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What is the Uploader Glitch?

The glitch first appeared in January of 2008, and it is triggered when you use two use two arrows on the same line that face in opposite directions away from each other. For example, if you have a line in the code of your level such as this: ...xx<xxx>xx..., the glitch will be triggered, but if you uses something like this: ...xx>xxx<xx..., then it won't be triggered. It doesn't matter what's between or arround the two arrows; if they are facing away from each other on the same line, then it will trigger the glitch. If you do not fix this glitch, the entire line of code will be omitted when you play the level. Also note that a scenario such as this: xx<>xx will not trigger the glitch because there is nothing between the arrows.

terrain 4
background 1
water clear
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   tt    xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...xw         wwxxxxxx
xxxwwwwwxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<xx      kkk| <      wxxxxx
xxx      xxxxxxxxxx+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbw       kk|kxxxm     xxxxx
xx  ooo lxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw    o o  k|kkxxxx     wwxxx
xxbbbbbbbxxxxxxxxxxkxwwxxxxxxxxxxxxx  o  ==== |kkxxxxxmm     xxx
xxbbbbbbbxxxxxxxxxxkw  wxxxxxxxxxxx  ==  o    xxxxxxxxxxm    xxx
xxxxbbbb xxxxxxxxxxk mb xxxxxxwwwkk  /   === xxxxxxxxxxxxm   xxx
xxxxxxxm wxxxxxxxxxkmxxmwx..xw   kk     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx==xxx
xxxxxxxx  x.......xkxxxxmk       k|    mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxx
xxxxxxxw          xkxxxxxk  tt  xkk   mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxx
xxxxxxx u          k|vvxxk     mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ =xxx
xxxxxxw tt           ||vwk     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ "xxx
xxxxxx      xxxx       ||b    mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//" xxx
xxxxxx    xxxxxxx           mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//"  xxx
xxxxxx    xxxxxxxx      ^   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxw       xxxxxk/"  xxxx
xxxxxx    wxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxxxxxxxw          <>vk===xxxxx
xxxxxxmm   wxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw    >   > |<  k   xxxxx
xxxxxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     xxx   xx   m 1 >^>b   xxxxx
xxxxxxxxm    4 x...xxxxxxxxxxxxx      wx   xx   x        xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxm     w   wwxxxxxxxxxxw       x  xxxxxxxxx      xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxm )        xxxxxxxxxx    /     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxm     u    xxxxxxxww [   xxxxxxxx+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxmmm       xxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxw       wxxxxxxwkwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzxxxxxxxmm    =  xwxwwx k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzxxxxxxxxx   /  vw w< x kmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx      xxxxxxxxxxm       m   w"kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx      mxxxxxxxxxxx=      x k< "k<   <|   <xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxw       mxxxxxxxxxxxx /     k   m" mxxxxvxxxx||||xxxxx
xxxxxxxwww     b bxxxxxxxxxxxxxmm     k> kx" xxxxw wwxxxxxx|xxxx
xxxxxxx          mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx= > |   x" wwww    wwwxxx|xxxx
xxxxxxw      bmmmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^^^w"   k        xxx|xxxx
xxxxxx       mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     "   kvv  v   wxx|xxxx
xxxxxx     / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     "   k ||||v   xx|xxxx
xxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    "   k|    |vv xx|xxxx
xxxxxw      mxxxxxxxxxxxxwwwwwxxxxxxxxxxooooox k|   <v|  x|xxxxx
xxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxw     wxxxxxxxxxxoooox kk    |  mx|xxxxx
xxxxx    / mxxxxxxxxxxxw       wxxxxxxxxxoooxxxk        xx|xxxxx
xxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxx         xxx>>> >>>bxxxxk       <xx|xxxxx
xxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxw         wxw  xxxxx xxxxxxx=   [||||xxxxx
xxxx  v  mmxxxxxxxxxxw    |||||  w   xxxxx xxxxxxx     xxxxwxxxx
