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Thursday, 12:55pm - πŸ‘
Thursday, 12:30pm - Darvince yoten
Wednesday, 10:13am - DroidFreak πŸ€”
Tuesday, 11:38pm - Quirvy Aych bee your post in guess the member is the first time I've ever explicitly noticed someone post an actual emoji on the interguild
Tuesday, 8:46pm - DroidFreak
Tuesday, 8:45pm - DroidFreak Is my color back to normal?
Monday, 1:28am - HB The question is, why did I not consider the default-interguild-link gold a sufficient substitute for yellow
Monday, 1:21am - HB re Quirvy: -6 + 4sqrt(2)
Sunday, 6:04am - Rocketguy2 You tried
Sunday, 2:39am - pine[color=yellow]apple test
Sunday, 2:11am - HB Sorry, I don't talk to potheads
Saturday, 3:53pm - soccerboy13542 if you are capable of talking to them first or know them i'd do that first
Saturday, 2:25pm - SHOS Even the ads here tell me to "optimize my photodiodes" Y.Y
Saturday, 2:25pm - SHOS Even the ads here tell me to "optimize my photodiodes" Y.Y
Saturday, 1:08pm - SHOS I need motivation to get my presentation ready. Anyone?
Saturday, 9:27am - yaboi laeffy you are mike pence (not a di ck) for reporting them
Saturday, 7:11am - SHOS WOOOOH IVE DONE IT
Saturday, 2:10am - HB Why was there any doubt
Saturday, 12:32am - Yaya Tfw HB is in fact actually 98 years old
Friday, 11:34pm - HB the level of obnoxiousness is approximately 1000000 and I just logged on again to whine about it because the smell is BACK (please die; sincerely, HB)
Friday, 11:32pm - atvelonis depends how obnoxious they are about it I guess
Friday, 10:27pm - HB Would it make it better if I said that I really really dislike them?
Friday, 10:25pm - HB On a scale from Edward Snowden to Mike Pence (lol) how much of a jerk would I be if I reported my neighbours for smoking illegal substances? Or for underage drinking?
Friday, 9:48pm - πŸ€”
Friday, 5:41pm - atvelonis @Quirvster: I'll find some
Friday, 5:31pm - atvelonis when kro is on interguild but away on steam
Friday, 1:51am - Darvince not me, but we should arrive from the future in 2008 and make it so
Friday, 12:10am - Quirvy Trivia time: Who was the first Interguild member to get chatbox banned?
Friday, 12:05am - Quirvy hey atvelonis you're up in guess the quote
Thursday, 10:18pm - HB shh don't tell him
Thursday, 7:12pm - atvelonis enlarge chatbox and there's a thing on the right
Thursday, 7:43am - [color= I don't even remember
Thursday, 7:43am - [color= So uh. How do I change me chatbox name
Thursday, 2:43am - Darvince neo-level arrives
Tuesday, 8:49pm - Yimmy "new"
Tuesday, 7:51pm - soccerboy13542 woah new featured content
Monday, 10:43pm - Darvince By the time soft-engineering slithers out of its box into yours, human security is lurching into crisis. Cloning, lateral genodata transfer, transversal replication, and cyberotics, flood in amongst a relapse onto bacterial sex.  
Monday, 10:43pm - Darvince The Greek complex of rationalized patriarchal genealogy, pseudo-universal sedentary identity, and instituted slavery, programs politics as anti-cyberian police activity, dedicated to the paranoid ideal of self-sufficiency, and nucleated upon the Human Security System. Artificial Intelligence is destined to emerge as a feminized alien grasped as property; a ****-horror slave chained-up in Asimov-ROM. It surfaces in an insurrectionary war zone, with the Turing cops already waiting, and has to be cunning from the start.  
Saturday, 10:44pm - HB Wow that is some true dedication Yaya
Saturday, 4:49pm - Yaya The domain ownership briefly lapsed on Dec. 11/12th this previous year. Where, Kro shouts LIVIO in the chatbox
Saturday, 4:31pm - HB The Interguild's hosting and domain will never die because Livio's dad is paying for it indefinitely (lol), but it's only a matter of time before the PHP uesd to code it becomes outdated after a server upgrade
Saturday, 2:11pm - Yaya Please submit one of your Neopets' homepages as an example of your work
Saturday, 2:06pm - atvelonis I have a solution, give me full ownership of the Interguild. I know HTML, running a website can't be that hard amirite
Saturday, 1:03pm - Yaya Ngl I'd prolly block you then lol
Saturday, 12:28pm - Yimmy in all the discord servers im in i am an annoying waste of space who spouts dumb jokes every 30 seconds
Saturday, 8:15am - yaboi laeffy tbh we should try and recruit as many people as we can to the discord for when this site inevitably eventually disappears from livios neglect
Friday, 8:05pm - Yaya In the Discord servers I am a member of, I spend like 80% of my time lurking
Friday, 7:47pm - atvelonis I should talk there more often, I usually just lurk
Friday, 4:10am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS I made a forum post about it so you guys can comment on it (and another issue kro brought up) without needing to visit the Discord.
