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Wednesday, 12:11am - Jorster Shout out to budding alcoholism
Tuesday, 11:31pm - Yaya Yaya is cartwheeling thru the abyss
Tuesday, 2:32pm - Yaya Shoutout to $7 screwcap wine
Tuesday, 2:29pm - Darvince you've heard the mafia expression wine in front of me, but have you ever considered that there is actually always wine in front of you in every situation? you just have to do some geometry
Tuesday, 12:58am - Jorster misc_jackie_chan.png soulkon allahu
Tuesday, 12:58am - Jorster same
Monday, 11:30pm - Darvince and it's still just as inexplicable as it was in 2014
Monday, 11:29pm - Darvince i can still collapse from laughter looking at the dartalk thread
Monday, 10:18pm - Darvince it performs well
Sunday, 6:20am - Rocketguy2 just thought you should know
Sunday, 6:19am - Rocketguy2 troll in the dungeon
Sunday, 6:08am - Darvince now there's an idea
Sunday, 6:08am - Darvince chatbox in the chatbox
Saturday, 4:23pm - Jorster chatbox in the mafia
Saturday, 1:46am - Darvince i agree
Friday, 12:45pm - Rocketguy2 Yimmy's the other mafia!  ͡(° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Friday, 5:31am - Darvince *spoils the whole game*
Thursday, 3:37am - DroidFreak Absolute madlad
Wednesday, 10:32pm - Yimmy ban
Wednesday, 10:04pm - Jorster mafia in the chatbox
Wednesday, 11:22am - SHOS Yuppp
Wednesday, 5:18am - Jebby :'( he did incredibly well to last that long with his condition
Wednesday, 2:13am - HB RIP Stephen Hawking
Wednesday, 2:13am - HB That is what I prefer, unfortunately it doesn't always happen
Wednesday, 12:06am - My favorite is when they dont respond
Tuesday, 11:08pm - Yaya I personally prefer the single K response myself
Tuesday, 10:30pm - HB Can someone please text (7**)-***-**** explaining that, no matter how lazy you are, and no matter how difficult you find it to move your finger by 5mm from the "O" to the "K" key on a standard iPhone screen, it is not appropriate to use the initials of an american hate group as an affirmative response to a question.
Tuesday, 10:25pm - HB How old were you when you had your first existential crisis?
Tuesday, 9:47pm - soccerboy13542 70+
Tuesday, 9:27pm - c a p t i v a t i n g
Tuesday, 8:51pm - atvelonis hip young teens who share captivating memes
Tuesday, 7:30pm - HB what's the target audience for THAT.
Tuesday, 7:25pm - soccerboy13542 what about it?
Tuesday, 7:24pm - HB Ok well what about AOL (America OnLine) Instant Messenger?
Tuesday, 7:17pm - soccerboy13542 slack is just more professional. discord i'd say is more seen to be gaming oriented.
Tuesday, 5:50pm - atvelonis It's meant for businesses but it's functionally identical to/sightly more advanced than Discord
Tuesday, 5:45pm - HB In an effort to become more similar to a businessman, I went to the business school building, where I immediately saw a person wearing a garbage bag as a raincoat
Tuesday, 4:45pm - HB I am not a businessman
Tuesday, 4:44pm - HB Isn't slack for businessmen
Tuesday, 3:22pm - Jorster you're an interguild discord
Tuesday, 2:28pm - Interguild discord? That's not a bad idea
Tuesday, 12:30pm - atvelonis Slack is what Discord ripped off of. You can join the IG server here but it's kinda dead
Tuesday, 3:16am - Darvince You don't have enough Slack!
Tuesday, 1:27am - Jorster its when you are lazy
Tuesday, 1:19am - HB (what is slack)
Tuesday, 1:19am - HB The interguild had a slack????????????
