jorster Welding is easy just dont blind yourself
Monday, 1:14am - Darvince at least by that standard
Monday, 1:14am - Jorster Holy active people
Monday, 1:13am - Darvince then again neither am i
Monday, 1:13am - Darvince yes, hb, you are not a man
Monday, 12:53am - HB Honestly if I tried welding I would probably end up losing a nonzero number of limbs. Does that mean I'm not a man???
Monday, 12:50am - Jorster when me and my last girlfriend broke up I impulse bought a welder
Monday, 12:50am - Jorster I can weld too so guess I'm manly af
Monday, 12:43am - soccerboy13542 you're not a man though if ya can't weld @Thomas
Monday, 12:43am - soccerboy13542 admittedly i haven't looked into it a whole lot, but there are a decent amount of 2-year programs
Monday, 12:39am - Jorster I hear lake washington institute of tech has a good one
Monday, 12:39am - Jorster It all depends on what kind of mechanic programs are offered around here
Monday, 12:39am - Jorster I also agree with that. I have a good foundation of hands on experience with mechanic work too, and I enjoy it a lot.
Monday, 12:35am - soccerboy13542 i think you would like trade school / not having to deal with a lot of the generic classes that colleges require you to go through
Monday, 12:24am - Jorster I can make more money in computer science but I enjoy mechanic work more, so I'm not 100% yet. Thank you for the well wishes
Monday, 12:24am - HB Well whatever you decide to do, GOOD LUCK (i hate computer science lol)
Monday, 12:19am - Yaya #notcomputerscience
Monday, 12:05am - Jorster I haven't decided yet
Monday, 12:05am - Jorster Either that or trade school to be a mechanic
Monday, 12:05am - Jorster Prolly computer science lmao
Sunday, 9:29pm - HB What's wrong with crying sometimes while lying in bed just to get it all out what's in your head when you're feeling a little peculiar?
Sunday, 9:23pm - soccerboy13542 also hb 2/10 attempt on accuracy
Sunday, 9:18pm - soccerboy13542 yes
Sunday, 8:03pm - HB @soccerman13542 Wait are you studying computer science
Sunday, 8:02pm - HB Yeah i'm sure you know this by now but that is NOT a good reason to do anything... So what are u going to study. I'm guessing not computer science unlike literally every other member of the Interguild...
Sunday, 6:24pm - Jorster That story is so scarily similar to what I was planning
Sunday, 6:24pm - Jorster You know, what's funny is in the NA book there's a story in the back about a dude who got in to pharmacology for the same reason and ended up mainlining methamphetamine to psychosis and got kicked out of school
Sunday, 6:22pm - Jorster coldplay is the only band that understands me
Sunday, 5:55pm - HB Lol that's what a little bird told me... (a little bird named Thomas)
Sunday, 5:49pm - Jorster Absolutely not lmao, the only reason I was gonna study that was because I'm a drug addict and wanted an excuse to do more drugs
Sunday, 4:04pm - SHOS Cool stuff guys, good LUCK!.. I am going to be out of the army in less than a year :0 who knows what then
Sunday, 2:21pm - HB Cool (are u going to study pharmacology)
Sunday, 11:46am - Jorster I'm planning on going back to school for winter quarter though, so I'm excited about that
Sunday, 11:46am - Jorster Blue collar type work
Sunday, 8:52am - Jebby what kind of jobs?
Sunday, 7:05am - Jebby Same boat as you, Jorster. Good luck!
Sunday, 4:18am - Darvince oof the interguild perished for a bit
Saturday, 10:13pm - Jorster Thanks
Saturday, 8:42pm - atvelonis Cool, good luck!
Saturday, 8:36pm - Jorster spent the last two days applyng to roughly 25 jobs so outlook is good
Saturday, 8:35pm - Jorster I just quit my job
Saturday, 4:39pm - HB Cosme is his dad's first name but everyone calls him Livio, so he named his kid after his nickname. Also he pays for the interguild's domain name lol.
Saturday, 4:35pm - Rocketguy2 We already know what his surname is, and I believe his first name to be Cosme
Saturday, 4:06pm - HB That non-antialiased font, though
Saturday, 2:44pm - Jorster its livio interguild
Saturday, 2:16pm - Yimmy ha i know livios full name suckers
Saturday, 2:14pm - Livio?
