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Friday, 6:47pm - HB he has returned to the land of frogs from which he emerged
Friday, 1:18pm - Yaya Where in the world is droidfreak36
Friday, 12:45am - Darvince racism is dead, long live racism!
Thursday, 6:49pm - Yaya Also they're hella racist  
Thursday, 2:36am - HB we would like to bring your attention to the fact that the NFL must not be supported as they are not properly handling the issue of chronic traumatic encephalopathy amongst players
Wednesday, 12:26pm - jellsprout Jorster's right, though. How can you not love a sport where the women play in short skirts?
Tuesday, 9:26pm - HB top 10 anime betrayals
Tuesday, 9:13pm - Yimmy when i resd that i thought you were talking about the person but i didnt know who hockey was
Sunday, 3:10pm - Jorster soccer is just lame worse hockey
Saturday, 6:35pm - Yaya I've been done a concern
Saturday, 9:56am - Darvince we must get bigger always
Saturday, 3:53am - HB perhaps the mosquito eggs in your skin will make some friends
Friday, 4:09pm - Yaya I'm now in an actual tropical climate (Florida) for the next two weeks
Thursday, 7:02pm - Soccer hb is super active
Thursday, 6:54pm - HB woah it's Socquer
Thursday, 6:49pm - Soccer woah it's livio
Thursday, 1:03am - HB coco
Wednesday, 8:26pm - Darvince novocaine
Wednesday, 4:38pm - Rocketguy2 damn
Wednesday, 12:28am - HB every location south of the 46th parallel is tropical to me
Tuesday, 1:29pm - Yaya Yes, Ohio, bastion of tropicality
Tuesday, 6:21am - Rocketguy2 In this day and age, where isn't a tropical climate?
Monday, 9:47pm - HB sure am glad to live in a non-tropical climate
Monday, 9:46pm - HB ouchers
Monday, 6:12pm - Rocketguy2 get a 17th mosquito bite, and become enlightened
Monday, 6:11pm - Yaya I have 16 mosquito bites and can't focus on anything
Monday, 5:15pm - Rocketguy2 personally, I prefer the air
Monday, 5:15pm - HB I don't know about u, but I personally blame global warming
Monday, 3:30pm - Mymop Just got back from Scotland. It's too warm here.  
Sunday, 7:48pm - Livio that's a good question, I wonder if there's an easy way to support emoji
Sunday, 12:08pm - Rocketguy2 U+1F608
Sunday, 8:14am - Darvince U+1F60E
Saturday, 10:22pm - HB i am an emotionally stunted citizen of the 21st century and cannot express my feelings without fun, colourful pictograms
Saturday, 10:21pm - HB livio when are you fixing emojis
Saturday, 8:07pm - Livio sorry, fixed it. When I fixed it last time, it wasn't permanent. Now it'll last.
Thursday, 7:06pm - Yaya Interguild is broken again. Someone contact livers
Thursday, 6:33pm - HB Hey guys it is the year 2008 A.D. (anno domini)!!! The cake is a lie and I just lost the game! anyone excited for Lady Gaga's debut album? i hope Obama wins the democratic primaries! maybe he will fix the stock market crisis i'm scared about the Large Hadron Collider I hope it doesn't create a black hole that swallows the whole universe!
Thursday, 5:42pm - atvelonis The roads in rural Scotland are horrible, but it's pretty
Thursday, 2:09am - Darvince No, it just is.
Tuesday, 6:11pm - Rocketguy2 Is that really something to be proud of
Tuesday, 1:49pm - Jorster iApparently i do
Tuesday, 5:59am - Rocketguy2 does anybody consider themselves peers to HB?
Tuesday, 12:09am - HB could someone please move the Preferential treatment topic from the staff forum to a public section (thanks)
Monday, 8:50pm - HB off to the moon i go then
Monday, 8:38pm - Jorster am i not your peer
Monday, 8:34pm - HB on the day when my peers start reproducing I shall launch myself into the moon
Monday, 8:15pm - Jorster wait i just realized i self roasted in that education thread rip
Monday, 5:54pm - Rocketguy2 yes lewd jokes on the interguild
Monday, 5:53pm - HB no lewd jokes on the Interguild
Monday, 5:32pm - SHOS Anyone in Begium soon?
