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Thursday, 3:10pm - Darvince my soul when livio talks like darvince
Monday, 12:56pm - atvelonis I N T E R N A T I O N E E Z L E
Sunday, 6:00am - Darvince NICE
Sunday, 6:00am - Darvince ?????????????????? ????? ????????????????? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong website ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no admins ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ?????????????????? ????? ?????????????????
Thursday, 1:08pm - Yimmy the movie is cussing great
Thursday, 11:45am - Rocketguy2 I don't think you've read Fantastic Mr Fox before
Thursday, 5:17am - HB isn't Fantastic Mr. Fox basically animal farm with foxes instead of pigs as the most powerful species
Wednesday, 6:09pm - Rocketguy2 isn't that post basically Fantastic Mr Fox in a nutshell
Tuesday, 4:07pm - Yaya you betcha
Tuesday, 3:59pm - Soccer a wild yaya appeared!
Monday, 11:40pm - HB neighbours shall not be a component of my cave experience
Monday, 6:29pm - Yaya Relevant
Monday, 10:00am - atvelonis nice
Monday, 1:31am - HB i have discovered some prime real estate for me to inhabit https://www.canadiangeographic.ca/article/canadian-team-confirms-presence-huge-unexplored-cave-british-columbia
Sunday, 7:56am - Darvince thank god caves aren't conscious
Saturday, 10:19pm - Soccer hannah and the cave with no human interaction or internet
Saturday, 12:46am - HB http://www.interguild.org/levels/index.php?id=518 this level is now a 'freshman' in high school
Friday, 11:12pm - Yaya we have the technology
Friday, 7:58pm - Darvince decade old bumps are now possible
Tuesday, 9:48am - Yaya my dream is to (1) be a time travelling ghost and (2) have character customization
Monday, 10:51pm - HB well that is simply your opinion
Monday, 4:16pm - Jorster HARD AGREE
Monday, 2:32pm - jellsprout That would get boring really quick.
Friday, 10:39pm - HB my dream is to (1) become immortal and (2) live in a cave with no human interaction or internet
Friday, 3:33am - Darvince what
Monday, 9:17pm - HB kon sitei
Monday, 7:12pm - Darvince kol
Sunday, 4:06am - Darvince was it you hb
Sunday, 12:09am - Darvince they added a single r
Sunday, 12:09am - Darvince mfw someone edited one of the clique fanfictions three days ago
Saturday, 4:57pm - Jorster Thank you!
Saturday, 3:23pm - Jebby Congratulations Jorster on (AFAIK) the first Interguild baby. time certainly flies. I wish all the best to you and your family.
Thursday, 10:40pm - Quirvy "How many of you, were you told this around 2010, would scoff at the idea of HB being the one who keeps the Interguild alive in 2018?" To be honest I probably wouldn't have thought the idea that surprising
Thursday, 5:26pm - snow
Thursday, 2:21am - HB i was not close enough to see
Thursday, 12:45am - Yaya Did he escape on his heeley's, leaving behind a trail of katana sparks and dorito dust
Wednesday, 9:31pm - HB wow today i actually saw one of those infamous 'lady fedora neckbeards' in real life. i did not know that they were a thing
Wednesday, 6:42pm - Yaya It really do HB lke that sometimes
Wednesday, 1:11am - HB At one point, sources said, aych bee turned to admin Livio de la Cruz and screamed, "You (bleeping) need me. You can't win without me." aych bee left administrators and moderators largely speechless. She dominated the forum in every way. aych bee's back.
Wednesday, 1:06am - HB aych bee's hegemony over the interguild shall never end
Wednesday, 1:05am - HB never mind it appears that my password was still stored in my browser all along
Wednesday, 1:01am - Darvince why not spend hours trying to get an old email back to retrieve it like I did for some account I can't remember what it was anymore oh yeah my facebook account to delete it
Monday, 12:13am - Bryan disappointed by the fact that i have lost the password to my 'aych bee' account and cannot retrieve it
Sunday, 4:46pm - Rocketguy2 eepers
Sunday, 4:06pm - HB now that i have deleted my internet history cloudflare no longer accepts my credentials and i am forced to view the ddos screening page every time i visit the interguild
Sunday, 12:13pm - I always knew he couldn't be trusted
Saturday, 7:33pm - HB did you know that bmwsu always wrote two spaces after punctuation
Friday, 12:45am - Darvince you should visit gondwana in india
Wednesday, 12:42am - HB can't wait for the interguild's inevitable transformation into parenting.com, at which point i will log off and never return
Tuesday, 10:54pm - Darvince yes i've
Tuesday, 8:37pm - Jorster all that karma counts
Tuesday, 6:02pm - SHOS So did you guys congratulate jory already?!
