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Monday, 11:13am - Rocketguy2 that doesn't seem very good, hope he ends up fine
Sunday, 8:07pm - Jorster girlfriends brother with muscular dystrophy is in the hospital
Sunday, 8:07pm - Jorster not for me tho
Sunday, 8:06pm - Jorster I'm in a hospital rip
Sunday, 12:12pm - Rocketguy2 you probably deserved it
Sunday, 1:38am - HB ๐Ÿคจ
Sunday, 12:23am - Jorster maybe you deserved it
Friday, 3:23pm - HB I am honestly so offended right now because a bird flew into my head ๐Ÿคจ
Friday, 3:41am - Darvince directly suffering from wellness appropriate proper care change .  
Wednesday, 2:09pm - Rocketguy2 wait...
Wednesday, 1:32pm - Rocketguy2 why not?
Wednesday, 12:20am - Jorster who what when where why etc
Tuesday, 9:55pm - Soccer why?
Tuesday, 2:44pm - Jorster Yoted
Tuesday, 2:25pm - Darvince Boorooma, New South Wales, Australia
Tuesday, 1:26pm - jellsprout Really?
Tuesday, 3:02am - DroidFreak Indubitably.
Monday, 4:58pm - Rocketguy2 there's a one word sentence
Monday, 4:42pm - Rocketguy2 yeet
Monday, 4:33pm - Yimmy you can use one word to make a sentence because its a free country. Murica!
Sunday, 8:59pm - Jorster you can use one word to make a sentence out of one word if you're using it to answer a rhetorical
Sunday, 8:03pm - Soccer stop.
Sunday, 6:52pm - technically you can make one-word sentences using imperatives
Sunday, 1:40pm - HB jory one word is not enough to constitute a sentence
Sunday, 10:50am - Darvince lil expository paragraph
Sunday, 9:46am - Jorster The flow over the thick 808's and sub bass is simply quite pleasurable to ones ears.
Sunday, 9:46am - Jorster The rise of groups such as $uicideboy$, pouya, and ghostemane is not because they're masterful wordsmiths, or because they have interesting things to say, even though I personally think they do, It's simply because they sound good
Sunday, 9:44am - Jorster In my personal opinion, the influx of soundcloud rappers has been gaining popularity due to similar reasons that caused grunge in the 90's to gain so much popularity. Counterculture.  
Sunday, 2:05am - HB speaking of which how would you explain the recent influx of young soundcloud rappers using pseudonyms starting with lil (and their popularity) i would appreciate it if somebody would enlighten me on this subject with a detailed expository paragraph
Sunday, 2:03am - HB how do you downvote a chatbox post
Sunday, 2:01am - Jorster
Sunday, 1:28am - Jorster the game
Saturday, 11:27pm - Soccer therefore my flesh is not metal
Saturday, 11:27pm - Soccer i am not a bot
Saturday, 10:13pm - HB an oath sealed with blood and flesh (very metal)
Saturday, 9:33pm - Soccer a what
Saturday, 8:44pm - Jorster flesh outh sounds dirty
Saturday, 8:44pm - Jorster yes we're bound by blood to come online simeltaneously  
Saturday, 8:42pm - HB greetings soccerboy13542 and Jorster did you make a flesh oath to come online at exactly the same time
Saturday, 8:30pm - HB But seriously Rocketguy2 what makes you think that I am from Louisiana
Saturday, 6:32pm - Jorster yes
Saturday, 6:03pm - HB is bitcoin a precious metal
Saturday, 5:31pm - SHOS yup no typo there
Saturday, 5:30pm - SHOS I wanna be a bullionaire
Friday, 10:54pm - HB that was not fun at all
Friday, 9:59pm - Darvince are you Jerome?
Friday, 5:45pm - HB in order to gauge the amount of personal information the members of the Interguild know about me, please PM me with your best guesses of my age, gender, and location.
