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Friday, 8:16pm - Jorster lamplop
Thursday, 3:27am - DroidFreak Yeah, I use my laptop when I'm at work. All of my HATPCR coding happens on it (except for the earliest versions).
Wednesday, 2:45pm - Darvince your lap tonp?
Wednesday, 2:48am - DroidFreak Although my laptop has fewer rn becaue last time it failed to restore my tabs I just left the session restore tab open rather than using it. XD
Wednesday, 2:47am - DroidFreak lol I always have way too many tabs open.
Tuesday, 10:37pm - Soccer tfw you realize you have 8 interguild tabs open and it's not even by accident
Tuesday, 8:33pm - Jorster did hb die
Tuesday, 8:07pm - canadianstickdeath Press
Tuesday, 6:27pm - SHOS Woop another day
Tuesday, 4:57pm - Soccer rip
Tuesday, 4:14am - Darvince tfw you middle click on a bookmark once and 8 interguilds open
Monday, 9:34pm - Jorster livio can i be admin
Monday, 6:05pm - Darvince someone asked me how i type dartalk so fast
Monday, 5:32pm - SHOS Woo! Happy bday.
Monday, 5:08pm - Yimmy happy bday
Monday, 4:02pm - Jorster happy birthday to u
Monday, 12:28pm - Yaya It me birthday
Monday, 1:50am - DroidFreak Anyways, it turns out a lot of TWICE's songs are DnB. I'm pretty sure I've listened to at least 24 hours worth of their music on loop now.
Monday, 1:46am - DroidFreak Mountain Dew ice is pretty good too. I'm drinking some of that right now. XD
Monday, 1:45am - DroidFreak Send help, I've become adicted to k-pop
Saturday, 7:24pm - Wow, I just got a sandwich from KFC, probably one of the most depressing things I've eaten in a while. And I usually like fast food
Thursday, 8:31pm - Yaya As if the chat thread didn't do that already
Thursday, 2:24am - Jorster I love mafia games because they inflate my post count
Thursday, 2:17am - Jorster Yeah voltage is the one I meant
Thursday, 12:34am - Yaya If I'm thinking of the blue raspberry you're thinking of, yeah that tasted like gross cotton candy lol. Cherry citrus game fuel is my favorite
Wednesday, 11:44pm - DroidFreak Unfortunately the only ones that come in diet afaik are regular and code red (cherry).  I try to stick to diet mostly so I don't wreck my teeth and metabolism
Wednesday, 11:42pm - DroidFreak Voltage. The blue raspberry one that tastes like swedish fish. Although I like lots of different dew flavors.
Wednesday, 9:40pm - Yimmy there are two blue ones
Wednesday, 8:20pm - Jorster It better be the blue one
Wednesday, 9:57am - Yaya Droidfreak what's your fave flavor of mtn dew?
Wednesday, 4:57am - SHOS Omg Israel is so hot
Monday, 6:35pm - SHOS Soooo I'm drunk again guys. Sup
Saturday, 11:29pm - Darvince but i'm in the desert
Saturday, 10:41pm - Jorster darvince is a corn fed white boy
Saturday, 3:58pm - Darvince i remember the ban page like it was yesterday
Saturday, 3:35pm - Yimmy whoops i thought i clicked on random chat
Saturday, 3:35pm - Yimmy oh wait
Saturday, 3:34pm - Yimmy yeah i know
Saturday, 3:28pm - Soccer yimmy...