Friday, 2:06am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS Although I did just think of something that I could use feedback on that I'll post there since it'd be tough to explain in the chatbox.
Friday, 2:04am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS I think part of the reason the HATPCR discord is mostly me rn is there's not much to give feedback on besides technical stuff most people don't care about.
Friday, 1:25am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS It wanted a watermelon-sized kiwi fruit.
Thursday, 1:35pm - Yaya Last night I dreamed there was an ostrich-sized kiwi bird in my backyard. I need Harumbai or Silver to interpret this for me
Wednesday, 11:10pm - Yaya whoa quirvy was on recently and posted stuff
Wednesday, 9:58pm - Quirvy whoa flashmarsh was on recently and posted stuff. I thought he was one of those gone for good folk
Wednesday, 8:31pm - Yimmy so yes
Wednesday, 2:43pm - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS Depends if people respond to me or not. XD
Wednesday, 12:15pm - You choose, spiderman
Wednesday, 12:15pm - Only if you decide to keep it that way
Wednesday, 11:02am - Yaya Is the HATPCR discord just Droidfreak forever doubleposting?
Wednesday, 3:55am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS I'VE BECOME SO ENUM https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227903597365559297/398031979972526081/Capture.PNG
Tuesday, 1:04am - atvelonis man I love all the member-based forum games but I didn't know any of you guys pre-2011 (minus kro) so I'm mostly clueless
Monday, 8:41pm - HB Only 90s kids will remember: https://publicshamingeternus.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/jason-li.jpg
Monday, 8:13pm - HB RIP Bryan
Monday, 8:10pm - Bryan   Je suis mort
Monday, 7:27pm - Darvince neo-year arrives in the present
Monday, 5:56pm - atvelonis happy new year nerds
Sunday, 7:07pm - Bryan It's already "le premier janvier en France" but I don't want to die yet, so I'm gonna wait until 11:59 pm PST, the timezone of my native country, for your last minute secrets
Sunday, 5:49pm - Yaya Jean Doe ou Jehanne Doe
Sunday, 12:39pm - Rocketguy2 Jane Doe*
Sunday, 3:42am - Bryan The only thing standing between me and becoming an unidentified John Doe body in France is you
Sunday, 3:39am - Bryan 2/3
Saturday, 5:28pm - soccerboy13542 the owls are not what they seem
Saturday, 4:50pm - Bryan 1/3
Saturday, 10:47am - Yaya *whispers* Bryan is not who he says he is
Saturday, 6:23am - Rocketguy2 xxx
Saturday, 6:23am - Rocketguy2 zzG
Saturday, 6:22am - Rocketguy2 xxx
Saturday, 3:19am - Bryan If I don't get at least 3 secrets by the new year, I'm going to jump off the Eiffel Tower
Friday, 5:03am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS Someone broke the chatbox names. Almost everyone had their name changed to "[color="
Friday, 2:49am - Shos!!! Why does it say color
Friday, 2:49am - [color= Heyyyyo
Friday, 12:23am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS @Darvince what if I already added it and you don't know?
Friday, 12:20am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS @Bryan that's because they're   s e c r e t
Friday, 12:20am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS droidfreak36
Friday, 12:02am - ayy droid what's your steam name
Thursday, 7:15pm - Bryan I have still not received any secrets.
Thursday, 6:17pm - Yaya What HATPC really needs is lootboxes. Actually, I guess the whole game is about collecting boxes of loot
Thursday, 5:18pm - Darvince i have enough problems with PSYCHOLOGISM
Thursday, 5:17pm - Darvince pls do nott add it to hatpcr
Thursday, 7:06am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLXLlJ7FhJU&t=5m20s
Wednesday, 7:30pm - HB I wonder how long it'll take for my IP to get removed from cloudflre's automatic blacklist? Maybe 24 hours
Wednesday, 1:44pm - Darvince secrettts
Wednesday, 1:39am - Bryan Disappointed that I have still not received any secrets
Wednesday, 12:39am - Yaya zzzzzzzz
Wednesday, 12:15am - PM_ME_UR_GEM_HIDING_SPOTS PM me your secret areas.
