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Wednesday, 8:10pm - HB I prefer speaking to people in real life, with my vocal cords.
Wednesday, 4:16pm - atvelonis I personally find Slack a bit easier to use than Discord, and it has a few extra features. I like both though
Wednesday, 3:22pm - canadianstickdeath I get really bad performance from discord; when CPU usage is high (which for me is always), discord doesn't seem to know what to do. Screen keeps going completely grey for a few seconds. Voice calls drop with people randomly in one direction or the other and it doesn't bother to tell you it's happened.
Wednesday, 11:33am - DroidFreak I mean, it doesn't adversely affect its utility for things besides gaming.
Wednesday, 11:32am - DroidFreak Discord is the best text and voice chat app out there. The fact that it's geared towards gaming is kinda irrelevant.
Wednesday, 10:33am - Xyteran I'm gonna join the unofficial Interguild IRC. Someone should drop by and say hi sometime.
Wednesday, 10:33am - Xyteran Isn't Discord primarily for gaming?
Wednesday, 5:45am - DroidFreak So: (0.6.0) - December or early January, refactor and several added features. (0.6.X) A few smaller updates to fix bugs and add a few new features. (1.0.0) Beta release. Not a huge leap from 0.6.X because I want it to be especially stable for the release.
Wednesday, 4:58am - DroidFreak I'm on Dreamhost now.
Wednesday, 4:58am - DroidFreak That'll probably happen in early 2018, and I think my current host can handle it.
Wednesday, 4:57am - DroidFreak I plan on promoting it more when I hit a "beta release" point. That's basically how I'm distinguishing alpha vs beta since it's already technically public.
Wednesday, 4:03am - Jebby DroidFreak, at what point do you think you'll want to start promoting HATPCR beyond the IG? If you posted on a few subreddits and got a 100 people playing it, could your hosting provider handle it?
Wednesday, 2:23am - DroidFreak
Wednesday, 2:23am - DroidFreak BTW I think imma also set up a patreon in case people wanna give me money.  Sometime before the beta release, probably.
Wednesday, 2:21am - DroidFreak That's the HATPC Reborn discord server I run.
Wednesday, 2:16am - DroidFreak https://discord.gg/DkSzNVG
Wednesday, 1:04am - Yaya *whispers* Isn't discord what all the cool kids use these days?
Tuesday, 11:47pm - atvelonis I didn't even realize there was an IRC
Tuesday, 10:44pm - Xyteran Lighter reddd
Tuesday, 10:44pm - Xyteran reddd
Tuesday, 10:43pm - Xyteran Ugh, username. We should resurrect the IRC. I'm not really into HatPC anymore, but I sure miss this community.  
Tuesday, 10:43pm - [color= We should resurrect the IRC. I'm not really into HatPC anymore, but I sure miss this community.
Tuesday, 10:28pm - soccerboy13542 whew
Tuesday, 6:56pm - Yaya Lol
Tuesday, 4:02pm - LIVIO!
Monday, 9:17am - atvelonis some bug with the custom chatbox names, happened to everyone
Monday, 8:09am - Darvince there "is" an IRC but it's completely dead and has a permanently stained reputation
Monday, 7:53am - [color= Erm, why is my name showing up all weird?
Monday, 7:51am - [color= Does Interguild have an IRC?
Sunday, 11:51am - Yaya Amateur. Go find a copy trapped in a mechanical cube beneath some frozen wastes
Sunday, 12:51am - atvelonis you know what i love? when i finally find a listing for some obscure elder scrolls book and it costs $400 like no thanks buddy have fun selling that one
Saturday, 9:57pm - Darvince I'm my boyfriend.
Wednesday, 5:37pm - HB I want to be mean and say that Bryan is neezles' boyfriend or something, but NO. Bryan is a fake account that I lost access to many many years ago.
Wednesday, 3:36am - Darvince who's me
Tuesday, 9:26pm - Yimmy whos bryan
Tuesday, 5:12pm - HB Bryan is me. I am Bryan.
Tuesday, 12:43pm - atvelonis enlarge the chatbox and there's a box on the right
Tuesday, 3:56am - HB loljk
Tuesday, 3:54am - [color= How do I fix my name?
Tuesday, 3:54am - [color= Hey guys! I'm back!