Tuesday, 1:10am - Quirvy RIP Interguild slack
Tuesday, 12:16am - Darvince I prefer the void, personally
Tuesday, 12:07am - Yaya Yaya is chilling in the abyss
Tuesday, 12:06am - Yaya Oh hi
Monday, 11:57pm - Darvince wow drama in the shady people fandom
Monday, 11:45pm - soccerboy13542 yo yaya
Monday, 11:09pm - HB Wow that exam was really easy... let's watch me get 60
Monday, 11:09pm - I'm sorry, but are you talking about Mafia in the chatbox?
Monday, 11:09pm - HB sadlfjsauriopeuwj
Monday, 10:52pm - Jorster I messaged shos on facebook where he at
Monday, 10:49pm - Yimmy hey i can stop hiding now that's neat
Monday, 10:37pm - atvelonis 6 8 members!!!
Monday, 10:34pm - Jorster So many online
Monday, 6:53am - Darvince ah yes the molecules are tagged with "For medical use"
Monday, 6:53am - Darvince "used to facilitate 100% medical grade oxygen"
Monday, 12:50am - Jorster I'm married to quirvy
Sunday, 11:11pm - soccerboy13542 that is also not the case
Sunday, 10:25pm - HB Ok so are you married to Quirvy or something?
Sunday, 10:17pm - soccerboy13542 i don't think quirvy has snapchat
Sunday, 9:46pm - HB Hey soccerboy13542 do you have Quirvy's phone number or snapchat or something?
Sunday, 6:34pm - Yaya HB has over 300 confirmed kills
Sunday, 5:53pm - HB (not bored enough to change the pronouns, sorry)
Sunday, 5:53pm - HB i think its hilarious u kids talking crap about hb. u wouldnt say this crap to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
Sunday, 4:29pm - HB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_burn_centres_in_Canada
Sunday, 4:15pm - Rocketguy2 HB's life in a nutshell
Sunday, 3:05am - HB update: That was an unmitigated disaster
Sunday, 1:46am - Darvince i clicked on the mafia thread thinking it was the interserver thread and was horribly confused when it wasn't
Sunday, 1:45am - Darvince easy method to take your daily nutripaste: get a partner, spread it on their forehead, and then licc it
Sunday, 1:45am - Darvince nutripaste
Saturday, 9:02pm - Yaya Do you need help crossing the street, ma'am?
Saturday, 4:33pm - HB stop licking each other's foreheads
Saturday, 4:33pm - HB Eww, public displays of affection in the library
Friday, 10:07pm - Darvince Magnasprout and Jellpple disappeared as well.
Friday, 7:44pm - HB Apples and sprouts are plants
Friday, 6:37pm - SHOS Magnapple and Jellsprout disappeared.
Friday, 6:19pm - Isa only you i think as of now
Friday, 4:57pm - Jebby Is it me or has the entire forum disappeared off the website?
Thursday, 10:45pm - Yaya Snowww : (
Thursday, 6:04pm - Darvince wow amazing
Wednesday, 11:10am - SHOS 2 minutes lolz
Wednesday, 12:08am - Darvince shos wen graveyard
Tuesday, 9:06pm - Yimmy darn you beat me to the punch
Tuesday, 9:03pm - what is the fricking matter with you
Tuesday, 8:22pm - Yaya Heck you all
Tuesday, 6:36pm - soccerboy13542 Is @#$%ign a swear word? It's not even a word.
Monday, 11:40pm - Quirvy I think swearing is still kinda subjective, just mostly if you're younger and don't yet fully understand what is and is not okay to say
Monday, 8:48pm - Darvince
Monday, 1:02pm - Yaya
Sunday, 11:25pm - HB It does for swear words
Sunday, 11:18pm - Yimmy yeah you're right it doesn't do that for any word
Sunday, 9:58pm - HB That doesn't mean the entry for rabbit in Webster's Dictionary will be surrounded by holographic tape that scans your telomeres to see if you're over 18, at which point it will send an online order to Amazon.com for a pair of infrared glasses that allow you to read the definition.
