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Tuesday, 5:05pm - Rocketguy2 The correct response is singing along to orchestral remixes of songs
Sunday, 5:29pm - HB this man is absolutely obsessed with adult contemporary female singers who were popular in the nineties, such as sarah maclachlan
Sunday, 3:33am - HB oh my god my neighbour listened to the song 'sunny came home' five times in a row this morning while singing along and now fourteen hours later he is doing it again
Sunday, 3:32am - HB we shall never forget the day when obama deemed us worthy enough to visit our lowly website
Friday, 3:32pm - Yimmy was it obama, yaya
Friday, 2:57pm - atvelonis FINALS ARE DONE
Friday, 8:25am - Yaya Guess who found a dog tick behind their ear last night orz
Thursday, 9:33pm - Yaya work is tiring
Thursday, 5:46am - Darvince :pensive_bread:
Wednesday, 11:51pm - atvelonis interguild my true love why have you been so quiet
Wednesday, 8:56pm - atvelonis stupid cs exam done
Sunday, 8:58pm - HB it would appear that CSD also came on last night when i believed that he had disappeared for good after turning thirty
Sunday, 1:22pm - Yaya Huh, apparently Droidfreak came on at the end of March. I thought he had disappeared for good
Tuesday, 4:46am - Darvince thanks
Wednesday, 10:56pm - atvelonis I see some people online complaining about the blurriness but I'm actually fascinated by the photo. The coloration offers this fiery intensity contrasted by the unseeable darkness in the center. The color gradient is really visually appealing... idk. I like it a lot.
Wednesday, 2:51pm - HB
Tuesday, 7:33pm - Yaya Sounds related to anatidaephobia
Tuesday, 4:04pm - HB once i stared at a crow for too long and it started following me. i would walk a few steps forward, look back, and then the crow would glide towards me. this happened about four times. i was genuinely frightened
Tuesday, 1:36am - atvelonis Fascinating. You know, they always remember a face. Treat them well.
Monday, 10:25pm - HB I saw three (3) crows
Monday, 2:13am - atvelonis I saw two geese today
Sunday, 3:38pm - HB on thursday I saw twelve (12) daffodils.
Saturday, 9:48pm - atvelonis it was so nice today. I took a walk and saw some flowers. Really pretty
Saturday, 9:56am - SHOS To me it offers to purchase houses in Santiago
Friday, 5:41pm - Yaya Interguild giving me ads about teen moms with anxiety. Guess that goth dating went south, huh
Thursday, 5:48am - SHOS Lol my "too dry" vid just got copyright claims after a zillion years
Wednesday, 3:39am - HB LIVING on a PRAYER
Wednesday, 1:28am - atvelonis we haven't been gotten as long as we got each other
Tuesday, 11:40pm - Yimmy but on a much more real level, we are the ones who have been gotten
Tuesday, 9:23pm - Yaya g o t t e m
Tuesday, 3:15pm - atvelonis interguild? more like interBROKEN hahahahaha
Monday, 2:19pm - Livio lol
Monday, 2:13pm - Yaya (????)
Monday, 2:08pm - Livio Hey, Darvince
Monday, 1:58pm - Darvince is this LOSS? XD
Monday, 10:04am - Livio that's cool
Monday, 9:55am - Yaya April fool
Monday, 9:54am - Yaya Interguil is interkil
Monday, 2:18am - Livio ...
Monday, 2:04am - HB Hi LivvieCoke
Monday, 1:43am - Livio Hey guys!
Monday, 1:34am - Yimmy hello livio
Monday, 1:34am - Yimmy huh its livio haha
Monday, 12:20am - Livio ...
Sunday, 12:41pm - atvelonis he kinda brought it upon himself
Friday, 5:13pm - Yaya The most important one being they removed all mentions of notch from the game *dab*
Wednesday, 4:49am - atvelonis how are there so many updates to minecraft
Tuesday, 12:40am - atvelonis spring is coming
Friday, 1:19am - atvelonis https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/03/hottest-chat-app-teens-google-docs/584857/
Saturday, 5:37pm - Yimmy im sorry i didnt look at tge months
Saturday, 3:06pm - HB did csd decide to quit the interguild after turning 30
Saturday, 1:51am - Darvince - the beginning of the end
Saturday, 1:51am - Darvince kol what the pony borg collective
Friday, 4:41pm - atvelonis 2 members online at once, a rare sight  
Friday, 1:19pm - Yaya Read that as eat your own hair at first. Both could make sense in that context
Thursday, 9:28pm - HB >implying that i did not impulsively cut my own hair after performing extremely poorly on a vector calculus exam
Thursday, 9:27pm - HB >hairdresser
Thursday, 9:27pm - HB >8 days
Thursday, 2:39pm - Yimmy just 8 days before you got sick huh. i'd nvestigate your hairdresser
Thursday, 1:38am - HB also the last time i cut my hair was on November 9th, 2018 as i am only able to remember dates when they are associated with vector calculus exams.