Monday, 4:10pm - Darvince wait there are different guess the quote and guess the member topics what
Sunday, 11:13pm - HB why would you spend Canada Day smoking marijuana, when you could, and should, be imbibing crushed maple leaves instead.
Sunday, 3:20pm - HB one could probably also create an audio file that sounds like either haily or livio depending on which frequency you register
Sunday, 3:18pm - HB don't you mean the black and white interguild
Friday, 11:43pm - Yimmy exploring the minectaft survival server is interesting
Friday, 9:41pm - Yaya I miss the old IG, the blue and gold IG
Friday, 6:54pm - HB hey livio what happened to the old interguild.domingo.org
Friday, 5:47pm - HB (that is a metaphor for the interguild)
Friday, 5:46pm - HB gotta love it when you have no mouth and you must scream (rip harlan ellison)
Monday, 11:44pm - Darvince https://i.gyazo.com/22627beb09361c0c0b9cfdfeb91d7347.png thanks
Monday, 11:02am - Rocketguy2 Sounds like you had a lot of friends back then
Sunday, 3:44pm - Darvince that is my philosophy-at-age-4
Sunday, 3:44pm - Darvince lysenkoism
Saturday, 2:03pm - Rocketguy2 Well, you'd have an interesting childhood
Saturday, 1:53pm - Jorster What if you were a philosopher at age four  
Saturday, 12:59pm - Rocketguy2 777 posts! that's probably lucky
Saturday, 12:49am - atvelonis nice
Friday, 10:15pm - Jorster Hey 2500 posts
Friday, 7:35pm - Rocketguy2 What about Hannah and Loss crossover?
Friday, 5:57pm - Jorster Harambe and loss crossover pls
Friday, 5:51pm - Darvince wow I am terrible at hatpcr
Friday, 5:49pm - Darvince I would also be ten years old by now if i | |l || |_
Thursday, 8:52pm - HB that dead child would be ten years old by now: feel old yet (referring to the loss comic)
Thursday, 7:05pm - Rocketguy2 The answer's a probable yes
Thursday, 7:05pm - Rocketguy2 Is it bad that when I saw RIP and Gorilla, I instantly thought of Harambe?
Thursday, 6:09pm - HB RIP Koko the gorilla
Thursday, 5:12pm - Rocketguy2 Loss.jpeg HATPC level
Thursday, 5:12pm - Rocketguy2 I've had an idea of how to open up hell
Thursday, 4:06pm - Rocketguy2 what if situations were bees?
Thursday, 1:52pm - Darvince That sounds similar to my beesbees situation
Wednesday, 9:20am - Rocketguy2 http://www.scp-wiki.net/bees
Wednesday, 3:37am - HB you said bees
Tuesday, 1:59pm - Darvince Yes, I said bees.
Monday, 8:05pm - HB oh my god it is so hot. i blame global warming
Monday, 7:05pm - HB did somebody say bees
Monday, 6:23pm - Darvince bees
Monday, 4:31pm - SHOS OMG it's jelly. um I mean livvio
Monday, 5:32am - Livio I updated spigot anyway. the new server ip will show up in the DNS name soon
Sunday, 1:53am - jazz crazy
Saturday, 8:44pm - Darvince well I wanted to be your neighbors so I could live 5 billion years mostly
Saturday, 8:43pm - Darvince lol
Saturday, 7:09pm - Livio (not updating spigot)
Saturday, 7:09pm - Livio minecraft server is down while I install security updates
Saturday, 5:21pm - Jorster I am not aware of the furniture story
Saturday, 4:50pm - HB i want you to be my neighbours too, because you are not the kind of person who parties.
