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Monday, 12:53am - HB remember when spiders still existed
Sunday, 7:45pm - Rocketguy2 remember when the internet was just a picture of a banana?
Sunday, 6:16pm - HB remember when talking to people online was relegated to losers instead of being the social norm
Sunday, 6:11pm - Rocketguy2 does anyone?
Sunday, 5:28pm - Soccer remember when 24 hrs of social media was weird
Sunday, 5:04pm - Rocketguy2 no
Sunday, 4:57pm - HB are you going for record ...
Sunday, 2:36pm - Rocketguy2 isn't that all social media?
Sunday, 2:53am - HB cool new radical idea: a social media network on which you add your enemies instead of your friends
Sunday, 2:25am - HB 'le petit uzi vert'
Sunday, 1:28am - HB i prefer making my cilia lift cilia-sized weights
Sunday, 1:26am - Jorster smoking is good for the lungs
Sunday, 12:33am - Darvince you should move more than 1,000km away from the nearest forests with dry seasons then
Saturday, 11:42pm - HB you were under the impression that i was railing against smokers for no reason, but, in fact, i was making an extremely topical reference to the current problem of wildfire-induced air pollution
Saturday, 4:11pm - Yimmy if they are smoking cigarettes they clearly don't want to breathe
Saturday, 10:01am - Rocketguy2 review of my death, 8/10, too many witnesses
Saturday, 9:35am - Darvince there should be reviews of everything
Saturday, 5:22am - Rocketguy2 why waste time on inhaling and exhaling oxygen when you could literally just die
Friday, 11:50pm - HB why would you waste your money on expensive cigarettes when you could literally just breathe
Friday, 8:54pm - HB many of them simply write the printed version of their name in lieu of a signature ... as you know print is very easy to imitate
Friday, 8:53pm - HB you are undoubtedly familiar with many alarmist news reports regarding the generation known as 'millennials'... well i am here to tell you that they are all false. the only alarming thing about millennials is that they do not have signatures, and are thus vulnerable to cheque fraud
Friday, 12:24pm - Rocketguy2 I think he's done something good, but I'm not sure
Friday, 6:05am - Darvince is NDT even actually an astrophysicist or does he just pretend to be one to be more righteous when he gets mad at people for being wrong
Friday, 12:54am - HB degrassi is also the apparatus responsible for launching the career of a young rapper whom thou mayst know as drake
Thursday, 10:13am - Darvince i thought you were referring to an author because that's an hbish thing to do but no it seems you were referring to a show
Thursday, 4:20am - HB ah yes i too have fond memories of attending classes with middle-aged astrophysicists.
Thursday, 3:50am - Rocketguy2 I can't distinguish my classmates from Neil Degrasse Tyson
Thursday, 12:55am - Jorster because they are a bunch of pickles over there
Wednesday, 8:14pm - HB someday i will no longer be able to distinguish my high school classmates from degrassi characters. it has already started to happen
Wednesday, 5:51pm - HB why is klassen such a common surname in british columbia
Wednesday, 5:46pm - HB august is objectively the least appealing month of every year
Wednesday, 12:15am - Jorster air conditioning is however racially charged
Wednesday, 12:14am - Jorster no what
Tuesday, 5:58pm - HB is air conditioning inherently antisocial (yes/no)
Tuesday, 5:09pm - HB drugs
Monday, 2:28pm - Rocketguy2 devil is the drugs marijuana
Monday, 11:55am - Jorster marijuana is the devils drug
Monday, 4:06am - Darvince weed praxis
Sunday, 7:05pm - Yaya Money stinks money stinks
Saturday, 5:03pm - Darvince it has more books than there are atoms in the observable universe
Saturday, 5:03pm - Darvince library of babel is better
Friday, 8:46pm - HB ah library genesis a site that I have not only never visited in my life but have also never heard of
Friday, 8:25pm - Jorster ill be getting a good amount of financial aid so ill probably just buy them
Friday, 8:25pm - Jorster i checked that library genesis website and they aren't on there
Friday, 5:03pm - HB of course not how could you accuse me of such illegal actions. i obviously meant purchasing books secondhand or taking them out from the library and photocopying the relevant pages
Friday, 4:33pm - Rocketguy2 you mean the intricate secrets of internet piracy?
