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Sunday, 8:37am - Yimmy I didn't know hbs avatar blink either. And I read every post.
Sunday, 3:56am - HB that's nice because i hardly ever read through your posts either
Saturday, 11:52pm - Yaya Ngl, that thought crossed my mind when trying to figure out why it took me this long to notice. At this point, I don't pay attention to most people's avatars. Just enough to know who is posting
Saturday, 11:13pm - HB maybe that is because u instinctively skip over my posts
Saturday, 9:21pm - Yaya So uhhh... I think I juuuust noticed that HB's avatar blinks
Saturday, 9:13pm - Darvince oh no is atvelonis collapsing
Thursday, 10:07pm - atvelonis lot of text. I'll read tomorrow when I'm less delirious
Thursday, 6:56am - DroidFreak ahhhhhhhh
Thursday, 3:40am - DroidFreak Big story idea for HATPC Reborn, HATIC Reborn, and a new game between the two. Check it out! ("The Hannah Trilogy?", platformers board)
Wednesday, 1:19am - Darvince I use my speech organs to produce pictures of Earth repeatedly. Everyone is getting annoyed with me, please help.
Tuesday, 5:56pm - Yimmy but only curved giberish, unlike welsh
Tuesday, 6:06am - Darvince I, too, speak gibberish.
Monday, 5:48pm - atvelonis Welsh is straight gibberish, like come on
Monday, 11:39am - DroidFreak Ayy that thread lock though.
Monday, 7:46am - DroidFreak He's still trying to use HTML on a site that only supports BBcode. And badly at that.
Monday, 7:46am - DroidFreak The A/C man is back.
Sunday, 11:28pm - atvelonis god my 2012 posts here were the absolute worst
Sunday, 11:15pm - atvelonis too much positivity
Sunday, 10:53pm - DroidFreak lol I was like "Why can't I karma any of the posts in the minecraft thread" and then I realize it's like 5 years old. XD
Saturday, 2:10am - Darvince you were using rascal imaginings
Saturday, 12:13am - HB so, was i
Friday, 11:30pm - Yaya I actually had to make sure you weren't exaggerating some legitimate development
Friday, 11:28pm - HB neopets has been sold to a chinese communist conglomerate.
Friday, 11:26pm - Yaya I missed his link. Interesting article. I still visit my account now and then, but I'm hesitant to invest too much time into it cuz I'm thiiiis close to losing access to it, and TNT has been of zero help. Still it's a fun and nostalgic occasional diversion
Friday, 11:20pm - HB tfw i thought jebby's link was about the interguild
Friday, 4:40pm - atvelonis And, isn't sanity really just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean all you get is one trick, rational thinking, but when you're good and crazy, oh, the sky is the limit!
Friday, 4:37pm - atvelonis No, that's not it, Darvince. You're not going crazy. You're going sane in a crazy world!
Friday, 4:24pm - @atvelonis
Friday, 4:14pm - DroidFreak AT-AT-velonis?
Thursday, 11:42pm - atvelonis @krotomoto
Thursday, 11:42pm - @@velonis
Thursday, 7:41pm - Darvince but it's just my imagination fabricating things
Thursday, 7:21pm - Darvince i can conjure a "memory" similar to that
Thursday, 6:06pm - Yimmy jellsprout is actually a time traveler
Thursday, 5:28pm - Darvince 2spooky4me
Thursday, 5:17pm - I actually have the same memory as atvelonis, I remember checking jellsprout's profile earlier this week and seeing that he was not on recently
Thursday, 4:10pm - Yimmy those are fake news made by the government
Thursday, 3:25pm - Darvince https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-voices-within/201102/remembering-events-never-happened
Thursday, 3:24pm - Darvince http://io9.gizmodo.com/our-brains-deliberately-make-us-forget-things-to-preve-1543846375
Thursday, 3:23pm - Darvince
Thursday, 2:07pm - Yimmy imperfect memory is the literal definition of insanity
Thursday, 2:09am - Darvince also I might be the one who is insane
Thursday, 2:04am - Darvince lol no memory just isn't perfect
Wednesday, 10:05pm - atvelonis i think i'm going insane
Wednesday, 8:01pm - Darvince you probably didn't check it this month, or if you did you misread the date
Wednesday, 7:40pm - atvelonis I could have sworn that I checked his profile earlier this month and it didn't say that. idk what's up
Wednesday, 7:39pm - atvelonis I sent Jellsprout a message on reddit in mid August because he hadn't been online since the previous June, but he evidently hadn't seen it because he didn't respond, nor did he actually come onto the Interguild... until August 27?