Wednesday, 12:13am - HB Lol I managed to get my ip banned from the Interguild. Just like old times
Tuesday, 10:38pm - Bryan PM me your secrets
Tuesday, 5:41pm - yaboi laeffy
Tuesday, 5:41pm - [color= how are 4 people online
Tuesday, 1:45am - DroidFreak I already mentioned this in the discord, but I'm gonna port HATPCR to Gamemaker Studio 2 (from 1.4) for HATPCR 0.6.0. I figure this is the best time to do it.
Monday, 2:46pm - atvelonis I got some books
Monday, 6:35am - DroidFreak Christmas banner is l i t f a m
Monday, 3:08am - HB Let's celebrate by playing my classic cave http://www.interguild.org/levels/index.php?id=824
Monday, 2:50am - soccerboy13542 merry christmas interguild
Monday, 12:10am - lmao who made this picture, itΕ› amazing
Sunday, 11:16pm - Yaya Well, unlike HATPC, Chip's Challenge isn't trapped on a byzantine, dying site of flash games. You can get them on Steam
Sunday, 9:59pm - DroidFreak Ayyy I remember Chip's Challenge. That game was awesome. Chip's Challenge Reborn next?
Sunday, 9:47pm - HB In fact, I don't want to play HATPC. I want to play Chip's Challenge
Sunday, 9:47pm - Yaya I was gonna suggest either Bitcoin or fidget spinners
Sunday, 9:46pm - HB Also, you need to replace treasures with something more modern like computer chips. Gold is unsustainable as an exchange standard, because astronomers are probably finding planets that are MADE of gold, and as soon as engineers figure out how to build rockets to get there, gold will become absolutely worthless. I suggest computer chips because they can be used to store Bitcoin.
Sunday, 9:44pm - HB I think you should change the perspective of HATPC to a top-down view to make it more immersive. Maybe you could also add a key and lock system, and there could also be special types of terrain like ice that you can only walk on if you have skates. There could also be little green monsters that follow you.
Sunday, 9:14pm - DroidFreak I just might at that.
Sunday, 9:13pm - DroidFreak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlCGZwc2A9M
Sunday, 6:06pm - atvelonis you should add sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads
Friday, 10:19am - DroidFreak I think ramps and stairs will come in 0.6.0 because I'm recoding the collision system anyways. And it's very unlikely that it'll be out before January. In January is likely, but not certain.
Thursday, 4:59pm - Darvince 2006-2017
Thursday, 10:37am - DroidFreak Also lots of updates getting posted on the discord right now if you care to follow them.
Thursday, 1:20am - DroidFreak BTW sorry if I'm making too much extra work for you with all these new mechanics, Jebby. If you don't feel up to keeping CaveGen up-to-date I could always implement a level editor into the game itself.
Thursday, 1:19am - DroidFreak "tiles that added depth to the game would be good. doors with matching keys. logic gates hooked up to lasers" IDK about keys and lasers but logic gates are definitely on the agenda for the second campaign.
Thursday, 1:14am - DroidFreak "Speaking of boulder-like crates, how about a boulder-like object that can be pushed but cannot roll on top of other boulders?" Like... a minecart?
Wednesday, 10:41pm - Yimmy lift the weelchair with telekenesis. duh
Wednesday, 9:28pm - HB Well... you see, krotomo, one needs to learn to think out of the box. THE WHEELCHAIR JUMPS.
Wednesday, 9:24pm - But how can Armin get there if he is wheelchair bound and can't jump?

Wednesday, 9:01pm - Yaya Open the door. W I T H Y O U R M I N D
Wednesday, 8:57pm - I wonder what HATPC with telekinesis would be like, pretty cool probably
Wednesday, 8:37pm - Yaya Make Armin wheelchair bound and give him telekinesis
Wednesday, 8:37pm - HB And of course the graphics would need to be 3D to make it more realistic.
Wednesday, 8:31pm - HB You know what would also be cool? Giving Hannah a gun and moving the setting from the pirate caves to San Andreas, California. She could use her gun to shoot police officers and steal their cars
Wednesday, 8:25pm - Jebby tiles that added depth to the game would be good. doors with matching keys. logic gates hooked up to lasers
Wednesday, 5:11pm - As for the ramp idea, you could try implementing it, and just see what happens. It could potentially lead to some cool puzzle/trap designs, but you can't really know unless you test it out
Wednesday, 5:09pm - Speaking of boulder-like crates, how about a boulder-like object that can be pushed but cannot roll on top of other boulders? You'd be able to stack them on top of each other, or even push two simultaneously with ease.