Friday, 5:06pm - Rocketguy2 ooh yes, good stuff
Friday, 4:39pm - HB Rocketguy2, you have been arrested for spreading LASCIVIOUS MATERIAL on the Interguild! Please sit in a corner and think about what you have done!
Friday, 4:30pm - Rocketguy2 kinky
Friday, 9:55am - Darvince i'll ddos you
Friday, 12:31am - HB irrelevant
Friday, 12:31am - DroidFreak Would you though?
Friday, 12:23am - HB i am offended that the interguild believes that i would ddos it
Thursday, 7:41pm -
Thursday, 7:15pm - Bryan krotomo is a sham
Thursday, 7:13pm - Bryan probably don't thought
Thursday, 5:31pm - Bryan hey guys my password is bryan you may make useful contributions to the interguild under my name
Thursday, 4:25pm - HB no, they are two similar looking bees.
Thursday, 3:59pm - Yimmy its the same bee
Thursday, 3:28pm - HB There is one (1) bee in my signature and another on my profile page. That is a total of two (2) bees.
Thursday, 10:34am - Isa the work on the unreal engine is stopping??
Thursday, 7:37am - Jorster I only see one bee
Thursday, 2:54am - HB Ok wth who decreased the size of the bees in my signature and profile (am I going insane, literally) update: It was Wikia's fault
Thursday, 2:12am - DroidFreak That and Overwatch is losing steam, so a load of Overwatch YouTubers and streamers are jumping to Fortnite.
Thursday, 2:10am - DroidFreak All the good games of 2017 were singleplayer, with all the big multiplayer games like EA's Battlefront 2 and Lawbreakers bombing.
Thursday, 1:34am - DroidFreak I think part of it is that it's particularly well-suited for streamers and low-effort YouTubers and there's generally a drought of other games for them to cover ATM.
Thursday, 1:32am - DroidFreak Oddly enough, the battle royale game genre has been around since the Hunger Games movies came out in the form of Minecraft minigames, but for whatever reason it became wildly popular with the release of PUBG. Why that would be, I'm not sure.
Thursday, 1:29am - HB as for battle royale, i have always associated that with boarding school students in japan brutally murdering each other with desk chairs and the pointy part of a drafting compass
Thursday, 1:28am - HB you could tell me that it is an open-source version of Overwatch spearheaded by the GNU movement and i would be none the wiser
Thursday, 1:28am - DroidFreak They even stopped Unreal Engine development in favor of milking the Battle Royale hype dry before it colapses and/or moves to other games.
Thursday, 1:27am - HB unfortunately, the most that I know about Fortnite is that it is apparently very popular among middle schoolers, and that its colours are more migraine-inducing than those of the average shoot-'em-up a la call of duty or left 4 dead
Thursday, 1:27am - DroidFreak Zombies are only a part of the co-op gamemode that has basically been relegated to the sidelines now since Battle Royale became super popular. And the whole Paragon thing was basically Epic pulling all of their employees off of other projects and dumping them all on Battle Royale.
Thursday, 1:22am - HB thank you, i did not know that there was such a scandal associated with fortnite, or that zombies were a component of the game
Thursday, 1:22am - DroidFreak I actually bought Fortnite and tried it out but didn't spend that much time playing it since it was pretty boring and really didn't live up the "survival sandbox" label due to neither involving much surviving nor much sandboxing. And once Fortnite Battle Royale came out and stole the spotlight, I had never loaded it up again until a couple weeks ago when a friend challenged me to play it long enough to get into the top 5. I played it for something like two or three games until we made it to the top 5... and haven't touched it again since. If it weren't for killing Paragon I might give it more of a try, but I don't want to support Epic at all right now. They've burned their bridges with me.
Thursday, 1:12am - DroidFreak Fortnite is a co-op building, exploration, and zombie-slaying game that failed to live up to expectations and flew under the radar due to repetitive gameplay, lacking content, and an awful loot box based progression system. Fortnite Battle Royale, on the other hand, is a tacked-on PUBG ripoff (which was itself a ripoff of DayZ Battle Royale) that became massively popular and surpassed PUBG because it wasn't made by a tiny studio that sucks at developing. Also, Fortnite Battle Royale killed Paragon, which makes me particularly salty about it.