Tuesday, 3:17am - Darvince I mean this is the perfect time to buy summery items but what
Tuesday, 3:16am - Darvince in New York
Tuesday, 3:03am - Darvince in December
Sunday, 12:43pm - atvelonis You know what I'm gonna go buy an air conditioner
Sunday, 1:43am - HB
Sunday, 12:25am - Darvince yes
Thursday, 8:34am - Harumbai Trying to make a HATPCR level with two hannahs, but it sees to randomly glitch sometimes.... That's promising right?
Wednesday, 3:26am - Darvince Maybe Not, Quivery.
Wednesday, 12:00am - Quirvy IDK it sounds to me like the russian spammers are the incompetent ones
Tuesday, 5:02pm - HB Imagine if Facebook was so incompetently coded that Russian spammers could only make blog posts
Tuesday, 3:16pm - Yimmy metal mongolian throat > mongolian throat metal
Tuesday, 2:55pm - atvelonis Mongolian throat metal > rap
Tuesday, 2:14pm - Yimmy the spam needs to stop
Monday, 10:41pm - HB Also maybe consider listening to better music than your stupid, incomprehensible, monotonous rap (just a suggestion)
Monday, 10:34pm - Yimmy can confirm literally everybody here is incredibly loud
Monday, 10:06pm - HB This is not directed at anybody on the Interguild. You guys are fine
Monday, 10:05pm - HB Have you ever considered: ☑ maybe not being a ******* ******* annoying loud ******* for once in your life
Monday, 1:41am - Darvince this simulator is slightly evil
Monday, 1:40am - Darvince why does everything in that have faces
Monday, 1:38am - Darvince good :thumbsup:
Monday, 1:32am - HB http://kitses.com/animation/swfs/digestion.swf
Monday, 1:28am - Darvince digestive system simulator
Sunday, 7:46pm - atvelonis I love playing guess the quote but I'm terrible at it
Sunday, 6:52pm - DroidFreak ATM I have no plans to make water actually drain out of the level. That's something that I might implement at some point, but for now the drain block will act the same as the edge of the map for water - any water tap whose flow touches it will be disabled.
Sunday, 4:42pm - Quirvy So I haven't been keeping up with this at all, but you should make a boulder that drains existing water at the rate of a single tap, and canceling out the effects of a water tap when a tap is flowing into a body of water with a drain boulder in it.
Saturday, 7:15pm - HB I enjoy how it's currently 100% impossible to take any of Livio's posts seriously. Prime example: the Filler thread
Saturday, 5:33pm - atvelonis interesting
Saturday, 7:02am - DroidFreak Them acting like air blocks means that crates/boulders can pass though them (in addition to Hannah and enemies) so it will be possible to hide them behind crates and push boulders past them.
Saturday, 6:58am - DroidFreak As for how the drains will work, they will act just like a air tiles except that water will stop flowing upon touching them, much like it currently does upon touching the edge of the level.
Saturday, 6:55am - DroidFreak Coming in the next version. Along with the refactor, soundtrack, level load/end screens, and bugfixes. It's gonna be a big one.
Saturday, 6:52am - DroidFreak A few examples of how that drain sprite I made would look in-game: https://i.imgur.com/oytfv7B.png
Wednesday, 4:48am - Darvince cluck
Wednesday, 1:33am - HB Congratulations on successfully imitating a chicken
Tuesday, 11:45pm - atvelonis Still going strong. I'm so proud
Tuesday, 9:50pm - atvelonis Reddit is having a field day over net neutrality
Tuesday, 9:27pm - Yaya Leave a pineapple on her bed as a power move
Tuesday, 9:12pm - HB Unfortunately, I cannot claim credit for such brilliant foresight That honour would go to my roommate, a wonderful, considerate human being If Maslow had ever met her, he would've had to completely reverse his hierarchy of needs
Tuesday, 9:05pm - HB In fact, be as loud as possible, in order to deprive your roommate of sleep. That helps you eliminate future competition in the job market I love killing two birds with one stone!
Tuesday, 9:03pm - HB Cool #lifehack: If you suddenly find that it is somehow 2:30am already, and you have class in the morning at 8, just don't sleep at all! You'll only wake up feeling more tired. While you're at it, try inviting some of your friends and doing your makeup together as well. That way you'll be fresh and ready in the morning and nobody will be able to tell that you haven't slept for 24 hours
Tuesday, 8:45pm - Quirvy no write-ins for the poll. shos is too powerful, gotta force interesting decisions. Otherwise you'd just have everyone voting shos as the muscle
Tuesday, 10:19am - atvelonis I have no idea who said any of these quotes
Tuesday, 7:28am - DroidFreak I made quite a bit of progress on the tiles -> objects change so far, but I still have a long way to go. It's the biggest of the changes in the refactor by far, since I have to redo all the collision code.
