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What is the Uploader Glitch?

The glitch first appeared in January of 2008, and it is triggered when you use two use two arrows on the same line that face in opposite directions away from each other. For example, if you have a line in the code of your level such as this: ...xx<xxx>xx..., the glitch will be triggered, but if you uses something like this: ...xx>xxx<xx..., then it won't be triggered. It doesn't matter what's between or arround the two arrows; if they are facing away from each other on the same line, then it will trigger the glitch. If you do not fix this glitch, the entire line of code will be omitted when you play the level. Also note that a scenario such as this: xx<>xx will not trigger the glitch because there is nothing between the arrows.

terrain 1
background 1
water clear
x       K              ooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooxxxx
x       K              ooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooxxxxx
x       |              ooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooxxxxxx
x       |  KKKKKKKKKKKKooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxx
x   >   |  KKKKKKKKKKKK>>>>>>>>>>> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxx
x   |<< | <<<<<<<<<<<<<           <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxxxxx
x>      |                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooxxxxxxxxxx
x       K                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxxx
x       K              =========== xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxx
x       K  mmmmmmmmmmmm>          ^                             xxxxxKxxxxx      x
x^  <#  K  zzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                zx            /           x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx           xxxx                 zx                        x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                 xxx                  xx            =           x
x                                 xx                b  zx                        x
x                                 x              b     zx                        x
x                                 x          b b       xx                        x
x                                 z        b           zx            =           x
x                                 xx                   zx                        x
x                                 xxx                  xx                        x
x                                xxxxx                 zx                        x
x                  x            xxxxxxx                zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=xxxxxxx
x                x x           xxxxxxxxx               xxxxxxxxxxxx              x
x    xx    xx  x xxx   x  x  xxxxxxxxxxxx                                        x
x   xxx    xx  xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                       x
x   xxx   xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxx          x                            x
x  xxxxx  zzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxw+wxxxx         xxx                           x
x  xxxxx xxzxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxxxxxxw w   wxxxmmmmmmmmxxxxx           x              x
x  xxxxxxxxzxxxxxwx xxxxxxxxxxxw       wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              x
x  xxwwxxxx wxxwx x xxxwxxwxxww         xxxwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwxxxxmmm           x
x xxw  xxxx  xx w x wxw ww ww           xxw z   x    z    z    wwxxxxxmmmmmmmmmmmx
x xx   xxxw  xw   w  w                x xw  x   zz x x   xx      wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xw   wxx   w                        x x z xx xxx x xx  xx   x   wwwxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x x     xw                         x  x w x xxzxxxzxzxx zxxx  xx     wxxxxxxxxxxxx
x x     w                          x xx  zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x    wxxxxxxxxxxx
x x        L                      xxxxxxzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+xxx  x  wwxxxxxxxxx
x                                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxwxxxxwzxzzxxxx x    wwxxxxxxx
x                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wxwx+xxxw zzzxxxxxxxx     wwxxxxx
x                           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxw  x x wxx  xxxwxxxxxxx  xx   wxxxx
x                      xxxxxxxxxxxxwxxwxxx+xwxw   w w  xw  wxx wxxxxxxx xx    wxxx
x                     xxxxxxxxxxxxx xw xxw w w x       w    xw  xwxxxxxxxxx x  wxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx        xxxxxxxxxxxwwxw w  ww     xx x x x    x w   w xxwxxxxxx x   wx
xwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwwwwwww  x       z x zzz x xzx  xxx   x   wx xxxxxxxxx   x
x wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww     +x+ w x  x  xxx xxxxxzxzxx xxx  xx x  w wxxxxxxxxm  x
xK                        x  xxx   x  x  xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     xxwwxxxxx  x
x+ mx     x  x x   x x  x x  zzz xxx xx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xzx wx  xxxxx  x
x xxx  x xx xx x  xx x xxzx zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzx  w  wxwxxm x
x xxx xx xx zzxx xxz xzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xwxwzwxxxxxxxxxxxxxzx      x xxx x
x xxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxwxxw x x z+xxwwxxxxwxxxxxxxx    w wxx x
x xxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxwxxwzz w ww  w w xbwx  wxxw xxxxxxxx x     xx x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw wxxx xx zz           w  w   ww  wxxxxxxx x   x wx x
x xxxxxxxxwxxwwwxxxwxwxxwxxxw  b  w xw xx b      x z            wxwxwzxxx   x  x x
x    xxwxw ww   xxw^x xw wwx   xx   w  ww     x  x xx   x x  x   x w zz+xx  xx x x
xmxx xw x       xw |w wz   w  zxxx            xx xzxxmx xxx  xxx w   xxxxx xxx+w x
xxxx w  w     m w |x   x x   xzxxxx  xxx      xxxxxxxwx xxx  xxx     wwxxx xxxx  x
xxxx       xmzx> |xxx  xzx  xxxxxxxx xxxxmmmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x    zwx zzzz xx
xxxxx x   xxxxxxxxxxxx^xzxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xzx  z xxxxxzzxx
xxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xw xxxxxxzxx
xxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwx wxxxwxwxxwxxxxxxx x  xxxxwxxxx
xxwwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw  wxxxxxxxxxxxxwxx w  xwxowoxx wwxxxxxxx  wxx> wVxx
xw  xxxxxxxxxxwxxxxwxxxwxwxxxw    wxxwwwxxxxxx xx    x xoooxx   xxxxxxxm  xxz+w|xx
x   xxxxxxxwxw xxxw wxx w xxw b    wx   wxxxxx xw   mx w<<<ww   wzwxxxxx  xxx= xwx
x   wxxxxxw x  xww   ww   wx        x    wwxwx w    xx    ^     zz wxxxxm wxx  w x
x    wwxww  w  w           x   "b   w      w x      xx     x zmxxx  wxxxx  xx    x
z      w                   w   "x            x      xx     x xxxxw   xwz+  wx +  x
z                              "x            x      xx    oxzxxxw z  w zxm  w =  x
zx=                    mmm     "xx           w     mxx    xxxxxw mx    xxx      +x
zx          x          zzz     "xx   x             xxx   oxxxxw mxxxx  wxxm     =x
zx"      xzxx          xzx   b "bx   x            mxxx   xxxxw mxxxxx   xxx      x
zx       xzxx      xmxxxzx      xx xm>      mx    xxxx  oxx x mxxxxxxzx wxx      x
zx    xx xzzz    xxxzxxzzx      xx xzxx   mxzx  x=xxww oxxx x xxxxxxxxx  xxm    +x
zxx  xxxxxxxxx   xxxzzzzzxx     xxxxzxx   xxzxx x xw   zxx    xxxxxxxxx  wxxbb===x
zxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxzzzzzxxx    bzzzzxx x xxzxx=x z   ozzz    xxxxxxxxxx  xxm    x
zxxx xxxxxxxxxxx zxxxxxzzxxx b  xxxxzzx xxxxgzzzx z x xxxx=   xxxxxxxxxxx xxx    x
zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zxxxxxxzxxx    bzxxxzxxxxxxxxxxx|x x xxx     xxxxxxxxxxx wxx    x
zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxmxxxx   xzxxxzzzzzzzzzzzx w x xx     =xxxxzxxxxxx  xx    x
z~      xxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxzx m x x       xxxxGxxxxxxx=wx    x
x      Dxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx^x xmx       xxxx x xxxxx  w    x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx            x+zzzzz    mmmx

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