Thursday, 12:11am - HB that was neither detailed, expository, nor a paragraph.
Wednesday, 11:08pm - Jorster battle the royal family
Wednesday, 8:48pm - HB Can someone please explain fortnite to me in a detailed expository paragraph
Wednesday, 1:29am - HB I wonder if my ex-roommate is still alive ๐Ÿค”
Wednesday, 12:39am - DroidFreak I spent $80 on a second set of studio monitor headphones so my roommate can have a set too.
Tuesday, 11:54pm - HB Yaya, how am I a chaotic jerk? Plz explain
Tuesday, 8:45pm - HB no, like the audio enrichment accessory marketed by the famous businessman Dr. Dre
Tuesday, 8:35pm - Jorster like the rooty vegetable?
Tuesday, 6:21pm - Isa now i am less impressed
Tuesday, 5:39pm - HB i would like to clarify that i did not spend $20 on "beats"
Tuesday, 12:10am - DroidFreak The only thing that's changed for me is that the mafia thread isn't always the top of the recent theads
Monday, 7:17pm - Darvince everything is mafia since change died down
Monday, 7:09pm - Soccer have i already said that? probably
Monday, 7:09pm - Soccer everything has changed since mafia died down
Monday, 6:05pm - Jorster I like spiders
Monday, 6:01pm - HB https://www.livescience.com/62452-worlds-oldest-spider-dies.html Crying
Monday, 5:58pm - Jorster i watch rick and morty which makes me an intellectual
Monday, 5:57pm - HB Are you a man of culture who reads the New Yorker as well
Monday, 5:57pm - Jorster High schoolers who start vaping are dumb
Monday, 5:57pm - Jorster Yeah that's stupid
Monday, 5:56pm - HB Good. That's the original purpose of vapes, the pointless thing is when people who didn't smoke in the first place start vaping
Monday, 5:51pm - Jorster It's better for me than when I was smoking though
Monday, 5:51pm - Jorster I vape and I know its not good for me
Monday, 4:36pm - HB You know what's worse than smoking? Vaping... cuz smokers know that smoking is terrible, but vapers will tell you that it's actually healthy and not harmful at all, which makes them 20 times more obnoxious.
Monday, 12:27pm - Darvince https://www.gannett-cdn.com/media/2018/04/23/DetroitFreeP/DetroitFreePress/636601012321252850-Goose-2.JPG?quality=10
Monday, 12:22pm - Yimmy goose
Monday, 2:06am - HB ๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†
Sunday, 3:55pm - Rocketguy2 pssh, Jellsprout isn't real
Sunday, 3:50am - HB Cool jellsprout you're back. Wow! It's like meeting Santa Claus except you're actually real I think.
Sunday, 3:17am - HB Thx Rocketguy now I can talk again
Sunday, 3:16am - Rocketguy2 I'm just posting because HB asked me to
Sunday, 3:03am - HB Hey jory you should name your child after me. Gender doesn't matter cuz it's 2018 and boys can have female names. I can't believe Livio got rid of his signature it was beautiful
Sunday, 2:58am - HB P.S. Happy birthday Quirvy. I think u are 25, which means that you are a quarter of the way to Age 100.
Sunday, 2:52am - HB I can't believe Jellsprout was here and I missed him
Sunday, 2:46am - HB Hey guys soz 4 pulling a bmwsu in the middle of a mafia game lol. Actually I'm not sorry at all because mafia kind of sucks and my life is more important than u.
Sunday, 12:05am - Jorster I bought a second car lit lit
Saturday, 8:17pm - Darvince i read the stupid things despite myself
Saturday, 3:52pm - Rocketguy2 as in, you increase the amount or read the things?