Tuesday, 7:11am - HYPE
Tuesday, 5:59am - DroidFreak Also, I think I may have tracked down that bug that caused water crates and WTC's to create ghost blocks then they fell. At least, I found one issue that could cause them to behave badly while falling.
Tuesday, 2:26am - DroidFreak BTW I think I might make the next version 0.6.0 instead of 0.5.1, since it's gonna be a big one.
Tuesday, 12:51am - DroidFreak (Those are the assets for the tiles, which I am eliminating in favor of objects in the refactor)
Tuesday, 12:50am - DroidFreak Hold my backup, I've diving in! https://i.imgur.com/2ZDyYTm.png
Sunday, 4:26pm - atvelonis good job jazz, you're still alive!
Sunday, 2:55pm - Yaya Isa, do you have a theory as to whom assassinated Olof Palme?
Sunday, 1:04am - Quirvy They don't give us "internet breaks" they let us use the internet whenever we want
Sunday, 1:04am - Quirvy Also I take offense to that HB
Sunday, 1:03am - Quirvy It's strange to think of HB in college, but I guess it'd be weird to think of HB in High School too. All I'd really ever known of HB was lots of trolling with spam accounts. Anything outside of that had basically been a mystery to me
Saturday, 7:48pm - Yimmy wait quirvys in a nursing home??????? why?
Saturday, 4:43pm - Yaya HB comin' out swingin'
Saturday, 2:20pm - HB How often do they give you internet breaks in the nursing home, Quirvy?
Saturday, 4:14am - Quirvy Also soccer I'm still waiting for that walkthrough of "The Hardest Puzzle"
Saturday, 1:53am - Quirvy HB are you in college now?
Saturday, 12:00am - HB Since when has the quote button ... you know ... actually WORKED (wow)
Thursday, 11:46am - Yimmy I spent half an hour making a really cool trap work but then it was ruined by falling blocks but I guess I can rework it
Thursday, 5:19am - DroidFreak Also, I record my voice audio separately with Audacity so as to avoid getting it imbalanced with game audio.
Thursday, 5:18am - DroidFreak BTW I use OBS for a lot of my recording. I also use Fraps for some things and Screenpresso when I need lossless recording (albiet buggy lossless recording) to rip sprites from HATPC
Thursday, 5:16am - DroidFreak Blocks destroy spikes when they fall past them because the current engine does bad stuff if you have tiles and objects overlapping. My solution to that was to make objects destroy the overlapping tile immediately upon entering it. But that's likely to change in the recode I'm dilly-dallying about.
Thursday, 5:13am - DroidFreak rm_laundary.light.bulb = new bulb()
Thursday, 1:34am - Darvince me_irl
Wednesday, 6:12pm - Yaya Droidfreak please come change the light bulb in my laundry room
Wednesday, 4:27pm - Yimmy droidfreak why in the world would you make it so that blocks destroy spikes they fall through please fix this posthaste
Wednesday, 12:42pm - Yaya Yeah, I ended up using OBS. It did what I needed it to do
Wednesday, 11:17am - Rocketguy2 I know I'm not the person you sked, but I use OBS Studio for my recordings, I find it to be a good, non-CPU intensive recording system.
Tuesday, 9:41pm - Yaya Ugh, my Year Of The Squirrel walkthrough got muted. That was a vid where the music really enhanced the WT
Tuesday, 7:32pm - Yaya Hey Droidfreak, what recording software do you use? Whether it be for HATPCR, Titanfall 2, etc?
Monday, 1:51pm - Yimmy yeah getting hungry takes a lot of work
Monday, 2:28am - Yaya The hardest thing about staying up late is getting hungry
Monday, 1:55am - atvelonis Zen mode engaged
Sunday, 4:27pm - HB the anti-sefro https://deadspin.com/teen-girl-posed-for-8-years-as-married-man-to-write-abo-1820305588
Sunday, 9:44am - Yaya YES
Sunday, 8:32am - Yimmy does that make Indiana a simulation inside of a simulation?