Saturday, 11:36am - Rocketguy2 I think I just found out what Livio's first name is
Saturday, 7:02am - Darvince https://i.gyazo.com/3fe92e2544129c67e13dfb0c9701c7dc.png hmmst
Saturday, 6:20am - Darvince He had yoten his phone across the room
Saturday, 6:13am - Rocketguy2 yote?
Friday, 11:44pm - HB #guccigang that's how it works right
Friday, 8:37pm - Jorster hb we have the same amount of karma #gang
Friday, 8:31pm - Jorster music.avi
Friday, 8:30pm - Jorster kolkon hb is literally of gorchul
Friday, 8:30pm - Yimmy my pony when "no darspeak"
Friday, 8:28pm - HB no darspeak pl0x
Friday, 8:26pm - Jorster tfw we are literally of activity
Friday, 8:26pm - soccerboy13542 tfw most activity in the past year
Friday, 8:25pm - Jorster my yimmy when
Friday, 8:25pm - Yimmy my jorster when
Friday, 8:24pm - Jorster four people online dot jpeg
Friday, 8:23pm - Jorster my soccerboy when
Friday, 8:14pm - soccerboy13542 my yaya when
Friday, 1:49pm - Yaya Hi Yimyam & Soccerboy
Friday, 1:37pm - soccerboy13542 my quirvy when
Friday, 12:48pm - Darvince hi qrv
Friday, 12:36pm - Quirvy hi sccrby and drvnc
Thursday, 5:34am - Darvince mafia reaches the maximum level of convolution that is able to be processed by the human brain and stays there
Wednesday, 11:39pm - HB Wow I never knew how convoluted Mafia can get. I am a simple human being who dislikes mind games. Btw, is there a gag order on discussing Mafia outside of the Mafia thread? Cuz even if there is, I don't care.
Wednesday, 7:08pm - Darvince y­­­
Wednesday, 2:56pm - Yaya MMMmmUUUuuuuRRRRrrrrPPPppppHhhHhHHh
Wednesday, 2:18pm - Jorster It gets highly trippy when you spend 8 hours in that state because of the long half life
Wednesday, 2:18pm - Jorster I was sitting on a beach staring at the rocks morph and swirl in to mandalas for what felt like a lifetime but was really only an hour
Wednesday, 2:17pm - Jorster It feels like both no time at all and an eternity has passed
Wednesday, 2:17pm - Jorster Time dilation is a real thing on large doses of lsd and mushrooms
Wednesday, 5:28am - Darvince nvm it's just the button remains without the ability
Wednesday, 5:20am - Darvince why can i quote posts in the ancient archives of mafia
Wednesday, 5:15am - Darvince pagepoop
Wednesday, 3:57am - SHOS Pagetoppp
Wednesday, 1:28am - HB "What do we mean by time dilation in relativity?" "It is a hallucinogenic effect experienced by people who take too much of something."
Tuesday, 12:08pm - atvelonis I was really obnoxious back then. I'm sure I'll say the same thing in a few years looking back on now
Tuesday, 12:07pm - atvelonis It's weird to think that I joined the Interguild 6 and a half years ago
Monday, 11:16pm - Darvince i eat cheese graters for breakfast
Monday, 10:42pm - Jorster Remember that I am the monkey, and you are the cheexse grater
Monday, 10:42pm - Jorster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVrrnasyWSM
Monday, 10:36pm - Jorster I pinky promise
Monday, 10:35pm - soccerboy13542 "that doesnt exist " lol
Monday, 10:32pm - Jorster And I haven't been paid since January 20th so that makes life really hard
Monday, 10:31pm - Jorster Some smug schmuck that wasnt me stole $150 out of my checking account by using my card somehow
Monday, 10:30pm - Jorster *disclaimer* that doesnt exist
Monday, 10:30pm - Jorster casually logs on to hb's account to change her back to online using the master password list
Monday, 3:59pm - HB Casually switches to hidden mode to avoid being stalked by shos
Sunday, 8:49pm - HB Unfortunately, atvelonis, it is not that deep, and I will not be able to philosophize about it when I am 38 years old and reminiscing about my youth in an airport in Hamburg, Germany. I moved out (to a cheaper place).
Sunday, 8:31pm - atvelonis So are you gonna get a new roommate HB? Or were you the one kicked out?