Saturday, 3:24pm - Darvince i don't like reading stupid people say stupid things yet i do it anyway
Friday, 11:14pm - atvelonis nice shos!
Friday, 8:44pm - Yaya If it hasn't been appearent, post-mafia game I've been scaling back my activity a teensy bit. Plz no hate, i'm not abandoning yall
Friday, 7:32pm - Congrats, shos!
Friday, 7:20pm - SHOS I'm officially a physics Master of Science!
Friday, 7:20pm - SHOS GOT A 96 ON MY THESIS EXAM
Friday, 1:25pm - Isa i like em both. i play mafia irl roughly three or four sessions per month so i get an active dose of it
Friday, 11:49am - [color= The advantage of playing in text is that you are able to look up old posts. After a person gets killed you can look back on old posts to see how they interacted with everyone else and from that you can deduce who is Mafia. I've played both on forums and in person and they are two completely different games.
Thursday, 3:11am - DroidFreak But having played it quite a bit in person, I'd say that a lot of the mechanics that go into making it fun and interesting wouldn't transfer to text very well.
Thursday, 3:09am - DroidFreak I feel like Mafia would work a lot better in person or at least over voice chat than as a forum game. Granted, I've never played it in any form but in person.
Wednesday, 3:48pm - Rocketguy2 what's a logic?
Wednesday, 11:38am - Yimmy it's harder to tell what was happening because nobody in that game was capable of actual logic  
Wednesday, 7:51am - Jebby omg is this shos' /actual/ final? After a decade of education, is the education finally over? it feels like you've been in either the army or uni forever.
Wednesday, 7:50am - Jebby I've read most of the Mafia posts and I still don't understand what's going on.  A lot of meta stuff going on
Tuesday, 6:41am - Isa super good luck
Tuesday, 1:06am - SHOS My super final final starts in 2 hours. :0
Monday, 10:28pm - working on a cave but finals
Monday, 7:19pm - Soccer rip the interguild after mafia ended
Monday, 6:27am - Darvince everyone's chatbox username was reset for Reasons
Saturday, 11:02am - Mymop Lol idk why my chatbox username was messed up there
Saturday, 11:01am - [color= Good luck!
Saturday, 9:32am - SHOS I have my thesis test on Tuesday scared.
Friday, 6:50am - SHOS 4 years ago, atvelonis and I became friends on FB. That's 1 year after I went to officers course
Thursday, 7:39pm - Darvince yeah I bathe in it every day
Thursday, 3:40pm - Jorster like the drink?
Thursday, 8:17am - Darvince yes I am in arizona
Wednesday, 4:28pm - Jorster I wear roughly 13 pairs of nitrile gloves a day
Wednesday, 3:26pm - Rocketguy2 right, that makes sense
Wednesday, 2:42pm - Soccer i think dar is from arizona
Wednesday, 2:14pm - Rocketguy2 How do you live your entire life without wearing gloves?
Tuesday, 7:22am - Darvince i like how i put on gloves in a dream when i've never worn gloves in my entire life
Sunday, 12:20pm - Rocketguy2 yeet
Sunday, 2:08am - Darvince the death of life
Friday, 8:16pm - Jorster lamplop
Thursday, 3:27am - DroidFreak Yeah, I use my laptop when I'm at work. All of my HATPCR coding happens on it (except for the earliest versions).
Wednesday, 2:45pm - Darvince your lap tonp?
Wednesday, 2:48am - DroidFreak Although my laptop has fewer rn becaue last time it failed to restore my tabs I just left the session restore tab open rather than using it. XD
Wednesday, 2:47am - DroidFreak lol I always have way too many tabs open.
Tuesday, 10:37pm - Soccer tfw you realize you have 8 interguild tabs open and it's not even by accident
Tuesday, 8:33pm - Jorster did hb die
Tuesday, 8:07pm - canadianstickdeath Press
Tuesday, 6:27pm - SHOS Woop another day
Tuesday, 4:57pm - Soccer rip
Tuesday, 4:14am - Darvince tfw you middle click on a bookmark once and 8 interguilds open
Monday, 9:34pm - Jorster livio can i be admin
Monday, 6:05pm - Darvince someone asked me how i type dartalk so fast
Monday, 5:32pm - SHOS Woo! Happy bday.