Saturday, 7:40am - Darvince I want to be your neighbors
Saturday, 4:37am - [color= curses, i've been spotted
Saturday, 1:33am - HB in five billion years when the sun becomes a white dwarf, my neighbours will still, like clockwork, be partying every friday night
Friday, 8:15pm - HB rob garrett is not actually from costa rica. he is a texan businessman who was shipwrecked on costa rica. he never returned to texas because the rest of the crew (which consisted of his employees and family) died
Friday, 11:06am - Rocketguy2 Jimojeuz
Friday, 10:38am - Yimmy jameothys
Friday, 9:54am - Rocketguy2 His name's Jimothy
Thursday, 10:48pm - HB your name is either Timmy or Jimmy, or perhaps Timothy or James
Thursday, 10:47pm - Yimmy i know of at least two people (probably more) here who know my first name  
Thursday, 10:31pm - HB My real name is aych bee
Thursday, 9:58pm - Darvince some people speculate that the JM stands for Janice Martin as I never was assigned a gender on my birth certificate and I wanted to ensure I covered both bases
Thursday, 9:56pm - Darvince initials JMD3IFP22OUN
Thursday, 9:55pm - Darvince my Realname is J. M. Darvincesson (illegal in Iceland) Flight Path 22 Oregon Underground Network
Thursday, 8:48pm - HB insofar as your name is rocket rocketson
Thursday, 2:07pm - Rocketguy2 Is Thomas' full name Thomas Thomasson?
Thursday, 1:38pm - Darvince why do I exist
Thursday, 11:52am - HB in the interests of privacy i shall not share it as that document is associated with thomas' full name
Thursday, 9:18am - Yaya I should probably leave it that way
Thursday, 9:17am - Yaya I am not aware of this
Thursday, 5:11am - Rocketguy2 Is that a kink thing?
Wednesday, 11:45pm - HB i am also aware of a story in which quirvy invades yaya's dorm and crushes yaya's girlfriend with the furniture
Wednesday, 11:45pm - HB it was posted on the interguild once and it made a very deep impression on me
Wednesday, 10:05pm - Jorster How did you know about the livios peacock story
Wednesday, 10:04pm - Jorster It was a history of the clique file i found the other day
Wednesday, 6:29am - Darvince no it isn't because i have access to that and i couldn't open it either
Tuesday, 8:59pm - HB imagine the conversation: "Sonny-boy, meet your new stepmother! We met on the Tenders"
Tuesday, 6:28pm - HB is that the infamous luscious livio and dashing darvince file
Tuesday, 5:14pm - Rocketguy2 yo, it asked for permission
Tuesday, 4:00pm - Jorster Lmao just found this in my Google drive  
Tuesday, 3:59pm - Jorster https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1Rbm7hhtbZn-62ZNCfkyaFjevX9WCrtOkqQImAw8rhWA/mobilebasic
Tuesday, 3:59pm - Jorster My dad met his girlfriend on tinder  
Tuesday, 1:58pm - Rocketguy2 jesus christ ridley
Tuesday, 12:45pm - jellsprout OMG it's shoes
Tuesday, 12:40pm - SHOS OMG it's jelly
Tuesday, 10:19am - Rocketguy2
Tuesday, 10:19am - Rocketguy2 I mean, depends on how long HATPCR development takes
Tuesday, 8:48am - Darvince what do you think the chances are of interguild still existing in 2035
Monday, 9:19pm - HB  ?????
Monday, 8:18pm - HB tinder is used exclusively by losers #sorrynotsorry
Monday, 3:41pm - Rocketguy2 thanks
Monday, 3:41pm - Livio fixed
Monday, 2:28pm - Rocketguy2 Uhhh, Livio?
Monday, 2:28pm - Rocketguy2 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on null in /var/www/interguild.org/html/members/viewprofile.php:79 Stack trace: #0 {main thrown in /var/www/interguild.org/html/members/viewprofile.php on line 79
Monday, 1:53pm - Darvince livio is a bad
Monday, 1:52pm - Darvince ????????????????????
Monday, 12:40pm - Jorster That was a bunch of them
Monday, 12:40pm - Jorster Try actual emojis
Monday, 12:40pm - Jorster ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  
Monday, 2:11am - HB
Monday, 1:26am - Soccer
Monday, 1:11am - Yimmy that was not four question marks your feature is broken
Monday, 1:10am - Yimmy
Monday, 12:27am - atvelonis I'm going to go insane. Too much new TES stuff
Monday, 12:27am - atvelonis TES VI just got announced
Monday, 12:16am - HB it's because the interguild has finally returned to its 90s-based roots and can no longer recognize any symbols outside of the 256-character ASCII block
Monday, 12:15am - HB why are my title and location full of partial derivative symbols (cue darvince having a conniption and pointing out that they are 'eths')
Monday, 12:14am - Livio my attempt to post an emoji gets turned into 4 question marks? i don't remember writing that feature
Monday, 12:14am - Livio ????