Sunday, 7:18pm - soccerboy13542 the owls are not what they seem
Sunday, 7:17pm - Jorster or OWPBRIQ for short
Sunday, 7:17pm - Jorster vape naysh losers
Sunday, 7:17pm - Yaya Old Woman Puts Bong Rip In Quotes
Sunday, 7:14pm - HB Would that be a cloud of e-vapour? Or cigarette smoke? Or a "bong rip"? Cuz you may still get your chance
Sunday, 7:07pm - Yaya Dang, I never got the chance to use "Old Woman Yells At Cloud"
Sunday, 6:56pm - soccerboy13542 next at 11. local college girl disposes of roommate: fact or reality?
Sunday, 6:33pm - HB "Movie stars and other people are all made of the same stuff, so we all have the potential to be famous." Lol someone was REALLY bored while writing these questions...
Sunday, 6:27pm - HB For the 0 of you who are wondering why I no longer use the chatbox to passive aggressively complain about my roommate, the reason is because there is currently no roommate. You may interpret that statement in whatever way you wish
Sunday, 5:08am - HB "To estimate the central temperature of the Sun, scientists use hot gas to create a small Sun in a laboratory" Sounds legit
Saturday, 2:22am - HB "Here it’s still Elementary, even though I already had armpit hair by that point. And I think that’s an ok enough indicator that you’re a Man. [...] Girls are hard to tell apart when they all use She."
Thursday, 9:00pm - Jorster yo hb I just saw the jister signature you made and thats awesome lmao
Thursday, 12:06am - SHOS Two days delay, I know I lnow
Monday, 12:30am - DroidFreak Also, since the level select screens are technically going to be levels, they're going to be editable by the same method.
Monday, 12:28am - DroidFreak That would be http://www.droidfreak36.com/HATPC/levels/ The .php versions of the levels are just there to add a header that lets me load them from
Monday, 12:25am - DroidFreak BTW, in the dev build, the levels are loaded directly from the copies stored on droidfreak36.com so the levels can be edited without the need to update the game itself. That might come in handy when working on the campaign.
Friday, 10:54pm - HB RIP Michael Jackson
Friday, 8:38pm - HB 🤨
Friday, 6:49pm - DroidFreak Maybe a couple of those other tabs are Creeper World related too. Did I mention I'm super hyped for Creeper World 4 (even though it's prolly gonna be like 4 years till it's out)?
Friday, 6:28pm - DroidFreak All of those tabs are HATPCR-related, actually. Well, all excect for the mortal projectile sprite from Creeper World 3.
Friday, 6:17pm - Yimmy ngl i only looked at the pictures because of yaya's post
Friday, 6:07pm - HB not gonna lie but I clicked on the links only to check out your tabs.
Friday, 10:21am - Yaya Ngl I checked out your tabs before I checked out the screenshots
Friday, 5:25am - DroidFreak The first screenshot was a window just below the threshhold in both directions. Also, mouse detection appears to be bugged when zoomed in (in menus) so I'll need to figure out how to fix that.
Friday, 5:23am - DroidFreak The fullscreen rendering system is working too. On a 1080p screen it looks something like this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227903597365559297/408930229013315584/unknown.png
Friday, 5:20am - DroidFreak The outside of the room is currently filled with terrain. Configuring that will come later if I end up adding it.
Friday, 5:18am - DroidFreak Progress is being made on 0.6.0. I'm now rendering all foreground tiles except secret area, including tiles outside the room. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227903597365559297/408905382434439168/unknown.png
Friday, 3:08am - HB tfw you are dead.
Friday, 2:47am - DroidFreak TFW my dev build of HATPCR doesn't load into the level and I discover the issue is I'm not connected to the internet and I'm trying to load the level from my website. XD
Thursday, 1:58am - HB Ugh
Wednesday, 5:37am - Jebby every little step counts
Wednesday, 1:39am - Yaya Sadly more difficult than it should be for me. Life is hard
Tuesday, 10:26pm - HB Good job on brushing your teeth Yaya.
Tuesday, 2:46pm - Jebby better than your teeth snapping in half
Tuesday, 11:36am - Yaya Maybe I should be asking what MY GRIP is made of
Tuesday, 2:16am - atvelonis lol what's your toothbrush made out of for it to do that
Tuesday, 1:13am - Yaya I was brushing my teeth and my toothbrush legit snapped in half this has never happened before in the 22 years of my life this is terrifying please send help
Sunday, 10:23pm - HB Before we can let you kids listen to your cool Ed Sheeran, we have to demonstrate our adherence to CRTC broadcasting regulations by playing Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 for the twelfth time in three days!