Tuesday, 8:41am - Darvince lol
Tuesday, 1:43am - HB yes but i believed that i would use my knowledge of scientific factoids in my daily life, as it turns out the only subjects that are currently relevant to my existence are mathematics and english
Monday, 1:48pm - Darvince they play a very large role it's just that it's invisible and you don't care about it  
Monday, 1:47pm - Darvince If you have children you will have children
Monday, 2:37am - HB cool example of the mandela effect: the flag of papua new guinea does not include a map of papua new guinea
Monday, 1:46am - HB when i was younger i also believed that el niño and the different classifications of rock (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) would also have a greater impact on my life
Monday, 12:08am - atvelonis my English prof is obsessed with .docx. She also writes in all caps on all her assignments, it's extremely disconcerting
Sunday, 10:39pm - HB we may never see jory again
Saturday, 5:43am - HB perhaps hate is too strong of a word but i immensely dislike the normal distribution
Friday, 10:14pm - HB feel the warm embrace of the matrix gods
Friday, 9:12pm - linear algebra is now both cool and fun
Friday, 3:44am - Rocketguy2 juice is now a dad
Friday, 2:34am - HB darvince, you are a baby boomer.
Thursday, 9:24am - Darvince classic baby boomer
Thursday, 1:35am - HB actually michael jackson was born in 1958 and died in 2009 at the age of fifty years and ten months. therefore it is only in april of 2060 that he shall have been dead for longer than he was alive. thank you for your attention
Thursday, 1:11am - Soccer ACKSHUALLY, they're like big frogs
Wednesday, 9:24pm - HB can you believe that michael jackson has now been dead for longer than he was ever alive
Wednesday, 3:17pm - Jorster they're like little frogs
Wednesday, 3:17pm - Jorster porsches are so cute
Wednesday, 3:25am - HB a hipster, sitting on a bench while reading 'ready player one' by whosit whatshisface
Tuesday, 9:48pm - HB imagine seeing your professor in public
Tuesday, 7:14pm - Soccer Imagine having a professor that is actually a succulent.
Tuesday, 2:15pm - jellsprout Imagine having a professor that is actually a succubus.
Monday, 8:37pm - HB imagine there's no heaven
Monday, 8:13pm - Jorster imagine
Monday, 7:54pm - Soccer imagine having
Monday, 6:06pm - Jorster imagine having a professor that doenst have a sullabus
Monday, 2:38pm - HB imagine your professor actually having syllabi
Monday, 9:20am - any professor who uploads their syllabus as a .docx and not as a .pdf really needs to get it together
Saturday, 11:07pm - HB i would like to announce that i have discovered a converse ripoff that actually has arch support
Saturday, 2:11pm - Darvince my muscle memory of hatpc level 10 gets me killed every time
Saturday, 2:11pm - Darvince wtf is up with that spot in level 10 in hatpcr
Friday, 11:18pm - HB 99 bottles of beer on the wall
Friday, 11:13am - Yimmy you sh
Friday, 4:52am - Darvince sh
Wednesday, 7:31am - Darvince But it was pixels on my screen!
Wednesday, 12:18am - HB I am sorry, but I would rather not Experience Germany's most popular lubricant brand  
Tuesday, 12:25pm - Darvince Experience Germany's most popular lubricant brand
Sunday, 10:06am - Darvince and it doesn't change
Sunday, 10:05am - Darvince they play a very large role it's just that it's invisible and you don't care about it
Sunday, 2:54am - HB as a child i believed that gondwanaland and laurasia would play a larger role in my life than they actually do as of the present
Thursday, 8:34am - Darvince gneurshk
Wednesday, 8:09pm - HB The reason is because the Canadian high school curriculum sucks with the power of 10,000 vacuums
Wednesday, 6:16pm - Rocketguy2 I now retroactively remember that subject specialization is not something done in america for a very long time
Wednesday, 6:16pm - Rocketguy2 If you found maths boring, then why did you do it at University?
Wednesday, 5:39pm - Sefro Discrete math is where it’s at. It’s what I wanted math to be for my entire life. I don’t know why I had to wait till university before I could learn about it. It should be taught in high school imo. It made all the boring math I had studied retroactively more interesting.