Friday, 4:31pm - HB if you shall make such unwarranted assumptions about me then i shall also not share the secrets of making textbooks cost cheaper
Friday, 9:27am - Jorster it was worth a shot
Friday, 9:26am - Jorster because you have a tendency to save pictures posted on here
Friday, 1:42am - HB 1.) i have never even seen it, but 2.) even if i have, why do you think it would be in my possession
Friday, 1:16am - Jorster hb do you have that picture of me soccer quirvy and livio saved by any chance
Friday, 1:11am - Jorster YIKES MY MATH TEXTBOOKS ARE GONNA COST $400
Thursday, 12:50am - Darvince yes also mozambique has probably taken action against the use of the portuguese language because of the decolonial narrative that has been globally dominant for the past 50 years.
Thursday, 12:36am - HB are you making fun of me mr darvince man
Wednesday, 9:21pm - Darvince summer vacation is a prime propagator of class disparity in mozambique yet nobody is willing to give it up as it is an integral aspect of mozambiquean culture (see finhas e fervo)
Wednesday, 4:02pm - HB isa feeds the class hamsters, it's a big responsibility because there is a hamster in every classroom
Wednesday, 3:01pm - HB summer vacation is a prime propagator of class disparity in the united states yet nobody is willing to give it up as it is an integral aspect of american culture (see phineas and ferb)
Wednesday, 1:57pm - Rocketguy2 What do you do there?
Wednesday, 1:57pm - Rocketguy2 You work in a school Isa?
Wednesday, 12:01pm - Isa look at me i match both of those things
Wednesday, 5:36am - Rocketguy2 Or if you work in a school
Wednesday, 2:08am - Darvince it does if you're swedish
Tuesday, 9:33pm - Jorster exactly lol
Tuesday, 4:00pm - Soccer full time work doesn't have summer break anyway
Tuesday, 2:51pm - Jorster I've been working full time nonstop since i turned 17 so I'll probably do that
Tuesday, 2:28pm - Soccer nahh, lotta place offer it. 3 classses for 11 weeks vs 2 classes for 5 in summer session.
Tuesday, 1:34pm - HB sounds like another american thing
Tuesday, 12:34pm - Soccer on the other hand, if you're already accustomed to working without long breaks at a time, just take classes during summer anyway. a lot of colleges allow for accelerated programs at cheaper costs during summer months
Tuesday, 1:40am - Jorster we'll see after i get a feel for college as a whole
Tuesday, 1:40am - Jorster yikes
Monday, 11:06pm - HB hint jory don't take classes for the entire summer unless you really want to - otherwise you shall be in school for 19 consecutive months
Monday, 9:19pm - Jorster just call me jory the college student, i have finished registering for classes and have my schedule
Monday, 8:50pm - HB this is going to make me sound decrepit, but : bootstrap has systemically drained all of the creativity from webdesign. surfing the internet is no longer fun
Monday, 9:58am - Jorster post malone in general is bad
Monday, 2:24am - Darvince that's because we are going to become dinosaurs very very very soon, geologically speaking
Monday, 2:04am - HB post malone's jackie chan song is objectively the dumbest thing i have ever heard in my entire life
Monday, 12:21am - Jorster larsonstamps, bimzoos grandpa or somethings website where he sold stamps that bimsue was the webmaster for
Sunday, 12:20pm - Yimmy anti-aliasing is ugly
Sunday, 11:41am - Rocketguy2 larsonstamps?