Thursday, 1:36am - HB the last time i got sick was on December 17th, 2018.
Thursday, 1:36am - HB well going by his name alone 'papa' john is probably a parent so what i said previously still stands.
Thursday, 1:15am - Yimmy papa johns is usually the culprit. i would probably get sick less if i had the self control to turn down free pizza  
Thursday, 12:32am - atvelonis I have a weirdly good immune system. I haven't gotten seriously sick since I was in like 3rd grade.
Wednesday, 11:00pm - HB if i got sick semi-monthly i would be accusing my parental units of deliberately poisoning my food
Wednesday, 5:22pm - Yimmy you get used to throwing up if you get sick semi-monthly
Wednesday, 1:07pm - Yaya Threw up last night for non-alcohol reasons like for the first time in 11 or 12 years. Would not recommend
Monday, 2:53am - HB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRAmIca6qe4&app=desktop
Sunday, 1:32pm - Darvince when there were
Saturday, 2:22am - atvelonis cannot wait until spring break
Tuesday, 11:59pm - Darvince cocodrilo
Tuesday, 6:17pm - Yaya 1.5-2 hours
Tuesday, 3:00pm - atvelonis what's everyone's recommended nap length
Friday, 9:37pm - atvelonis friday yea boiiii
Friday, 12:39pm - Rocketguy2 Not even god can prepare you for what you are about to see
Monday, 1:28pm - Darvince it's 15
Sunday, 3:04am - HB i am unfamiliar with freedom units
Saturday, 11:04pm - atvelonis i had forgotten what it was like to go outside and not have to brace myself for the cold slapping me across the face
Saturday, 11:04pm - atvelonis actually a lovely temperature for midwinter
Saturday, 12:14pm - Darvince welcome back to life interwuields
Thursday, 12:50am - HB atvelonis is that supposed to be cold or unbearably, flesh-searingly hot
Thursday, 12:46am - HB Happy birthday 26-year-old shos
Wednesday, 6:07pm - SHOS Jesus christ, I haven't been here in a long while
Wednesday, 1:13am - atvelonis 60 degrees!
Tuesday, 4:09am - HB fdigj;ocmgciei
Tuesday, 5:08pm - Yaya Yimyam got grown
Monday, 10:30pm - atvelonis nice
Saturday, 11:16pm - HB happy birthday Yimmy, now you are finally the same age as Neezles
Saturday, 9:47pm - Yimmy im 16 now woo
Saturday, 12:52am - Darvince
Friday, 8:47pm - HB   Their situation is only slightly different from the middle group, except that their entertainment budget is limited to simple things, and "grand" things such as a Wii or a computer on their children's birthdays.  
Friday, 12:30pm - Darvince ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Friday, 12:26pm - Darvince can you don't
Thursday, 12:27am - atvelonis AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Tuesday, 10:18pm - HB You will usually get a car during this period, as it is the main way to get around in North America and Australia, and a very good way to get around in Europe, while not the best.
Monday, 1:02pm - Rocketguy2 Open your window?
Saturday, 3:18pm - HB i still think that "Quirvy's Wife (never ending story inspired by Game of Thrones)" was an excellent commentary on the state of modern fantasy literature
Saturday, 7:12am - Darvince it is one of the only things that makes me wish i was born earlier
Saturday, 7:11am - Darvince god i hate the open your window topic and everything it spawned
Friday, 8:52pm - HB disappointed that the SMF returns thread remains untouched eighteen days into the new year
Friday, 1:45pm - HB Hear that? It's the sound of depression
Thursday, 8:35pm - Darvince open your window
Monday, 4:59pm - Jorster i immediately thought of this one
Monday, 4:59pm - Jorster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WPCLda_erI
Monday, 12:14am - Darvince YES that's it
Sunday, 11:42pm - Soccer that's a classic
Sunday, 6:11pm - Livio Darvince you mean this song: http://www.interguild.org/videos/viewvid.php?vid=115
Sunday, 4:35pm - Yaya Are you talking about HATPC walkthroughs, or the internet in general
Sunday, 3:33am - HB you've got to be more specific ... what genre was it. emo? trashy europop? pre-dubstep-dubstep?