Wednesday, 6:28pm - Darvince understandable have a good day
Wednesday, 6:24pm - Jebby http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-a-small-group-of-devotees-are-saving-neopets-from-extinction
Wednesday, 12:37pm - canadianstickdeath And only the first ? at the start of a line is necessary. From then on out, you can put anything, and it deletes everything on that line before and including the first space (except for leading spaces if the line starts with spaces). Weird.
Wednesday, 12:26pm - canadianstickdeath hey so tutorial caves in hatpc, you just need the word "tutorial" case insensitive -somewhere- in the title, it doesn't have to be at the start.
Tuesday, 2:31pm - @Rocket Guy2
Tuesday, 8:43am - atvelonis well I just jinxed it, level is going to be terrible now
Monday, 9:12pm - atvelonis You know I think I'll be publishing at least one Minecraft level in 2017, and it should be sorta alright.
Monday, 4:33am - DroidFreak You know you're doing OOP when you pull one of these:  
if(next.occupant.faction.team != actor.faction.team)
Sunday, 12:10pm - DroidFreak I'll post any released version on here in the other games forum though.
Sunday, 12:09pm - DroidFreak BTW I'm posting Ground updates on https://discord.gg/4Hc6PUx (the Ground discord server).
Saturday, 5:45pm - Darvince every `1 is already Blind in this world and if you will follow another Blind then you both will fall in hole. so try to follow that person who have Spiritual Eyes who can Guide you on Actual Right Path.
Saturday, 10:40am - atvelonis printers are the bane of my existence
Friday, 3:57am - DroidFreak Only one obscure array reference. And not even that obscure. global.map[] is the array of node IDs by coordinates (b, a). B before A because of how it's constructed, similarly to global.blocks[] in HATPCR.
Friday, 3:48am - DroidFreak I mean, just look at how readable this is:
///Update zones

//Clear zones


//Populate zones

for(i = 0; i < ds_list_size(factions); i++) //Add nodes occupied by actors of factions to occupied nodes
    var faction = ds_list_find_value(factions, i)
    for(j = 0; j < ds_list_size(faction.actors); j++)
        var actor = ds_list_find_value(faction.actors, j)
        var node = global.map[actor.b, actor.a]
        ds_list_add(occupied.nodes, node)
ds_list_copy(control.nodes, occupied.nodes) //Copy occupied to control
with(control) //Grow control
ds_list_copy(influence.nodes, control.nodes) //Copy oontrol to influence
with(influence) //Grow influence

///Grow by one tile

numnodes = ds_list_size(nodes) //Remember number of original nodes
for(i = 0; i < numnodes; i++) //Iterate through original nodes
    newnodes = ds_list_find_value(nodes, i).neighbors //Get list of neighbors of current node
    for(j = 0; j < ds_list_size(newnodes); j++) //Iterate over those neighbors
        if(ds_list_find_index(nodes, ds_list_find_value(newnodes, j)) = -1) //If current neighbor is not in the list of nodes, add it
            ds_list_add(nodes, ds_list_find_value(newnodes, j))
Friday, 3:47am - DroidFreak I kinda have to do it that way and/or can do it better because of the genre, whereas with HATPCR I had to optimize for performance over clean OOP practices. XD
Friday, 3:45am - DroidFreak I'm putting some work into getting Ground off the ground, and already my code is much more object oriented and rational/readable than HATPCR's code.
Friday, 12:58am - Quirvy I don't think it's playable in HatPCR, because of all the minor differences in how Hannah's interactions with crates. I remember playing it a little and I can confirm that you can at least get decently far, but I don't think I'd made much of an effort to test its possibility there just because I'm not convinced it would work well
Thursday, 3:19pm - Jebby I just tried it. It's interesting - a kind of exercise in strategic destruction to clear the way
Thursday, 3:02pm - Yimmy it is incredibly disappointing, as I had anticipated an actual level
Thursday, 11:27am - atvelonis I can't play normal HATPC but I'm trying it in Reborn. Haven't gotten very far yet though
Thursday, 3:54am - Jebby What do you guys think of Quirvy's new HATPC level, Wing It?