Saturday, 11:28am - Jorster i forgot about that one
Saturday, 11:28am - Jorster CORN FED WHITE BOYS
Saturday, 1:33am - Darvince CORN FED WHITE BOYS
Saturday, 12:21am - Darvince soccer weights 95,210 lbs kolok sugg wen misc_jackie_chan.png
Friday, 8:40pm - Jorster jorster is of asexual kolkn allahu
Friday, 7:24pm - Soccer jorster what bangkok inb4 kol jkok akbar kon christ gorchul of thailand inb4 plates plot wat mpw hpw akbar christianity twist con allahu 600 what ppp pleasure literally of wot jorster akbar con ppp kolok kol what mfw jorster con jkok jkok when finished the plot of yimmler psyhcopath an Amerifat master m8 you wanna communism when inb4 of the kol auschwitz darspeak
Friday, 5:54pm - Yimmy next april fools instead of converting everything to 133t speak we should convert it to clique speak
Friday, 4:00pm - SHOS It's knowing. I kenned I'd find you here..I ken not what kenning is
Friday, 4:20am - Teo Congratulations, Jorster!
Thursday, 11:12pm - Soccer which is kind of like keming
Thursday, 9:55pm - Darvince it's like kerning but with an n
Thursday, 8:36pm - Yimmy @shos what is kenning
Thursday, 3:31am - SHOS Scotland's weather is crazy
Wednesday, 8:25pm - Darvince never forget
Wednesday, 8:05pm - Darvince never forget
Wednesday, 8:04pm - Darvince clr
Wednesday, 9:57am - Jorster im still mildly salty about how he left
Wednesday, 2:49am - Quirvy we should delete the bmwsu censor. He is unworthy of having it at this point
Wednesday, 2:49am - Quirvy you just had to adventure further
Wednesday, 2:49am - Quirvy weak you totally could have posted in the chatbox
Wednesday, 2:23am - Quirvy A questionable chatbox name

i can't type in the chatbox anymore so i'm just editing your post
Wednesday, 2:21am - Soccer yikes
Wednesday, 2:20am - friday hmm
Wednesday, 2:15am - Soccer hmm
Wednesday, 2:14am - Quirvy Spoiler alert: They evaluate in an order
Wednesday, 2:12am - soccer yes, 100%
Wednesday, 2:11am - Quirvy I think you are unclear on how exactly the censors work
Wednesday, 2:11am - Quirvy that's an interesting choice of chattbox name
Wednesday, 2:11am - Bmwsu well you win some you lose some
Wednesday, 2:06am - Soccer Bmwsu
Wednesday, 2:06am - Soccer on second thought let's not do that
Wednesday, 2:05am -
User Profile - Quirvy
Wednesday, 2:05am - soccerboy13542 yeah i saw him lol
Wednesday, 2:04am - Quirvy or maybe that was still april fools day livio
Wednesday, 2:04am - Quirvy for like a fraction of a second
Wednesday, 2:04am - Quirvy well it was livio
Wednesday, 2:01am - soccerboy13542 it's quirvy!
Wednesday, 1:56am - Quirvy look who it is
Wednesday, 1:56am - Quirvy whoa
Tuesday, 8:55pm - Jorster don't talk about the thread chat mafia in the box thread
Tuesday, 8:52pm - soccerboy13542 don't talk about the member chat box in the mafia thread
Tuesday, 8:40pm - Darvince if the mafia game doesn't end in less than 6 irl days i will be disappointed
Tuesday, 2:04pm - Yimmy misunderstandable have a bad day  
Tuesday, 6:04am - Darvince understandable have a good day
Tuesday, 12:13am - Jorster livio the forum machine broke
Tuesday, 12:01am - Jorster right as i tried to post something too
Tuesday, 12:00am - Jorster but now the forums dont work
Tuesday, 12:00am - Jorster its back to normal
Monday, 11:59pm - DroidFreak The front page burns my eyes.
Monday, 11:54pm - Jorster why
Monday, 6:14pm - Yimmy every other one
Monday, 4:54pm - Yaya What page do you visit if not the front page?
Monday, 4:08pm - Jorster It's gonna be like this til next april fools day isnt it
Monday, 2:42pm - Darvince i don't know either but at least 5 minutes
Monday, 1:43pm - Yimmy how long has it been like this? i never visit the front page so I didn't notice
Monday, 1:30pm - Rocketguy2 whomst've is hidden?