Sunday, 9:02am - Jorster i remember when i spammed larsonstamps with like 300 orders and bimzoo got REAL mad at me
Sunday, 1:29am - HB i can't believe you use a browser without antialiasing
Saturday, 10:14pm - Darvince https://i.gyazo.com/fc92543b5ffd79403dfa4fca4773a6de.png the ad algorithms have finally figured out that i'm gay
Saturday, 10:14pm - Darvince well of course, they don't want their readers to gain the status they have
Saturday, 10:06pm - HB Lol I just went to a real fashion blog and honestly their advice is just as ridiculous as the stuff i write in my 'how to be attractive' thread
Saturday, 8:48pm - HB Larsonstamps
Saturday, 8:44pm - Darvince never forget bimzoo
Thursday, 6:39pm - that's a fact
Thursday, 6:37pm - HB i shall always upvote atvelonis' lengthy video game reviews even though i myself have no interest in playing video games - em-dashes are a sign of pure, unadulterated dedication
Thursday, 4:35pm - HB hanana banana
Thursday, 1:23pm - Darvince Dont data your Yaya: be a back up
Thursday, 12:41pm - Yimmy dont be a back up: data your yaya
Wednesday, 11:27pm - HB instructions unclear: my yaya is now stuck in the cd player
Wednesday, 10:56pm - Jorster dont be a data: back up your yaya
Wednesday, 8:32pm - Yaya Dont be a Yaya: back up your data
Wednesday, 4:22pm - Rocketguy2 oof
Monday, 6:54pm - HB ouchers
Monday, 6:31pm - Rocketguy2 nice
Monday, 5:13pm - oops i crashed the mc server with excessive worldediting
Monday, 12:54pm - Yaya More like homesuck amirite  
Monday, 4:14am - HB the reason that it never gained popularity in the real, non-internet world is because the author failed to realize that normal people do not enjoy reading the eye rending chatlogs between fictional teenagers whose personalities are differentiated only by the "quirks" in their typing styles
Monday, 4:10am - HB honestly the "trolls" aspect of homestuck was so obviously contrived for commercial success - by virtue of everybody having a horoscope there is one character with which anybody may identify themselves, and if that is unsatisfactory the model of the species allows for infinite creativity constrained within a narrow template
Sunday, 11:00pm - Darvince also wow I was obsessed with homestuck for like two weeks in 2011
Sunday, 10:58pm - Darvince i saw 35 out of the corner of my eye when the page loaded up and thought your message was going to be about someone running for US president
Sunday, 5:18pm - HB homestar runner is for 35-year-old dudes reminiscing about being greasy adolescents in middle school computer labs
Sunday, 5:53am - Rocketguy2 Homestar Runners
Sunday, 5:53am - Rocketguy2 Homestuck, more like
Saturday, 11:36pm - HB Wow I just remembered how back in 2013 the internet was collectively obsessed with Homestuck...
Saturday, 8:38pm - HB ouchers
Saturday, 7:34pm - Jorster 15
Saturday, 7:16pm - HB what is the melting point of human flesh
Saturday, 6:22am - Jebby fill the house with someone new
Friday, 7:23pm - HB may freckles rest in peace
Friday, 6:04pm - Jorster The hardest part is coming home to an empty house
Friday, 6:04pm - Jorster She was lovely
Friday, 3:57pm - Yaya That sucks, Jorster. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure they were a good doggo
Friday, 3:52pm - Jorster RIP freckles, im gonna miss you
Friday, 3:51pm - Jorster My dog died
Friday, 11:57am - Yaya Been there, done that
Friday, 4:02am - HB whenever i am bored i go to the wikipedia page of "tarrare" and read it in its entirety now that you know my secret you may do the same
Thursday, 2:16am - HB s u r e
Thursday, 12:00am - atvelonis yes
Wednesday, 3:29pm - anyone down for a new competition? hasnt been one since 2015
Wednesday, 1:07pm - atvelonis nice
Wednesday, 12:45am - Jorster my placement test is on monday and my orientation the monday afterwards
Wednesday, 12:45am - Jorster thanks ya
Tuesday, 7:21pm - HB grats J-man
Tuesday, 6:23pm - Rocketguy2 congrats Jorster!
Tuesday, 3:51pm - Jorster Just checked again and my application was accepted
Tuesday, 3:48pm - Jorster That's good i suppose
Tuesday, 3:21pm - Yaya It is, jorster
Tuesday, 2:18pm - Rocketguy2 probably
Tuesday, 2:15pm - Jorster is it normal to be obsessively checking your email for college response
Tuesday, 2:15pm - Jorster The interguild is not mobile friendly
Monday, 10:24pm - atvelonis gtx 1180 hype
Monday, 1:10am - Jorster shimao is my dad  
Sunday, 5:57pm - DroidFreak I'm not dead. Sorry I haven't been on much recently. I've been kinda busy and stuff.
Sunday, 5:53pm - HB on this day (july 22, 2018 AD) we are ALL bad men
Sunday, 4:19pm - Darvince shimao is a bad man
Sunday, 2:34am - Jorster nfl is a bad man
Friday, 6:47pm - HB he has returned to the land of frogs from which he emerged
Friday, 1:18pm - Yaya Where in the world is droidfreak36
Friday, 12:45am - Darvince racism is dead, long live racism!
Thursday, 6:49pm - Yaya Also they're hella racist  
Thursday, 2:36am - HB we would like to bring your attention to the fact that the NFL must not be supported as they are not properly handling the issue of chronic traumatic encephalopathy amongst players
Wednesday, 12:26pm - jellsprout Jorster's right, though. How can you not love a sport where the women play in short skirts?