Thursday, 12:43am - DroidFreak Question has been stood up and might be standing there until it collapses of exhaustion.
Wednesday, 3:07pm - Isa question still stands
Wednesday, 3:03pm - Yaya Last seen: Wednesday, March 8
Wednesday, 1:38pm - Isa random question to sefro, are you a belle and sebastian fan
Wednesday, 1:12pm - Darvince [color=
Wednesday, 12:22pm - [color= yeah lol
Wednesday, 11:26am - Yimmy AC systems repair is the best spam blog in a while
Wednesday, 11:15am - Darvince the quote button doesn't work if a post has an ' in it
Wednesday, 6:01am - DroidFreak Progress update: Lots of UI improvements made tonight, but still plenty more to do, so no update today. Give it a day or two.
Wednesday, 3:47am - Jebby @Yaya ?
Wednesday, 1:13am - Darvince dwab droidfreak I'm just messing around
Tuesday, 9:27pm - Yaya Trying to make a level in Cavegen like
Tuesday, 8:51pm - Yaya *reminds self to release a slow-mo walkthrough set to chopped & screwed and or vaporwave  in the future*
Tuesday, 7:53pm - eh, not necessarily
Tuesday, 6:53pm - DroidFreak I think I figured out what I'm missing... I need to be inside the second wooden arrow when it goes off, don't I?
Tuesday, 5:45pm - atvelonis It's possible, but it literally took me 700 tries, a batch of 400 in the evening and another batch of about 300 the next morning.
Tuesday, 5:20pm - DroidFreak No, not yet. 1.4.5 might be out sometime tonight, IDK. I still need to implement the actual options menu, which will take a little while.
Tuesday, 10:47am - Jebby is slowmo available now?
Tuesday, 7:14am - DroidFreak That's just making me worry that my slowmo is bugged or I suck.
Tuesday, 7:09am - dont worry, its possible
Tuesday, 3:57am - DroidFreak Not sure if slowmo is bugged, Lesser Evil is actually impossible, or I just don't know how to beat the last part.
Tuesday, 3:52am - DroidFreak Digital parameters?
Tuesday, 3:51am - DroidFreak >Still can't beat Lesser Evil
Tuesday, 3:51am - DroidFreak >Slowmo
Tuesday, 3:23am - Darvince dont forget to institute digital parameters
Tuesday, 1:02am - DroidFreak Once I implement a score-saving system, I'll be sure to track whether cheats (like slowmo and invincibility) were used and tag scores accordingly.
Tuesday, 1:00am - DroidFreak Also fixing the door texture for red terrain because I forgot that previously.
Tuesday, 12:59am - DroidFreak Coming in HATPCR 0.4.5 (soon) - Cookies/settings, fixes for small and edgeless levels, and a slow motion cheat (for people who suck at hitting tight timings... like me lol)
Monday, 8:35pm - Darvince _mus
Monday, 6:27pm - Yimmy sup
Monday, 6:23pm - Quirvy The quote button bug?
Monday, 6:09pm - Livio lol what was with that bug
Monday, 6:09pm - Livio test
Monday, 6:07pm - [color= I hear the quote button is broken
Monday, 5:00pm - Jebby CaveGen now has a coordinate display.
Monday, 3:25pm - Happy birthday @Livio
Monday, 1:30pm - atvelonis happy birthday Livio
Sunday, 9:08pm - Yaya Yes, for example "Great Expectations is actually a biographical story about Livio"
Sunday, 8:40pm - Darvince >a new level >2017
Sunday, 8:22pm - Quirvy Yaya what do you mean by piece of media? Do you just mean like a book, picture, painting, anything that is out there publicly?
Sunday, 5:50pm - Jebby CaveGen now supports background types, terrain types, and the basic water types
Sunday, 4:07pm - Rocketguy2 If you do add checkpoints to old levels, could you also change the level so there aren't any bugs in it?