Monday, 12:13am - HB Thanks for fixing the interguild Livio. I would be very sad if I were forced to start using another content aggregation website such as Digg.com, or perhaps StackOverflow.
Sunday, 11:54pm - Quirvy test
Sunday, 12:26pm - Darvince can I wear it on my wizard
Sunday, 12:04pm - Jorster Or wear it on your wrizd
Sunday, 10:57am - Rocketguy2 is a tool you can put on a wall
Sunday, 9:40am - Darvince time
Sunday, 4:28am - Rocketguy2 If only it did
Saturday, 9:34pm - HB No these are my neighbours. they are marginally better than the roommate (devil) actually because that person believed that weekends started on thursday night.
Saturday, 2:04pm - Rocketguy2 Sounds like fun
Saturday, 1:44pm - Soccer here it's every friday, saturday, sunday, and wednesday. gotta have that midweek party to tide you over
Saturday, 1:33pm - Yaya Broke: using mainstream social media. Woke: using a forum coded by a 15 yr old dedicated to games with level editors  
Saturday, 12:59pm - Rocketguy2 perish
Saturday, 11:01am - Yimmy but if i dont party on friday what can i do???
Saturday, 5:46am - Rocketguy2 DIdn't you move out of the place with your roommate?
Saturday, 12:25am - HB Hey guys... here's a wild idea... maybe you don't have to party every Friday night? Maybe you could party every other Friday, or even every third Friday... Or you could not party at all!
Friday, 10:55pm - atvelonis @livio make the interguild into a content aggregator
Friday, 10:55pm - atvelonis reddit is passé now, all the normies have been flocking to it
Friday, 3:04pm - Rocketguy2 The interguild's more than any of us need
Friday, 12:35pm - HB and here I was thinking that I would have to find another online community like Facebook or Reddit
Friday, 10:46am - Darvince welcome back to existence, interguild
Thursday, 8:27am - Rocketguy2 me too thanks
Wednesday, 6:02pm -
Wednesday, 5:50pm - Yimmy rocketguy please spoiler your signature that thing is annoying
Wednesday, 4:38pm - jellsprout I used to live in the touristic part of Amsterdam. Trust me, I know.
Wednesday, 1:07am - Darvince that's why it should have been outlawed worldwide when the world population reached one (1) billion
Tuesday, 8:46am - Jorster Weed smells disgusting  
Tuesday, 8:46am - Jorster Lilliam pumpernickel
Tuesday, 7:23am - Rocketguy2 I am discomforted
Tuesday, 7:22am - Darvince if i had a pleasure button right now i would be mashing it so many times
Tuesday, 6:55am - Rocketguy2 Does that make you liller pump Jorster?
Tuesday, 12:27am - HB Marijuana and alcohol, my two least favourite smells
Monday, 9:44pm - Jorster Lil pump is my dad  
Monday, 11:12am - Yimmy that means they joined a cult
Sunday, 4:59pm - HB Like every 5th guy I see on the street is wearing this shirt??? https://smhttp-ssl-33667.nexcesscdn.net/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/t/i/tim_overhead_hoodie_pink_440_1.jpg Was there a memo I missed. usually they are also wearing white sneakers and khaki/denim shorts
Sunday, 4:56pm - HB Why are light pink sweatshirts suddenly popular among dudes
Friday, 9:28pm - Soccer trust me i try to keep it like that
Friday, 9:24pm - HB Hey soccer boy have u noticed that you may apply Gaussian elimination on your karma and post count assuming that they are two rows in a matrix forming a system of linear equations.
Friday, 11:05am - atvelonis The whole thing was broken for me earlier, but it's working now
Thursday, 10:35pm - its back
Thursday, 10:17pm - Yaya what part of it
Thursday, 5:39pm - Yimmy so the level databse is broken
Thursday, 1:38pm - atvelonis Fallout 76 hype?
Thursday, 5:23am - Darvince what happen
Thursday, 4:48am - Rocketguy2 lol, half of the interguild is broken
Tuesday, 11:11am - Rocketguy2 keeming
Monday, 11:52pm - Darvince keming

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