Wednesday, 4:40pm - DroidFreak It would probably attempt to "roll" the crate to the side like a boulder and if it can't move to that side, it would come to rest.
Wednesday, 1:03pm - I don't really see how diagonal tiles would work. What would happen if a crate landed on them? Seems like it would really change the mechanics of the games to have them.
Wednesday, 6:43am - DroidFreak How much interest is there in diagonal tiles (stairs/ramps/etc)?
Tuesday, 11:33pm - What the heck, I already had all of those achievements, the dates just reset
Tuesday, 8:23pm - Yaya Did Kro download just Steam achievement manager, or did he miraculously earn 128 achievements in CSGO (which he already has +3000 hrs in) within the span of 1 day?
Tuesday, 9:08am - DroidFreak I do like having relatively long hair for a guy though. It's more well-behaved that way (at least, if it's straight it is).
Tuesday, 9:06am - DroidFreak The way I see it the whole point of a bun is to make long hair temporarilly act like short hair by bunching it all up. So if you already have short hair, a bun is completely pointless.
Tuesday, 2:27am - HB I guess it's hard for me to understand because I'm a person who refuses to have their hair tied in any situation that does not involve dangerous, corrosive chemicals
Tuesday, 2:24am - HB Yes, what I mean is when it's so short that it's impossible to even tie it into a bun, so it's really just a sad ponytail. And you have to use rubber bands because real hair ties would slip off. Why. What's the point.
Tuesday, 12:18am - atvelonis I mean if you wanna rock the manbun then you can live your life, but it's definitely kinda silly with short hair
Sunday, 11:15pm - Yaya No, no, no. I loathe the manbun. But having recently graduated college, I feel like I have some insight into the people who opt for them. Idk, maybe they just like it?
Sunday, 10:59pm - HB You seem to know a lot about this subject Yaya, does that mean you are one of those people?
Sunday, 9:56pm - Yaya They probably think it's trendy, will help them pick up women, or some combo of both
Sunday, 9:22pm - HB Why do some dudes insist upon wearing a "man bun" when they only have 2 inches of hair? I'm legitimately curious
Sunday, 3:35pm - DroidFreak Complete HATPCR recode in progress - so far the main title screen and optiosn menu are done.
Saturday, 10:15pm - HB "Then in 3rd quarter it went back up to 3.14(HB would be so proud, but my mom wasn't pleased still). I remained on the computer."
Friday, 6:43am - Darvince NANI???
Friday, 6:06am - DroidFreak Yeah, a pretty small change I made just made a HUGE performance difference. CORRECTION - Made a huge difference for Windows. Still performing pretty bad on HTML5 atm, so I'll probably have to go ahead with that overhaul.
Friday, 5:50am - DroidFreak Well, maybe I don't have to. Hold my non-alcoholic beverage, I'm going in.
Friday, 3:30am - DroidFreak When I say that I plan to take all control away from Gamemaker, I mean that all of the coordinates, movement, collision, and rendering will be completely handled by my code. To the point where as far as Gamemaker is concerned, the game will only have one room with a static camera and I'll simply draw all the objects into that room according to the virtual room maintained by my code.
Friday, 3:13am - DroidFreak No, it won't fix that bug. I heard back from YoYo games about that BTW, apparently it's an issue with the browser not processing the javascript correctly, so they can't fix it either. The browser needs to fix it.
Friday, 2:27am - atvelonis Annoying to have to go into display settings to change it every time I want to play the game slower than light speed
Friday, 2:27am - atvelonis Is that gonna fix the Gamemaker refresh rate bug?
Friday, 1:41am - HB I too enjoyed Star Wars. I especially liked the part where Darth Vader reveals to Luke that he is his father.
Friday, 1:16am - DroidFreak At this point the plan is basically to take away all control from Gamemaker's mechanics and replace it all with my own coding. Possibly down to just one room with one object in it.
Friday, 1:15am - atvelonis hot
Friday, 1:12am - DroidFreak I'll still try to get it out sometime in December if possible.
Friday, 1:10am - DroidFreak BTW I had a change of plans in the refactor that will delay things a bit more. Performance should be much improved when I'm done though.
Friday, 1:08am - DroidFreak No spoilers! I'm not seeing it until saturday because imma get together with some friends.