Wednesday, 11:18am - Rocketguy2 of course, I've done very little on them, and there's probably a whole new level of fun involved with them
Wednesday, 11:17am - Rocketguy2 matricies aren't that difficult
Tuesday, 8:58pm - HB i am glad that you have finally allowed yourself to feel the holy touch of the matrix gods
Tuesday, 4:15pm - it's still unfun though
Tuesday, 4:15pm - linear algebra is extremely cool
Saturday, 2:15pm - jellsprout Sure, but then you get to Ethics and Philosophy and you have to hold a debate on whether robo-you is still you and if conscience can actually be ran on silicium processors  and if you ever actually existed in the first place.
Friday, 10:43pm - HB my favourite part of my computer science class is the part where you build a robot, upload your consciousness into the robot, and become one with the robot.
Friday, 9:14pm - my favorite part of my math class is the part where i have to add and multiply fractions dozens of times by hand, realize i messed up, and then have to do it over again.
Thursday, 11:46pm - HB you can do it yaya. i believe in you
Thursday, 10:34pm - Yaya I'm in a similar situation where there's this Discord server I want to leave, but it's awkward because leaving a server automatically generates a notification that says "[User] has left the server" for everyone to see
Thursday, 4:04pm - Darvince something something they don't deserve you
Thursday, 4:03pm - Darvince good
Thursday, 1:18am - HB well i am here to tell you that i have finally done so
Thursday, 1:18am - HB remember when i was inquiring as to whether it is socially acceptable to remove an irritating person from your friends list on facebook
Monday, 10:09pm - HB rip google plus, am eagerly awaiting for facebook to go the same way.
Monday, 3:10am - Jorster lmao never move to seattle
Monday, 3:00am - HB the finest chemists will never be able to synthesize anything that smells worse than marijuana (allow me to rephrase this : i would rather live in a sewer, permanently, than to have to inhale the smell of marijuana ever again in my life)
Saturday, 7:44am - Rocketguy2 some would say you already have
Saturday, 4:25am - HB even if i somehow manage to live to be 200 years old i will never be able to come up with a concept that matches the stupidity of 'sleep on mic'.
Saturday, 2:34am - HB who knew that Yaya would be capable of the sickest burns on this side of the atlantic ocean
Friday, 8:31pm - Yaya As much as Wikipedia earns
Friday, 8:12pm - HB how much do you think i would earn from selling spoilers for tv shows
Friday, 12:38am - Darvince Jace's Archivist
Wednesday, 10:11pm - HB congratulations your browser is no longer vulnerable to actionscript exploits
Tuesday, 9:48pm - Yaya Welp, looks like everything flash-based on Neopets has stopped loading for me in Chrome
Tuesday, 6:11pm - Yimmy count from the lowest number possible
Tuesday, 5:10pm - Rocketguy2 count from -1
Tuesday, 3:30am - Jorster counting from 0 is superior
Tuesday, 3:29am - Jorster insane computer scientists are silly  
Monday, 10:29pm - HB inb4 'it's actually matrix laboratory'
Monday, 10:28pm - HB incorrect, matlab (mathematics laboratory) is an extremely excellent application, especially because it counts entries starting from 1 instead of 0, which is preferred by insane computer scientists
Monday, 9:33pm - matlab is extremely unfun
Monday, 3:28pm - SHOS Physics is comprised of two things alone - harmonic oscillator and gaussians. That's it
Sunday, 12:47pm - Yimmy physics has ghosts????
Sunday, 6:44am - jellsprout You should major physics. Then Gauss starts showing up bloody everywhere.
Saturday, 1:14pm - Jorster that and gaussian blur from image editing
Saturday, 12:03pm - Yaya Tfw I only recognize gauss from gauss rifles in video games
Saturday, 6:18am - Rocketguy2 why do Gaussian elimination when you can just eliminate your own life
Saturday, 4:32am - HB sounds like an excellent way to spend a friday night, unlike partying.
Saturday, 3:34am - my homework consisted of doing gaussian elimination 30+ times
Saturday, 2:07am - HB you are objectively incorrectamundo
Saturday, 1:03am - linear algebra is extremely unfun
Friday, 11:25pm - HB Michael jackson popcorn gif
Friday, 10:45pm - Yimmy rip nomic
Thursday, 9:54pm - HB rip van winkle much.
Thursday, 3:45pm - Rocketguy2 oof
Thursday, 2:34pm - Jebby blimey
Thursday, 5:59am - Isa 12 interguild years today
Thursday, 3:14am - Soccer If you own a home in Califronia with Monier roofing tiles, you may be entitled to receive compensation.