Monday, 12:51pm - Darvince oh no
Monday, 5:34am - SHOS Lae
Monday, 5:22am - Isa lol this is not bad
Monday, 12:46am - Jorster I like this
Monday, 12:36am - atvelonis "People Viewing this Site: 105" wat?
Monday, 12:36am - atvelonis oof
Monday, 12:25am - I can't believe you've done this
Monday, 12:25am - Yaya I can't believe you've done this
Monday, 12:25am - Yaya I can't believe you've done this
Monday, 12:11am - oh this brings me back
Sunday, 5:30pm - Livio Hey guys!
Sunday, 5:29pm - SHOS Sup, fella! long time.
Sunday, 5:24pm - Livio Hey, shos
Sunday, 5:21pm - SHOS OMG it's livio again
Sunday, 5:20pm - Livio that's cool
Sunday, 5:18pm - Sefro Nope. There And Back Again is what Bilbo names his account of his adventures in The Hobbit / LotR
Sunday, 2:47pm - Livio Hey, Isa
Sunday, 2:45pm - Isa sefro i was wondering some time ago; did Belle and Sebastian inspire There And Back Again's title
Sunday, 2:31pm - Livio that's cool
Sunday, 2:29pm - Jorster csd dot jpeg
Sunday, 1:49pm - Livio Hey, krotomo
Sunday, 1:47pm - hi
Sunday, 1:44pm - Livio Hey guys!
Sunday, 1:42pm - Jorster that is cool livio
Sunday, 1:37pm - Livio that's cool
Sunday, 1:34pm - Jorster shos why are you in jail
Sunday, 12:34pm - Livio that's cool
Sunday, 12:32pm - Yimmy liviobot has been active for four years now
Sunday, 12:24pm - Livio what's up?
Sunday, 12:21pm - oof
Sunday, 10:42am - Livio that's cool
Sunday, 10:39am - Jorster Hi liver
Sunday, 10:28am - Livio Hey guys!
Sunday, 10:25am - atvelonis lol
Sunday, 9:46am - Livio Hey, shos
Sunday, 9:43am - SHOS Remember us? This site? Teehee
Sunday, 9:42am - SHOS Ohai Livio you're alive
Sunday, 9:42am - Livio lol
Sunday, 9:39am - SHOS HAMMER IS DOEN
Sunday, 9:13am - Livio what's up?
Sunday, 9:10am - Darvince No one say anything in the chatbox so liviobot never gets a chance to say anything
Sunday, 8:22am - Livio ...
Sunday, 8:20am - Isa livios lasting contribution
Sunday, 12:15am - Livio ...
Sunday, 12:14am - Yaya Oh goody, is Livio bot up and running?
Sunday, 12:00am - Livio ...
Saturday, 9:19pm - Yaya Tbh, the mafia game has made me realize how little I post on the IG nowadays *shrug*
Saturday, 8:38pm - Sefro Too bad I missed mafia
Saturday, 6:12pm - Darvince i bet soccer is writing a novel to post in mafia
Friday, 3:49am - Darvince i eat one lap tonp per day
Friday, 3:44am - Darvince woah are you a nanomachine
Thursday, 4:58pm - Yimmy i maintain a healthy diet of 12 quarks and 2 leptons daily and you should too
Thursday, 1:24am - DroidFreak Also, I consume billions of billions of quarks and leptons every day. Fear me!
Thursday, 1:19am - DroidFreak Darvince is made of quarks, leptons, and bosons.
Wednesday, 5:54am - Darvince i meant it in this way: "it is almost tautological to say that this is a result of quantum mechanics, since everything is a result of quantum mechanics"
Wednesday, 5:53am - Darvince lol @ the response to my random comment
Wednesday, 4:06am - SHOS Actually only M.Sc here. Yet.