Sunday, 2:59pm - Quirvy Yeah, although not necessarily for old levels, I just wanted to try adding some to one I have up right now, to see if it could be completed in hatpc Reborn
Sunday, 2:56pm - Jebby oh... I'm guessing to add checkpoints to old levels. That would be cool. I'll bump up imports in my backlog
Sunday, 2:53pm - Jebby It would be very cool to populate the site with older levels. What did you have in mind?
Sunday, 2:50pm - Quirvy
Sunday, 2:39pm - Jebby No, not yet
Sunday, 2:33pm - Quirvy Jebby is there a way for me to import existing levels into cavegen?
Sunday, 2:27pm - [color= hello @atvelonis!  
Sunday, 2:25pm - atvelonis hi xofgod
Sunday, 1:53pm - Jebby CaveGen now supports checkpoints and messages
Sunday, 12:29pm - [color= three weeks to the interguild's birthday!
Sunday, 8:11am - [color= Who is posting levels as R. Scott Burroughs on CaveGen? 3 new levels were made by them last week
Saturday, 10:08pm - greetings, darvince
Saturday, 9:26pm - Darvince hello kro
Saturday, 5:20pm - hello livio
Saturday, 3:58pm - Darvince did 2014 even happen or did we all collectively hallucinate it
Friday, 4:51pm - HB http://www.interguild.org/members/viewprofile.php?user=ilovemichaellebettin creepiest member of the interguild
Friday, 4:50pm - HB https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://agirlnamedmichaelle.blogspot.com/&prev=search
Friday, 3:12pm - Darvince runs
Friday, 3:12pm - Darvince donate your cars
Friday, 12:27pm - atvelonis I used to use the same password for every website. Fortunately I realized a year or two ago how stupid that was
Friday, 9:29am - Yimmy When i first joined the interguild my password was exactly the same as it is now
Friday, 3:36am - Yaya I remember most of the passwords I used in my childhood & early adolescence, unlike nowadays when I seemingly have to reset some account's PW on a weekly basis
Friday, 3:35am - HB also my first avatar was a picture of a hannah doll in a light blue cube. it was made in ms paint. in fact, it was so bad that haily took pity on me and made a version in which the ice cube was actually a cube and semitransparent. i was very impressed
Friday, 3:33am - HB re: yaya - when i first joined the interguild my password was "icecubesareweird" and, somehow, i still remember it almost eleven years later
Thursday, 4:17pm - atvelonis hi Teo
Thursday, 3:31pm - Dando 9a1jp2tqufxnaeme02bz
Thursday, 3:15pm - Darvince livio f­ix quoting
Thursday, 3:15pm - Darvince livio fix quo­ting
Thursday, 3:15pm - Darvince livio fix quoting
Thursday, 2:46pm - Darvince "so here is a 3am thought" *proceeds to write something that looks like it took 20 minutes to write*
Thursday, 1:09pm - Yimmy there
Thursday, 10:06am - atvelonis vaguely, but I could never get HATPC to work to actually play most levels. :/
Thursday, 9:53am - Darvince remember when sup mus made one level per week
Thursday, 9:52am - Darvince you win a prise
Thursday, 7:50am - DroidFreak Good job
Thursday, 7:48am - Rocketguy2 ahem, ok
Thursday, 7:48am - [color=orange]Rocketguy2[color] ok
Thursday, 7:45am - DroidFreak y'all need to fix your chatbox names, just sayin.
Thursday, 7:04am - [color= like the letter a
Thursday, 5:04am - HB fun fact: the obnoxiousness of any interguild post increases by 50% for every instance of a smiley being used, because they all look like smug ******** (channeling my inner yaya here)
Thursday, 4:10am - [color= Is Ayy pronounced like the letter 'a' or the word 'eye'?