Thursday, 2:34am - Darvince when csd turns 30 the interguild will immediately shut down automatically
Wednesday, 12:39pm - Yaya ennui_irl
Wednesday, 2:32am - Jorster agreeth
Wednesday, 1:44am - Soccer how are you supposed to deal with stress if you haven't blacked out in the last 3 days
Wednesday, 1:38am - HB ennui
Wednesday, 12:18am - atvelonis Unsure what possesses one to party on a Tuesday
Monday, 12:56am - Jorster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diW6jXhLE0E
Monday, 12:28am - HB my god can you ever go a single week without partying.
Sunday, 6:27pm - HB no.
Sunday, 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 can you prove that there's two people instead of one
Sunday, 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 but what if there's only two people left on the earth
Saturday, 7:19pm - HB you don't get it: in order to confirm that you and i are not the same person, both of us must be observed in the same room by a third person.
Saturday, 4:51pm - Yimmy i've never seen hb and myself in the same room together. mildly concerning
Saturday, 4:50pm - Darvince and now you are cursed
Saturday, 4:50pm - Darvince you've been blessed for never having to find out about it
Saturday, 4:49pm - HB i don't know what that means but it sounds furry
Saturday, 4:44pm - Darvince Foreverial Tiedup Tony Toponi, fully delitized and fully wrapped, tiedup like a mummy.
Saturday, 3:00pm - Yaya I've never seen HB & my 19 year old sister in the same room together. Mildly concerning
Saturday, 2:00pm - Jorster 1991 you are but a baby
Saturday, 4:38am - Rocketguy2 she's as old as bang_jan
Saturday, 4:37am - Rocketguy2 oh damn, the age reveal from HB
Saturday, 1:35am - HB the year of 2030 concerns me as a concept, as i shall be 31
Saturday, 1:24am - Darvince don't worry they'll still be offering flash programming classes in 2030 because it'll be a tradition
Saturday, 1:14am - HB it concerns me that my old high school is still offering flash programming classes considering that flash is going to be discontinued within 2 years
Saturday, 12:08am - Jorster I have a good pair of nikes that supports the arch properly
Saturday, 12:08am - Jorster yeezys
Friday, 11:40pm - HB does anyone have a suggestion for a cool, stylish shoe that offers more arch support than converse - and don't say yeezys
Friday, 11:02pm - Jorster you're wrong and stupid, sorry
Friday, 9:42pm - HB coffee is absolutely awful I am never drinking it again?
Friday, 9:38pm - HB Pretty sure that has always been the case as real life political events have always been a taboo subject on neopets
Friday, 9:30pm - Darvince soon you will be unable to say tiananmen square on neopets
Friday, 9:20pm - Yaya Did anyone else know Jumpstart was bought by some Chinese gaming company last year?
Friday, 6:46pm - Jorster just kidding this is the link https://discord.gg/rUQkXF6
Friday, 6:46pm - Jorster https://discord.gg/4jABHV
Friday, 6:46pm - Jorster there is now
Friday, 3:49pm - Is there an Interguild Discord? would be cool
Friday, 1:32pm - Darvince that sounds like something i would do but don't do because i don't gain anything from it
Friday, 12:56pm - Yaya is that a thing
Friday, 3:17am - HB unfortunately this person appears to be the kind of individual who regularly exports their friends list into an excel sheet and compares the changes whenever they see that their number of friends has decreased
Friday, 3:01am - Soccer yes
Friday, 1:17am - HB is it socially acceptable to delete someone from your facebook if (1) you have only spoken to them once, approximately exactly 1 year and 12 days ago, and (2) they are incredibly irritating
Friday, 12:10am - HB you know what's annoying: people with foreign significant others whom they refer to as The Demonym, just to create that air of mystery and exoticism
Thursday, 10:56pm - HB a hipster, sitting on a bench while reading 'just kids' by patti smith
Thursday, 1:30pm - Darvince every day I thank God that my suggested ads are still completely irrelevant to my interests
Thursday, 12:18pm - Rocketguy2 chaotic? Definitely, but good? Debatable
Thursday, 10:55am - Jorster chaotic good
Thursday, 3:18am - HB if i had a d&d alignment, what would it be
Thursday, 12:33am - Jorster its because flinstones vitamins have become such a household name that to change it would be silly and waste a LOT of marketing
Thursday, 12:32am - Jorster i would die before i purchased rick and morty shaped vitamins
Wednesday, 10:07pm - HB like... i don't know, rick and morty? steven universe? peppa pig??? billions of dollars right there.
Wednesday, 10:07pm - HB why are flintstones vitamins still being produced. the flintstones may have been relevant during the cold war but they certainly aren't anymore? shouldn't pharmaceutical companies start capitalizing on modern cartoons
Wednesday, 8:43pm - HB if there are four people in a room then any one person can comfirm that the other three people are not the same person

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