Saturday, 9:45pm - Yaya The Interguild going down is the key to breaking this simulation currently masquerading as reality. We'll all meet on the other side bald and gooey
Saturday, 9:24pm - HB On the contrary, the day after the Interguild goes down (for the last time) ... every member will simultaneously wake up to find that they have turned into Brad Pitt
Saturday, 8:35pm - atvelonis So if the Interguild goes down, I'll die?
Saturday, 8:05pm -
Saturday, 5:26pm - HB that the interguild and the possession of a life are mutually exclusive
Saturday, 10:20am - Yaya At 10 in the morning on a Saturday. What does that say?
Saturday, 10:20am - atvelonis 4 members online at once! What a spectacle!
Saturday, 12:30am - HB Doesn't work that way Soccerboy13542.
Saturday, 12:30am - HB Lol I just realized that Quirvy's signature should've had the hamburger guy on the other end instead of the TV RRI logo
Friday, 10:37pm - Yaya I see it, I just wasn't sure of its context, so a lot of possibilities were running through my head
Friday, 10:29pm - DroidFreak I don't know about you, but that's what comes to mind for me when I think of a drain that could be viewed from the side.
Friday, 10:24pm - DroidFreak Specically the part in the curb viewed from the side.
Friday, 10:24pm - DroidFreak Well it is supposed to be pretty intuitive what it is, but if you need an explanation, it's one of these: https://thumb7.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/3163097/471820211/stock-photo-rectangle-storm-drain-next-to-sidewalk-with-curb-insets-471820211.jpg
Friday, 8:25pm - Yaya Am I supposed to knwo what that is, Droidfreak?
Friday, 7:36pm - DroidFreak Also, I made this: https://i.redd.it/uvo18v2mv5xz.png
Friday, 6:42am - DroidFreak And by it I mean the greatest song of all time.
Friday, 6:42am - DroidFreak It is Friday, my dudes.
Friday, 2:09am - soccerboy13542 @hb it was probably your roommate (assuming you have one?)
Thursday, 10:03pm - Yimmy Those asterisks are incredibly offensive, please delete them.
Thursday, 9:05pm - HB (Warning: this post contains swearing) To the person who hung a pair of briefs on my doorknob without my knowledge: **** you, **** your mother, and **** all your ancestral forebears all the way back to Mitochondrial Eve. The world would lose nothing of value if you contracted the bubonic plague and died. What even was your reason for doing that. What did you gain from it. NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN.
Thursday, 12:47pm - Rocketguy2 incorrect
Thursday, 11:05am - Yimmy it is wednesday, my dudes
Wednesday, 5:20pm - Darvince incorrect
Wednesday, 3:26pm - Yimmy it is thursday, my dudes
Wednesday, 2:54pm - soccerboy13542 speak for yourself
Wednesday, 2:00am - atvelonis it is wednesday, my dudes
Tuesday, 10:32pm - Yaya Ah yes, one of many annual reminders as to why Ohio sucks
Tuesday, 5:24pm - atvelonis it is election day, my dudes
Monday, 9:47am - Darvince are you shifting burdon across the galaxy?
Friday, 10:48pm - Yaya It depends. You could be talking about someone doing something stupid on the internet, or you could be talking about the holocaust
Friday, 5:47pm - Yimmy is laughing at things people have done/said long in the past rude???
Thursday, 4:53pm - HB According to the rules of umbrella etiquette, the taller person is required to raise their umbrella when passing by a shorter person. What many do not know, however, is that, when the taller person is walking under a tree, the shorter person must accordingly raise their umbrella for the taller person
Tuesday, 9:42am - [color=#E4281A] @Soccer Yes
Monday, 9:17pm - Yimmy (somebody else find a quote, i cant find anything good)
Monday, 9:17pm - Yimmy the quote game already got old
Monday, 12:40am - atvelonis that happened to me a while back too, dunno why
Sunday, 10:37pm - soccerboy13542 huh my name got busted
Sunday, 10:36pm - [color= woah harumbai was on?
Saturday, 1:33pm - HB I feel offended that I was staff on the old interguild but it never carried over to here
Thursday, 8:30pm - atvelonis there's a nonzero chance that Thomas just added himself or something
Thursday, 3:33pm - Yimmy since when has jprster been staff (thomas is also listed as staff but thats just a joke obviously)
Wednesday, 11:01pm - Yaya I've been playing lots of Crypt Of The Necrodancer so now I'm subconsciously scrolling pages the game's beat even when I'm not playing it
Wednesday, 6:55pm - atvelonis yeah, Droid is even taking the chance to fix some issues with the game
Wednesday, 10:35am - Onarole I see there's an updated hatpc!