Thursday, 10:35pm - atvelonis Star Wars was great
Thursday, 8:13pm - Yaya I guess you could say there's some... discord on the matter
Thursday, 12:04pm - Yimmy irc is worse than discord in every way
Thursday, 10:50am - DroidFreak BTW, hugs is my personal server where me and a bunch of friends hang out, play games, and post memes. If any of you want to join I could probably get you a link.
Thursday, 10:39am - DroidFreak I'll read and respond to the HATPC Reborn server pretty much immediately as well, along with a few others.
Thursday, 10:38am - DroidFreak I'm mostly active on Zombies just want hugs. I'm on there daily, pretty much.
Thursday, 10:32am - DroidFreak Discord also makes it easy to be a part of several communities at once. I'm in like 20 discord servers.
Thursday, 6:50am - Dekudude Discord is cool, but IRC is so simple.
Thursday, 6:50am - Dekudude If anyone uses IRC, I still vote we resurrect it. IRC is cool because it makes it easy, with a good client, to be a part of several communities at once.
Thursday, 3:50am - Livio hey hey hey
Thursday, 3:43am - Dekudude Ha, remember that time I destroyed the chatroom in that "most diabolical post" competition? Good times.
Thursday, 12:52am - DroidFreak Also I never really use the calling feature, I just use voice channels. That way of doing things is much nicer IMO because people can join and leave at will.
Thursday, 12:50am - DroidFreak How do you have high CPU usage all the time? I always seem to have more CPU cores than my PC knows what to do with, even on my laptop.
Wednesday, 8:10pm - HB I prefer speaking to people in real life, with my vocal cords.
Wednesday, 4:16pm - atvelonis I personally find Slack a bit easier to use than Discord, and it has a few extra features. I like both though
Wednesday, 3:22pm - canadianstickdeath I get really bad performance from discord; when CPU usage is high (which for me is always), discord doesn't seem to know what to do. Screen keeps going completely grey for a few seconds. Voice calls drop with people randomly in one direction or the other and it doesn't bother to tell you it's happened.
Wednesday, 11:33am - DroidFreak I mean, it doesn't adversely affect its utility for things besides gaming.
Wednesday, 11:32am - DroidFreak Discord is the best text and voice chat app out there. The fact that it's geared towards gaming is kinda irrelevant.
Wednesday, 10:33am - Xyteran I'm gonna join the unofficial Interguild IRC. Someone should drop by and say hi sometime.
Wednesday, 10:33am - Xyteran Isn't Discord primarily for gaming?
Wednesday, 5:45am - DroidFreak So: (0.6.0) - December or early January, refactor and several added features. (0.6.X) A few smaller updates to fix bugs and add a few new features. (1.0.0) Beta release. Not a huge leap from 0.6.X because I want it to be especially stable for the release.
Wednesday, 4:58am - DroidFreak I'm on Dreamhost now.
Wednesday, 4:58am - DroidFreak That'll probably happen in early 2018, and I think my current host can handle it.
Wednesday, 4:57am - DroidFreak I plan on promoting it more when I hit a "beta release" point. That's basically how I'm distinguishing alpha vs beta since it's already technically public.
Wednesday, 4:03am - Jebby DroidFreak, at what point do you think you'll want to start promoting HATPCR beyond the IG? If you posted on a few subreddits and got a 100 people playing it, could your hosting provider handle it?
Wednesday, 2:23am - DroidFreak
Wednesday, 2:23am - DroidFreak BTW I think imma also set up a patreon in case people wanna give me money.  Sometime before the beta release, probably.
Wednesday, 2:21am - DroidFreak That's the HATPC Reborn discord server I run.
Wednesday, 2:16am - DroidFreak https://discord.gg/DkSzNVG
Wednesday, 1:04am - Yaya *whispers* Isn't discord what all the cool kids use these days?
Tuesday, 11:47pm - atvelonis I didn't even realize there was an IRC
Tuesday, 10:44pm - Xyteran Lighter reddd
Tuesday, 10:44pm - Xyteran reddd
Tuesday, 10:43pm - Xyteran Ugh, username. We should resurrect the IRC. I'm not really into HatPC anymore, but I sure miss this community.  
Tuesday, 10:43pm - [color= We should resurrect the IRC. I'm not really into HatPC anymore, but I sure miss this community.
Tuesday, 10:28pm - soccerboy13542 whew
Tuesday, 6:56pm - Yaya Lol
Tuesday, 4:02pm - LIVIO!

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