Tuesday, 9:26pm - HB top 10 anime betrayals
Tuesday, 9:13pm - Yimmy when i resd that i thought you were talking about the person but i didnt know who hockey was
Sunday, 3:10pm - Jorster soccer is just lame worse hockey
Saturday, 6:35pm - Yaya I've been done a concern
Saturday, 9:56am - Darvince we must get bigger always
Saturday, 3:53am - HB perhaps the mosquito eggs in your skin will make some friends
Friday, 4:09pm - Yaya I'm now in an actual tropical climate (Florida) for the next two weeks
Thursday, 7:02pm - Soccer hb is super active
Thursday, 6:54pm - HB woah it's Socquer
Thursday, 6:49pm - Soccer woah it's livio
Thursday, 1:03am - HB coco
Wednesday, 8:26pm - Darvince novocaine
Wednesday, 4:38pm - Rocketguy2 damn
Wednesday, 12:28am - HB every location south of the 46th parallel is tropical to me
Tuesday, 1:29pm - Yaya Yes, Ohio, bastion of tropicality
Tuesday, 6:21am - Rocketguy2 In this day and age, where isn't a tropical climate?
Monday, 9:47pm - HB sure am glad to live in a non-tropical climate
Monday, 9:46pm - HB ouchers
Monday, 6:12pm - Rocketguy2 get a 17th mosquito bite, and become enlightened
Monday, 6:11pm - Yaya I have 16 mosquito bites and can't focus on anything
Monday, 5:15pm - Rocketguy2 personally, I prefer the air
Monday, 5:15pm - HB I don't know about u, but I personally blame global warming
Monday, 3:30pm - Mymop Just got back from Scotland. It's too warm here.  
Sunday, 7:48pm - Livio that's a good question, I wonder if there's an easy way to support emoji
Sunday, 12:08pm - Rocketguy2 U+1F608
Sunday, 8:14am - Darvince U+1F60E
Saturday, 10:22pm - HB i am an emotionally stunted citizen of the 21st century and cannot express my feelings without fun, colourful pictograms
Saturday, 10:21pm - HB livio when are you fixing emojis
Saturday, 8:07pm - Livio sorry, fixed it. When I fixed it last time, it wasn't permanent. Now it'll last.
Thursday, 7:06pm - Yaya Interguild is broken again. Someone contact livers
Thursday, 6:33pm - HB Hey guys it is the year 2008 A.D. (anno domini)!!! The cake is a lie and I just lost the game! anyone excited for Lady Gaga's debut album? i hope Obama wins the democratic primaries! maybe he will fix the stock market crisis i'm scared about the Large Hadron Collider I hope it doesn't create a black hole that swallows the whole universe!
Thursday, 5:42pm - atvelonis The roads in rural Scotland are horrible, but it's pretty
Thursday, 2:09am - Darvince No, it just is.
Tuesday, 6:11pm - Rocketguy2 Is that really something to be proud of
Tuesday, 1:49pm - Jorster iApparently i do
Tuesday, 5:59am - Rocketguy2 does anybody consider themselves peers to HB?
Tuesday, 12:09am - HB could someone please move the Preferential treatment topic from the staff forum to a public section (thanks)
Monday, 8:50pm - HB off to the moon i go then
Monday, 8:38pm - Jorster am i not your peer
Monday, 8:34pm - HB on the day when my peers start reproducing I shall launch myself into the moon
Monday, 8:15pm - Jorster wait i just realized i self roasted in that education thread rip
Monday, 5:54pm - Rocketguy2 yes lewd jokes on the interguild
Monday, 5:53pm - HB no lewd jokes on the Interguild
Monday, 5:32pm - SHOS Anyone in Begium soon?
Monday, 4:10pm - Darvince wait there are different guess the quote and guess the member topics what
Sunday, 11:13pm - HB why would you spend Canada Day smoking marijuana, when you could, and should, be imbibing crushed maple leaves instead.
Sunday, 3:20pm - HB one could probably also create an audio file that sounds like either haily or livio depending on which frequency you register
Sunday, 3:18pm - HB don't you mean the black and white interguild
Friday, 11:43pm - Yimmy exploring the minectaft survival server is interesting
Friday, 9:41pm - Yaya I miss the old IG, the blue and gold IG
Friday, 6:54pm - HB hey livio what happened to the old interguild.domingo.org
Friday, 5:47pm - HB (that is a metaphor for the interguild)
Friday, 5:46pm - HB gotta love it when you have no mouth and you must scream (rip harlan ellison)
Monday, 11:44pm - Darvince https://i.gyazo.com/22627beb09361c0c0b9cfdfeb91d7347.png thanks

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