Tuesday, 10:36pm - atvelonis of course, but i wouldn't expect simpletons such as yourself to understand such an intellectually advanced television program
Tuesday, 9:04pm - Jorster would you say you watch rick and morty  
Tuesday, 8:17pm - atvelonis lol look at mr "you don't understand what quantum mechanics are" here with only one PhD, I'm sure your puny brain is far inferior to my impeccable mental faculties
Monday, 6:11pm - SHOS Just saying the combo "PhD's in quantum mechanics" means you have no idea what that is lawl
Monday, 4:53pm - Jorster something something smart show for smart people
Monday, 2:59pm - Yaya Something something to be fair you have to have an high iq
Monday, 12:39pm - atvelonis I'll have you know I have 2 PhD's in quantum mechanics and I can understand things your feeble mind can't even imagine
Monday, 2:48am - Darvince atvelonis is made from quantum mechanics
Sunday, 3:19pm - Darvince Women Favour Dyadic Relationships, but Men Prefer Clubs: Cross-Cultural Evidence from Social Networking
Wednesday, 10:34pm - Yaya 👺
Wednesday, 9:51am - Jorster I was only joking lmao
Wednesday, 9:38am - Yaya I actually haven't had alcohol in like a month now. Not because I was trying to quit, money's just been tight and I've been busy
Wednesday, 12:11am - Jorster Shout out to budding alcoholism
Tuesday, 11:31pm - Yaya Yaya is cartwheeling thru the abyss
Tuesday, 2:32pm - Yaya Shoutout to $7 screwcap wine
Tuesday, 2:29pm - Darvince you've heard the mafia expression wine in front of me, but have you ever considered that there is actually always wine in front of you in every situation? you just have to do some geometry
Tuesday, 12:58am - Jorster misc_jackie_chan.png soulkon allahu
Tuesday, 12:58am - Jorster same
Monday, 11:30pm - Darvince and it's still just as inexplicable as it was in 2014
Monday, 11:29pm - Darvince i can still collapse from laughter looking at the dartalk thread
Monday, 10:18pm - Darvince it performs well
Sunday, 6:20am - Rocketguy2 just thought you should know
Sunday, 6:19am - Rocketguy2 troll in the dungeon
Sunday, 6:08am - Darvince now there's an idea
Sunday, 6:08am - Darvince chatbox in the chatbox
Saturday, 4:23pm - Jorster chatbox in the mafia
Saturday, 1:46am - Darvince i agree
Friday, 12:45pm - Rocketguy2 Yimmy's the other mafia!  ͡(° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Friday, 5:31am - Darvince *spoils the whole game*
Thursday, 3:37am - DroidFreak Absolute madlad
Wednesday, 10:32pm - Yimmy ban
Wednesday, 10:04pm - Jorster mafia in the chatbox
Wednesday, 11:22am - SHOS Yuppp
Wednesday, 5:18am - Jebby :'( he did incredibly well to last that long with his condition
Wednesday, 2:13am - HB RIP Stephen Hawking
Wednesday, 2:13am - HB That is what I prefer, unfortunately it doesn't always happen
Wednesday, 12:06am - My favorite is when they dont respond
Tuesday, 11:08pm - Yaya I personally prefer the single K response myself
Tuesday, 10:30pm - HB Can someone please text (7**)-***-**** explaining that, no matter how lazy you are, and no matter how difficult you find it to move your finger by 5mm from the "O" to the "K" key on a standard iPhone screen, it is not appropriate to use the initials of an american hate group as an affirmative response to a question.
Tuesday, 10:25pm - HB How old were you when you had your first existential crisis?
Tuesday, 9:47pm - soccerboy13542 70+
Tuesday, 9:27pm - c a p t i v a t i n g
Tuesday, 8:51pm - atvelonis hip young teens who share captivating memes
Tuesday, 7:30pm - HB what's the target audience for THAT.
Tuesday, 7:25pm - soccerboy13542 what about it?
Tuesday, 7:24pm - HB Ok well what about AOL (America OnLine) Instant Messenger?
Tuesday, 7:17pm - soccerboy13542 slack is just more professional. discord i'd say is more seen to be gaming oriented.

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