Wednesday, 10:35am - Onarole What's goin on?
Wednesday, 3:40am - Quirvy hai guyz
Wednesday, 3:01am - Quirvy whoa its onarole
Monday, 5:03pm - Onarole Hi
Monday, 4:17pm - atvelonis hellooo
Monday, 2:31pm - Onarole Just checkin in
Monday, 2:26pm - [color= hey!
Saturday, 8:25am - Yimmy The primary rule is that every turn each player can come up with a rule and if it gets majority vite it gets added
Saturday, 2:38am - HB what is nomic
Friday, 9:39pm - Yimmy how many people would be interested in a game of nomic?
Friday, 8:44pm - Yaya I hate going even a day without showering. If I have the time, I'll even take one in the morning and one in the evening
Friday, 7:40pm - HB Tfw Yaya is so old that I force him to acknowledge his own mortality by existing P.S. I love being locked out of the bathroom It is so fun and not inconsiderate at all!
Friday, 6:33pm - Yimmy only 3 days without showering??? amateur
Friday, 9:30am - Yaya Tfw HB is old enough to have a roommate
Friday, 3:36am - HB I am posting this here, because I cannot think of a more passive aggressive place to do so: CONGRATULATIONS TO MY ROOMMATE FOR SHOWERING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THREE DAYS! And for keeping me awake when I should be asleep
Saturday, 7:31pm - HB when did i get the close encounter award
Wednesday, 8:05pm - Darvince Cult classic
Wednesday, 1:47pm - Yaya No I meant a user made a HATPC level with 1000 treasures (I guess vanilla was misleading). Their username was something like kiwi_artist, but I think the acct has since been deleted. The last level of the HATIC campaign does indeed have 100 treasures tho
Wednesday, 1:32pm - Isa isnt that hatic  
Wednesday, 10:09am - Yaya I remember the one vanilla HATPC level that had 1000 treasures and was ridiculous.
Wednesday, 4:32am - DroidFreak (Please don't actually try to make a level with 100k treasures)
Wednesday, 4:22am - DroidFreak (I didn't actually make a level with 100k treasure, I just simulated what it would look like)
Wednesday, 4:20am - DroidFreak And the top GUI now repositions the life bar & treasure counter to account for the number of treasures in the level: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227903597365559297/367584454295814145/unknown.png
Wednesday, 4:17am - DroidFreak Steel arrow crates are worth 20 points btw.
Tuesday, 6:19pm - atvelonis New horizons in music appreciation
Tuesday, 12:22am - DroidFreak I could possibly add a score-sending system to the game, although it would be difficult to make it hard to spoof (send a fake score). It's been in the back of my mind.
Monday, 11:21pm - atvelonis @HB: the closest thing to dubstep Pong I can find (Plasma Pong). One of those games I would play when I had no internet
Monday, 11:14pm - atvelonis @Droid: Speaking of scores, could you add a score-sending feature to the game? Presumably hosted on your site or the IG
Monday, 9:24pm - Darvince why have I been online for 42 minutes I could've done things but no I didn't because I didn't even do things in the first place ok like so now I'm going to have a 43rd minute online.
Monday, 9:17pm - Darvince Ocay.
Monday, 8:54pm - HB i clear my cache every day thank you ... as well as my internet history and cookies
Monday, 8:52pm - Darvince have you tried clearing your cache
Monday, 6:28pm - HB i can't even play hatpcr on firefox anymore i don't know why. i click on one of the menu buttons and it doesnt do anything
Monday, 4:01pm - DroidFreak Score has been in for a long time, you probably just didn't notice because it was so hard to read.
Monday, 11:31am - Rocketguy2 I see you've added score back in, what will be the score values for metal arrow crates?
Monday, 8:48am - DroidFreak New top GUI: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227903597365559297/366913646678376448/unknown.png
Monday, 5:33am - DroidFreak There was actually a post asking about the hannah games 6 days ago, but I didn't see it until now because I didn't have that IFTTT trigger set up yet.
Monday, 5:22am - DroidFreak I just set up an IFTTT trigger to send me an email anytime someone mentions "hannah", "hatpc", or "hatic" on /r/neopets.
Monday, 5:05am - Darvince I' interpretation.

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