Saturday, 2:29pm - Rocketguy2 I've been a member for over half of mine, born 2002, joined 2009
Saturday, 7:36am - SHOS Happy bday yimmy ^_^
Friday, 10:10pm - HB Tfw it takes exactly one month for my IP to be unbanned from the Interguild
Friday, 8:01pm - HB You have been a member of the interguild for nearly a third of your life
Friday, 7:59pm - HB Happy Birthday Yimmy
Friday, 2:45pm - Darvince happy day of the increase of the age
Friday, 2:17pm - Happy birthday!
Friday, 1:21pm - Yimmy hey im fifteen woooo
Wednesday, 6:04pm - Jebby lol those 5 seconds where I check the Interguild
Wednesday, 3:27pm - SHOS Jebbeh!
Monday, 11:00pm - Yaya Had to make sure that wasn't an actual quote from someone British author I've never read such as Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchet
Monday, 10:53pm - atvelonis What is better - to be proficient, or to overcome your lack of proficiency through great weaseling?
Monday, 11:21am - Yaya Well there was a previous situation where I put "proficient in Spanish" on an application, which later down the line culminated in an awkward exchange where I had to explain that I was probably not proficient enough for the task they had in mind. At least if I put down ILR 2+, they won't get the wrong idea  
Monday, 1:29am - HB Depends on whether it's more beneficial to speak a language poorly or not at all
Sunday, 10:20pm - Yaya Is it a job-searching faux pas to rank yourself on the ILR scale?
Sunday, 1:41am - HB Someone pl0x post in the SMF returns topic
Saturday, 6:43pm - Jorster lemme give sefro a ringadoo
Saturday, 6:29pm - HB You should track down Sefro and Stephen Harper and have a party
Saturday, 3:59pm - Jorster i have landed in calgary
Saturday, 12:52am - Jorster consider yourself up karmad
Saturday, 12:51am - Jorster use of the word stan makes me respect you more
Saturday, 12:51am - HB I've posted several times in the last 10 days, just find any post of mine
Saturday, 12:50am - HB Well it's the only one that I know except the one about Taylor Swift (lol) because neezles is something like  Taylor Swift's #1 stan
Saturday, 12:49am - Jorster post something and ill give you karma that line is god tier
Saturday, 12:49am - Jorster because that line is my favourite rap lyric ever
Saturday, 12:49am - HB yes
Saturday, 12:49am - Jorster is it the bleach line
Saturday, 12:48am - HB I don't listen to Kanye West but there's this one line from a song of his that I know, but it's too inappropriate for the G-rated Interguild
Saturday, 12:47am - Jorster heres a tip for everyone newly an adult: dont do hard drugs
Saturday, 12:47am - Jorster ye for sure soccboi hmu on facebook or something we can talk
Saturday, 12:47am - Jorster i dont remember if i did, i dont think so tho
Saturday, 12:46am - Jorster ill give you staff if you tell me what your favourite kanye song is and why
Saturday, 12:46am - HB jory did u ever have my real name
Saturday, 12:46am - soccerboy13542 we should talk for real
Saturday, 12:46am - HB I think the better question is why am I not staff? I asked Quirvy for staff powers in a pm but he didn't even reply to it. There is no reason I shouldn't be staff.
Saturday, 12:45am - Jorster liking the site that is not my edgy memelord phase
Saturday, 12:45am - Jorster i dont really remember much interguild related other than my edgy memelord clique phase and liking it  
Saturday, 12:44am - Jorster i dont even remember when or why it happened
Saturday, 12:44am - Jorster why am i even staff
Saturday, 12:44am - HB I will give you my account, but not this one
Saturday, 12:44am - HB I want staff powers
Saturday, 12:43am - Jorster what'll you give me
Saturday, 12:43am - Jorster why
Saturday, 12:41am - HB Jory give me your account
Saturday, 12:41am - Jorster someone come online i wanna hang with the homies
Friday, 11:38pm - Jorster long time no talk
Friday, 11:38pm - Jorster my soccerboy when
Friday, 11:35pm - soccerboy13542 my jorster when

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