Monday, 5:08pm - Yimmy happy bday
Monday, 4:02pm - Jorster happy birthday to u
Monday, 12:28pm - Yaya It me birthday
Monday, 1:50am - DroidFreak Anyways, it turns out a lot of TWICE's songs are DnB. I'm pretty sure I've listened to at least 24 hours worth of their music on loop now.
Monday, 1:46am - DroidFreak Mountain Dew ice is pretty good too. I'm drinking some of that right now. XD
Monday, 1:45am - DroidFreak Send help, I've become adicted to k-pop
Saturday, 7:24pm - Wow, I just got a sandwich from KFC, probably one of the most depressing things I've eaten in a while. And I usually like fast food
Thursday, 8:31pm - Yaya As if the chat thread didn't do that already
Thursday, 2:24am - Jorster I love mafia games because they inflate my post count
Thursday, 2:17am - Jorster Yeah voltage is the one I meant
Thursday, 12:34am - Yaya If I'm thinking of the blue raspberry you're thinking of, yeah that tasted like gross cotton candy lol. Cherry citrus game fuel is my favorite
Wednesday, 11:44pm - DroidFreak Unfortunately the only ones that come in diet afaik are regular and code red (cherry).  I try to stick to diet mostly so I don't wreck my teeth and metabolism
Wednesday, 11:42pm - DroidFreak Voltage. The blue raspberry one that tastes like swedish fish. Although I like lots of different dew flavors.
Wednesday, 9:40pm - Yimmy there are two blue ones
Wednesday, 8:20pm - Jorster It better be the blue one
Wednesday, 9:57am - Yaya Droidfreak what's your fave flavor of mtn dew?
Wednesday, 4:57am - SHOS Omg Israel is so hot
Monday, 6:35pm - SHOS Soooo I'm drunk again guys. Sup
Saturday, 11:29pm - Darvince but i'm in the desert
Saturday, 10:41pm - Jorster darvince is a corn fed white boy
Saturday, 3:58pm - Darvince i remember the ban page like it was yesterday
Saturday, 3:35pm - Yimmy whoops i thought i clicked on random chat
Saturday, 3:35pm - Yimmy oh wait
Saturday, 3:34pm - Yimmy yeah i know
Saturday, 3:28pm - Soccer yimmy...
Saturday, 11:28am - Jorster i forgot about that one
Saturday, 11:28am - Jorster CORN FED WHITE BOYS
Saturday, 1:33am - Darvince CORN FED WHITE BOYS
Saturday, 12:21am - Darvince soccer weights 95,210 lbs kolok sugg wen misc_jackie_chan.png
Friday, 8:40pm - Jorster jorster is of asexual kolkn allahu
Friday, 7:24pm - Soccer jorster what bangkok inb4 kol jkok akbar kon christ gorchul of thailand inb4 plates plot wat mpw hpw akbar christianity twist con allahu 600 what ppp pleasure literally of wot jorster akbar con ppp kolok kol what mfw jorster con jkok jkok when finished the plot of yimmler psyhcopath an Amerifat master m8 you wanna communism when inb4 of the kol auschwitz darspeak
Friday, 5:54pm - Yimmy next april fools instead of converting everything to 133t speak we should convert it to clique speak
Friday, 4:00pm - SHOS It's knowing. I kenned I'd find you here..I ken not what kenning is
Friday, 4:20am - Teo Congratulations, Jorster!
Thursday, 11:12pm - Soccer which is kind of like keming
Thursday, 9:55pm - Darvince it's like kerning but with an n
Thursday, 8:36pm - Yimmy @shos what is kenning
Thursday, 3:31am - SHOS Scotland's weather is crazy

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