Sunday, 2:12am - Darvince what's the song that was th music on like 50% of walkthroughs in 2008/09/10ish
Sunday, 12:29am - HB http://www.interguild.org/members/forums/topic.php?id=1024&page_number=2 excusez-moi
Sunday, 12:28am - HB yaya i would like you to know that i associate you with the consumption of abundant amounts of shrimp cocktails on a beach in florida.
Thursday, 11:27pm - Darvince drive across the pacific
Thursday, 11:21pm - atvelonis gonna get into that car of yours and drive around the world?
Thursday, 10:55pm - Yimmy i might get a new life when i turn sixteen  
Tuesday, 3:30pm - Jorster 2018
Monday, 9:56pm - atvelonis a week in 2019 and I'm still writing 2018 whenever I have to do the date. when will this torture end
Wednesday, 5:08am - Darvince neither does the rest of the forum
Tuesday, 12:14am - Yaya lol, the chatbox did not like those emojis
Tuesday, 12:13am - Yaya Happy 2019 ??????????
Monday, 1:28am - Darvince at the period
Friday, 2:31am - Bryan when did we find out that timi = egruntz
Thursday, 4:12pm - HB a young teenage boy named Evan Gruntz contacted his ISP to change his IP, went on the interguild and "matured" his way into staff, and said that he wanted to marry and share a bed with neezles. that's all you need to know ... oh yeah and then after the whole thing blew over he came back to the interguild to ask for 20,000 dollars
Thursday, 3:11pm - Yimmy can  someone catch me up on imtimi
Thursday, 11:21am - Rocketguy2 do you know the mannequins at victoria's secret?
Wednesday, 6:49pm - HB today i have learned that all of the mannequins at victorias secret are infected with chickenpox
Tuesday, 7:37pm - HB attention people : please refrain from spreading rumours about people whom you do not know. instead, only spread rumours about people whom you actually know.
Tuesday, 5:19pm - Darvince .... obviously ...
Tuesday, 3:33pm - HB and of course justin trudeau as well can't forget him obviously ...
Tuesday, 2:21pm - HB happy birthday to isaac newton as well as Jesus
Tuesday, 12:25pm - Darvince lmao wait did i use the a_neezles_a account to post in staff forum that one time
Monday, 5:59pm - HB https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-cube-root-of-343 quora is amazing
Monday, 1:11am - HB RIP michael jackson
Sunday, 2:55am - HB out of all the 7,672,064,554 people in the world that i don't care about, meng wanzhou is the one that i care about the least.
Saturday, 11:39am - atvelonis Oh and also I finished DOOM (2016) again. Review
Saturday, 11:16am - atvelonis WINTER BREAAAAAAK
Saturday, 8:24am - Rocketguy2 hydrochloric, not even once
Saturday, 8:24am - Rocketguy2 last time I took acid, my hands disintegrating
Saturday, 12:57am - HB oppa gangnam style
Friday, 10:12pm - Jorster drop them tabs darvince
Friday, 9:20pm - HB tfw you accidentally dip your hands into the acid waste bucket
Friday, 8:58pm - Darvince TIL i've used acid 5 times
Friday, 7:14pm - Jorster it happens after your 5th acid trip
Friday, 2:49pm - Rocketguy2 I don't know what il/legal substances you've been using, but last I checked I hadn't unlocked autocomplete for the mind
Friday, 1:20am - Darvince there is autocomplete for the chatbox for the same reason there's autocomplete for the mind: it's faster, it's easier, it's simpler
Wednesday, 2:32pm - HB congratulations to jazz on writing his stats exam
Wednesday, 12:07pm - Rocketguy2 why is there autocomplete for the chatbox
Wednesday, 6:45am - Darvince I guess that answers the question that's still in my chatbox autocomplete "Is Neezles still in high school?"