Sunday, 9:51pm - Yimmy that's literally what it being entirely subjective means???
Sunday, 9:48pm - HB I mean unless you actually would in which case it's your choice and nobody else's.
Sunday, 9:47pm - HB No they're not. Nobody would say that rabbit is a swear word.
Sunday, 9:28pm - Yimmy swear words are entirely subjective
Sunday, 8:43pm - HB When I was 8 years old I thought suck was a swear word
Sunday, 2:42pm - Teo Haha, of course I want, Yimmy
Sunday, 2:40pm - Teo Hence my past very little activity in HatPCR
Sunday, 2:39pm - Teo Need to check it out, honestly I was too used to the original HatPC hitbox and rules to find double Hannahs or other new stuff cool, but I guess it's my fault and I need to understand that this game evolves
Sunday, 2:38pm - Yimmy wanna do a cave race
Sunday, 2:37pm - Yimmy woah teo
Sunday, 2:31pm - atvelonis Droid has made some progress on HATPC Reborn, and right now we're doing Interguild Mafia
Sunday, 2:30pm - Teo What's new?
Sunday, 2:28pm - atvelonis Yeah there was a weird bug with that a while back
Sunday, 2:17pm - Teo Wow, I've been inactive for long enough to have my chatbox name outdated
Sunday, 2:16pm - Teo Hi atvelonis!
Sunday, 2:16pm - atvelonis Hi Teo
Sunday, 11:32am - SHOS Happy bday mate!
Sunday, 5:47am - canadianstickdeath thanks
Sunday, 4:18am - Quirvy There could be any various number of reasons that would lead him to being online at 5am on such a day
Sunday, 3:42am - HB Lol, which one of us is this guy? https://navignaw.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/emergent-gameplay/
Saturday, 10:11pm - HB Joyeux Anniversaire
Saturday, 10:08pm - atvelonis Happy Birthday
Saturday, 9:51pm - soccerboy13542 happy birthday
Saturday, 9:50pm - canadianstickdeath uhh
Saturday, 3:56am - HB Hey canadianstickdeath, I just went to your profile to check your age and apparently it is your birthday? What are you doing on the interguild at 5am on your birthday 🤔
Friday, 2:47pm - atvelonis nice weather lately, no intense winds or strange sleet-snow or anything remotely bad
Friday, 12:04am - Yaya My tongue still kinda feels weird today
Wednesday, 11:35pm - Yaya My tongue feels weird today
Wednesday, 3:39am - SHOS Later though
Wednesday, 3:38am - SHOS Oh I'll make a graveyard lol
Tuesday, 11:10pm - Yaya Yaya is frolicking in the abyss
Tuesday, 5:27pm - Rocketguy2 speaking of graveyard access, I don't currently have it
Tuesday, 4:07pm - Isa could i get graveyard access?  
Tuesday, 4:06pm - Isa im doing fine btw, ty for the messages of suppoort
Tuesday, 12:48pm - atvelonis "don't talk about mafia in the chatbox"
Tuesday, 1:34am - Quirvy Also RIP Interguild slack
Tuesday, 1:30am - Quirvy damn look at all these people talking and stuff
Tuesday, 1:01am - Yimmy here's my reads list:
Monday, 11:45pm - atvelonis happy belated birthday buboy (Feb 24)
Monday, 10:57pm - soccerboy13542 banned
Monday, 10:41pm - HB m      a     f     i     a
Monday, 10:41pm - HB mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia  mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia  mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia  mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia  
Monday, 9:22pm - Yaya What's everyone's favorite track off of Mystic Stylez? I prefer Gotta Touch Em Part 2
Monday, 8:53pm - do not talk about mafia in the chatbox
Monday, 8:48pm - HB mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia mafia  
Monday, 8:02pm - Yimmy do not talk about mafia in the chatbox
Monday, 5:56pm - atvelonis shos unlock thread pls
Sunday, 9:06pm - Yaya Yaya has revisited the abyss
Sunday, 1:48pm - Jorster run the jewels dot jpeg
Sunday, 12:22am - What Remains of Edith Finch was fuego
Saturday, 6:58pm - atvelonis Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons was good
Saturday, 5:10pm - HB Punxsutawney Phil was right
Saturday, 7:47am - Rocketguy2 Excuse me sir, do you have Prince Albert in a can?