xxx     mxxxxxxxxxxxx    |    v       < <x xxxxxxw  ^=xxxxw wxxx
xx      xxxxxxxxxxxxw   =|  mm     ^ |<|<x xxxxxx    xxxxx mmxxx
xx    | xxxxxxxxxxxx     | mxx>     |<|< vvxxxxxx    xxxxxmxxxxx
xx   ^^^xxxxxxxxxxxx     |xxxxx      < |<| vxxxxxm  =xxxxxxxxxxx
xx    mmxxxxxxxxxxxx|    |xxxxxm      <||<| xxxxxx    k/wxxxxxxx
xx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   =|xxxvxxxx    < <<| xxxxxx    k/  xxxxxx
xx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   |xxxx xxxxxxx     > <xxxxxx   k/  wxxxxx
xx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   |<xxx xxxxxxx       xxxxxxxx  k/   xxxxx
xx  ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx|=  |xxxx vvvvvvx       xxxxxxxxxxxx==xxxxxx
xx    xxxxxxxxxxx       |xxxx ||||||x|||||||xxxxxxxxxxxx" xxxxxx
xxm   xxxxxxxxxxx      | xxxx^      x    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" xxxxxx
xxx    wxxxxxxxw      |  xxxx       x   xxxxxxxxxxwwxxww" xxxxxx
xxx     wxxxxxw       |  xxxx       w xxxxxxxxxxxx  ww   mxxxxxx
xxx      wxxxx  [=]  x|  <xxx      ^  xxxxxxxxxxxw   2   xxxxxxx
xxx       xxxx     mmx    xxx|||||||xxxxxx    xxxxx====xxxxxxxxx
xxxm      wwww     xxx>  ^xxx      xxxxxx      xxx     xxxxxxxxx
xxxxm    >        ||||xxxxxxx      xxxxxx       ww      x xzzxxx
xxxxxm ||||||||||||xxxxwwwwxx  (m xxxxxxx     > >      <k+zzzxxx
xxxxxx            xxxww    wx   xmxxxxxxx==x       xxxxxxxxx"xxx
xxx>w mmm         mww         m vxxxxxxxx"|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"wxx
xxx"xxxxxmmmmmmmmxxmm   xxxxxkxm wxxxxxxx"|xxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxw" xx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx       xx"|xxxxxxxxxxxx b x " xx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxx/   < xxxxxxxxx       x "|xxxxxxxxx    k     xx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxx|      xwwxxxx          " |||xxxxx>  < <   zmxx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxx|  xxxxx   xxw        >      |xxxxxxx |  xxzxxx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxx|   xxxxw          xxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx||xxxzxxx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxxxx|   xxxx        / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xx=xxx
xxx"xxxxxxx|||||   mxxxw  ===xxx=xxwwwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   zzzxxx
xxx"xxxxxx|        xxxx    |xxxx|xx   wxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     zzzxxx
xxx"xxxxx|  bb     xxxw     xxxxkkw    xxxxxxxxxxxx>|   <xxxxxxx
xxx"xxxxb|  bb     xxx =   ^xxx kk      xxxxxxxxxxg>|    xxxxxxx
xxx"xxxxx|  xx    xxxxm >  |xxx k<   <  xxxwxxxxxxkx|mmmxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxxx|"xxxxx  xxxxx    mxxx k|k| <= xxwoxxxxxx |xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxx>|"xxxxxxxxxxxxm   xxxx kk|k k  wx v xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxx>|"xxxxxxxxxxxxxm xxxxw |k|k |k  w(   wxxw xxxxxwwwxxxxx
xxx"xxxxx|"x  xxxxxxxxxxx xxx   |kkkm|k  zm   <wx  wxxxw  mxxxxx
xxx"xxxxb|vw  wxxxxxwwxxx=xxx   k|kkk|xxxxx     m   xxwlbmxxxxxx
xxx"xxxx>|     xxxxw  xxx x     k|kk|xxxxxx^   mxm  xxkkbxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxx>|     wxww       w     kk||xxwwxxx mxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxxx>k   |>w  m  mmm   |  bkkk|xx  wxx xxxxxw  xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxxxxxxxx===xxx/|||xxxxx||||||xxw   xx=xxxxw  mxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxxxxww           |xxxxxxxxx xxxx     w xxxwm  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"xxx              |xxxxxxxxx  xxxx       xxx xm wxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx"         xxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxx  | xxw  xm   zz  xx  xxxxxw xxxxx
xxx"    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   b ww <xxxx==xx #xw  wxxxw  wwxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         xxxxmxxx ^wm  mxxw     xxx
xxxxxxxxx     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      =xxxxxxxw   x  xxx  /b mxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmDm   bwwxxwwx   mx mxxxmoobmxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|m mb  ww      zzmxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|mxb b ! bb  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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