Wednesday, 1:54am - bryan Bryan
Wednesday, 12:23am - HB on the other hand i continue to dislike babies as much as ever
Sunday, 4:19pm - Darvince cease and desist
Saturday, 4:47pm - Yimmy geometry at work
Friday, 11:11pm - HB cOnTrApOsItIvE sTaTeMeNt : If You Are Not Doing Endless Maths, Then You Are Writing Long Essays!
Friday, 4:06pm - Darvince if you're not writing long essays you're doing endless maths
Friday, 1:34pm - HB tfw the last essay you wrote was in april and it was in a foreign language.
Friday, 11:14am - Rocketguy2 lol at y'all doing subjects which require writing essays
Friday, 4:31am - atvelonis man I really love writing essays hahahh
Friday, 4:26am - Darvince i should've made more posts in the dartalk thread oh man
Thursday, 3:10pm - Darvince my soul when livio talks like darvince
Monday, 12:56pm - atvelonis I N T E R N A T I O N E E Z L E
Sunday, 6:00am - Darvince NICE
Sunday, 6:00am - Darvince ?????????????????? ????? ????????????????? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong website ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no admins ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ?????????????????? ????? ?????????????????
Thursday, 1:08pm - Yimmy the movie is cussing great
Thursday, 11:45am - Rocketguy2 I don't think you've read Fantastic Mr Fox before
Thursday, 5:17am - HB isn't Fantastic Mr. Fox basically animal farm with foxes instead of pigs as the most powerful species
Wednesday, 6:09pm - Rocketguy2 isn't that post basically Fantastic Mr Fox in a nutshell
Tuesday, 4:07pm - Yaya you betcha
Tuesday, 3:59pm - Soccer a wild yaya appeared!
Monday, 11:40pm - HB neighbours shall not be a component of my cave experience
Monday, 6:29pm - Yaya Relevant
Monday, 10:00am - atvelonis nice
Monday, 1:31am - HB i have discovered some prime real estate for me to inhabit https://www.canadiangeographic.ca/article/canadian-team-confirms-presence-huge-unexplored-cave-british-columbia
Sunday, 7:56am - Darvince thank god caves aren't conscious
Saturday, 10:19pm - Soccer hannah and the cave with no human interaction or internet
Saturday, 12:46am - HB http://www.interguild.org/levels/index.php?id=518 this level is now a 'freshman' in high school
Friday, 11:12pm - Yaya we have the technology
Friday, 7:58pm - Darvince decade old bumps are now possible
Tuesday, 9:48am - Yaya my dream is to (1) be a time travelling ghost and (2) have character customization
Monday, 10:51pm - HB well that is simply your opinion
Monday, 4:16pm - Jorster HARD AGREE
Monday, 2:32pm - jellsprout That would get boring really quick.
Friday, 10:39pm - HB my dream is to (1) become immortal and (2) live in a cave with no human interaction or internet
Friday, 3:33am - Darvince what
Monday, 9:17pm - HB kon sitei
Monday, 7:12pm - Darvince kol
Sunday, 4:06am - Darvince was it you hb
Sunday, 12:09am - Darvince they added a single r
Sunday, 12:09am - Darvince mfw someone edited one of the clique fanfictions three days ago
Saturday, 4:57pm - Jorster Thank you!
Saturday, 3:23pm - Jebby Congratulations Jorster on (AFAIK) the first Interguild baby. time certainly flies. I wish all the best to you and your family.
Thursday, 10:40pm - Quirvy "How many of you, were you told this around 2010, would scoff at the idea of HB being the one who keeps the Interguild alive in 2018?" To be honest I probably wouldn't have thought the idea that surprising
Thursday, 5:26pm - snow
Thursday, 2:21am - HB i was not close enough to see
Thursday, 12:45am - Yaya Did he escape on his heeley's, leaving behind a trail of katana sparks and dorito dust
Wednesday, 9:31pm - HB wow today i actually saw one of those infamous 'lady fedora neckbeards' in real life. i did not know that they were a thing
Wednesday, 6:42pm - Yaya It really do HB lke that sometimes
Wednesday, 1:11am - HB At one point, sources said, aych bee turned to admin Livio de la Cruz and screamed, "You (bleeping) need me. You can't win without me." aych bee left administrators and moderators largely speechless. She dominated the forum in every way. aych bee's back.
Wednesday, 1:06am - HB aych bee's hegemony over the interguild shall never end

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