Saturday, 7:47am - Rocketguy2 You do? Well you better let the poor guy out!
Saturday, 1:33am - HB Big if true
Friday, 10:54pm - Yaya Yaya is too ill for the abyss
Friday, 9:51pm - atvelonis big moves in mafia
Friday, 6:20pm - SHOS Pagetoppp
Friday, 6:27am - Yaya I'm mostly ok, other than the fact that I took some Nyquil cuz I have a cold and ended up waking up at 5 AM wide awake and am now playing video games
Friday, 4:40am - im caught up with IG mafia now, and i will post something later today. sorry for my inactivity.
Friday, 4:30am - HB Hey jebbop
Friday, 1:13am - HB I have 777 posts
Friday, 1:04am - Yimmy Yaya are you ok
Thursday, 11:57pm - Yaya Yaya is waiting for the abyss
Thursday, 6:24pm - SHOS omg what a day this was
Thursday, 1:36am - HB ~Nietzsche~
Wednesday, 11:40pm - Yaya Gooooood question
Wednesday, 11:40pm - atvelonis Or is the abyss awkwardly wading through Yaya?
Wednesday, 10:51pm - Yaya Yaya is awkwardly wading through the abyss
Wednesday, 6:19pm - SHOS Cool stuff jory! very neaaaat
Wednesday, 5:54pm - atvelonis noice
Wednesday, 5:17pm - Jorster Thanks! I'm a real mechanic now
Wednesday, 5:15pm - Yimmy congrats!
Wednesday, 4:09pm - HB Cool  👍
Wednesday, 3:22pm - Jebby congratulations!
Wednesday, 2:25pm - Jorster i GOT THE JOBETH
Wednesday, 1:16pm - soccerboy13542 good luck
Wednesday, 10:43am - Jorster wish me lucketh
Wednesday, 10:43am - Jorster Interview at a hyundai dealership for a mechanic position today
Wednesday, 2:55am - Darvince ugh
Tuesday, 11:55pm - HB RIP https://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/101232244/thomas-the-blind-bisexual-goose-to-be-buried-next-to-partner-henry-the-swan
Tuesday, 11:16pm - Yimmy yaya has loved the abyss
Tuesday, 10:56pm - Yaya Yaya has embraced the abyss
Monday, 11:33pm - Yaya Yaya has entered the abyss
Monday, 7:02pm - atvelonis walrus
Monday, 6:52pm - HB If I died, which kind of undead creature do you think I'd become? a) ghost b) zombie c) vampire
Monday, 11:19am - Jorster I'm GOING FOR RECORD
Monday, 1:53am - HB lol I've been on for one hour. Should I start GOING FOR RECORD? (n/n) - (the only choice is n)
Monday, 1:22am - Darvince lol
Monday, 1:21am - HB What is that website? I have never been on it before
Monday, 1:20am - soccerboy13542 is it this: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?page=deadlines
Monday, 1:19am - HB Lol, no comment on Thomas but I know he is on "spring" break at the moment. How do I know? It's a secret
Monday, 1:15am - Jorster just unblind yourself friend
Monday, 1:15am - Jorster prolly for the best
Monday, 1:15am - HB i'm already blind, but ok
Monday, 1:15am - Darvince thomas is still banned tho
Monday, 1:15am - Jorster #clique
Monday, 1:14am - HB #cliquereunion2018
Monday, 1:14am - Jorster hi doctor vince
Monday, 1:14am - Jorster I just applied at a kia dealership as an auto tech
Monday, 1:14am - Darvince hi jister

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