Thursday, 1:02am - DroidFreak Ayy-lmao
Wednesday, 11:05pm - Yaya Ayy-lee
Wednesday, 10:45pm - [color= livio, fix the quote button
Wednesday, 10:42pm - HB Livio, is Haily's name pronounced hay-lee or eye-lee? PLEASE, I CANNOT SLEEP UNTIL YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION IT HAS BEEN BUGGING ME FOR 20385 hours
Wednesday, 10:36pm - atvelonis hi Livio
Wednesday, 8:46pm - atvelonis looks like the Chrome dinosaur game but way cooler
Wednesday, 8:23pm - Yaya Yall should buy this Steam game about Dinosaurs and hats so the devs can afford to make another Steam game about Dinosaurs and hats
Wednesday, 6:20pm - Yaya Tfw not using Google video
Wednesday, 5:14pm - [color= that's a pain,
Wednesday, 5:13pm - HB that is correctamundo
Wednesday, 5:12pm - [color= hmm, the recent powtw board isn't loading
Wednesday, 5:09pm - Argh, the forum has bamboozled itself!
Wednesday, 5:04pm - HB why use youtube when you could be using dailymotion
Wednesday, 5:02pm - all the owners are crooks, and i will have no part in their bureaucracy
Wednesday, 4:57pm - Darvince have you tried contacting the owner and alerting her to this terrible occurrence
Wednesday, 4:57pm - but then I have to use the bar at the bottom of the video to get to a certain point in the video instead of being able to simply click the timestamp! how outrageous is that
Wednesday, 4:53pm - Darvince then don't kick yourself out of the playlist young one
Wednesday, 4:53pm - the new youtube layout sucks, if I'm in a playlist and click on a  timestamp in the description/comments then it kicks me out of the playlist. Sad!
Wednesday, 4:52pm - Darvince oh no isa turned yellow
Wednesday, 4:52pm - Yaya Isa lives in a nice aquarium
Wednesday, 4:52pm - HB can you believe that i never lived in south yemen AT ALL
Wednesday, 4:46pm - Isa maybe i should update my info, i havent been living in uppsala since january 2013
Wednesday, 2:44pm - atvelonis ehh new youtube layout is kinda ugly
Wednesday, 1:40pm - HB i thought you were livio, for a moment i was like "what, is livio living in a commune now"
Wednesday, 1:18pm - [color= im constantly around people and have no earbuds so i can't really do anything with noise
Wednesday, 12:30pm - Yaya The video I posted in the One Post round was 7 seconds yimyammit
Wednesday, 3:12am - HB also my photobucket account has finally fallen to the ransom beast
Wednesday, 3:00am - HB what a nice wednesday morning on which to go for the record
Wednesday, 1:32am - [color= and here I thought the level was so unnoteworthy that it might have been my all-time oldest unread
Wednesday, 1:32am - [color= hahaha
Wednesday, 1:08am - Yaya Interestingly enough, that level is uploaded twice into the gallery for some reason, and you commented on and rated the other one :p
Wednesday, 1:06am - HB Livio was the interguild DDOS'ed earlier today and did your web host inform you of it
Wednesday, 1:04am - [color= (that's the oldest unread post I found, but I don't know if it's actually the oldest)
Wednesday, 1:04am - [color= I jumped around a bit on the All Topics page and found this: http://www.interguild.org/levels/index.php?id=3282
Wednesday, 12:59am - Yaya I guess I was thinking all unread ones show up first on the more topics page, but idk if that's actually right
Wednesday, 12:57am - Quirvy Maybe you mean last read topic in the more topics page
Wednesday, 12:57am - Quirvy Otherwise IDK how he could know for sure
Wednesday, 12:57am - Quirvy Is there a way to view all unread topics?
Wednesday, 12:45am - Yaya Quick, Livio! What is the oldest unread post you have on here? I must know
Wednesday, 12:44am - HB Maybe Livio-sempai will finally notice my poems
Wednesday, 12:37am - Quirvy That's like as rare as Livio coming online
Wednesday, 12:37am - Quirvy whoa a post by CSD
Wednesday, 12:35am - [color= anyone doing anything cool for PAX in seattle?
Wednesday, 12:34am - [color= oh no they guy way farther than that
Wednesday, 12:34am - Yaya Who am I kidding, I'm sure Livio has unread posts from 2012
Wednesday, 12:34am - DroidFreak O hai Livio. Yeah, I've been doing lots of HATPCR dev recently.
Wednesday, 12:32am - Yaya And one of them is Livio???? Enjoy 5 months of unread posts
Wednesday, 12:32am - [color= looks like Droidfreak's been making great progress

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