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What is the Uploader Glitch?

The glitch first appeared in January of 2008, and it is triggered when you use two use two arrows on the same line that face in opposite directions away from each other. For example, if you have a line in the code of your level such as this: ...xx<xxx>xx..., the glitch will be triggered, but if you uses something like this: ...xx>xxx<xx..., then it won't be triggered. It doesn't matter what's between or arround the two arrows; if they are facing away from each other on the same line, then it will trigger the glitch. If you do not fix this glitch, the entire line of code will be omitted when you play the level. Also note that a scenario such as this: xx<>xx will not trigger the glitch because there is nothing between the arrows.

terrain 4
background 1
water clear
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxww|  xxwwwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxx  |  >|||||||||||||||||||||||||||w<x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxbxxxxxxxxxxxxx x|      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxwowwo xx"xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxbxxxbxxxxbxx x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>| b  <xx xxxxb mmb bokxx|bxxxx xxxxxxxxxx                x
xxxxxxxxxxxx   >|     xx^    bmxxxxoxx|||bxxxo xxxxxxxxxx                x
xxxxxxxxxxxx xx>|     xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx|xx"xxxo  bzz xxxxx=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxoxxxxxxxxx xxxxx   ^   xxxxxxxxxxxxx|||"xxxoboxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxwwxxxx
xxv    xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|"xxxxxxxwx x/|<x xxxxwxxxxw  x  x
xx     xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|>w<xxxx "  x/|<xkb   <          x
xx     xxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxx|"xxx>|| >|k k|<|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"x
xx kkkkxxxxxzxxwwwwwwwxxxxxxxxxxxwzzz xx  xxxvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxvxxxxxx"x
xx^bbbbxxxxxzx        wxxxxxxxxxx zzz xxv xxx xxxx>  |xx|>>>>>>vx||<|xxx"x
xx"""""xxxxxzz   > <   zxxxxxxkxw xxx xx xxxx vvxx x"|xx|xkxxxxvx xxx|xx"x
xx=xxx  xxxxzz ======= zxxxxxxkw  wwx wx^xxxx|||wx x"|xx|xk<v<k|<||xx|xx"x
xx   xx  xxxzzm       mzxxxwwcc     x   |<xxx^^^k ^ "|x|xx |<xxvx|x|x|xx"x
xx=x"xxx  xxxxxmmmmmmmxzxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"|xx|x xxxx>>|xvx|xx"x
xxxx"xxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxzxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x"|xx|x xxxxxxkx|x|xx"x
xxxx"xxxxx             zxxx^^^^xoooozxxxxxxxxxxxx   "|x|xx xxxzzv|x|x|xx"x
xx>|   <xxxxxxxxx      xxxx    xooobzxxxxxxxxxx     " ||xx x xz"|xxx|xxx"x
x >|"xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx o  zzzz  xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xx"|kxxxxxx"x
x xx"xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm    xxxxxxx   wwww  bbb  xx"xkxxxxxx"x
x xx"xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxzzzzzzxxxxx xx x xxxxxx"x
x xx"xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxx   kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx"x xxxxxx"x
x xx" x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbxxxxxxxxkxxxxbxxxxxxxxbbbxxxxx xx"x xxxxxx"x
x xx>  ^xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw xxxxxxxxk<<<| xxxxxzzzbbbxxxxx    x xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx xxx| xxxx zzzbx=wwxxxxxxxx xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx >>>| xxxx xxxbx   xxxwwwwx xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx|x=xxxxxxx xxxbx   wwxxxxxx xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxx  x>|xww<xxxxx xxxbxxx   xxxxxx xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx>>|x  >|xxxx   xxxbxxx   wwxxxx xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xvx   xxxxx"xxxxxxxxxxx   xxxx xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxx>  <|<omkx xxxxxxx"xxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxbzxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkxxxxxxxxxx  kk<xxxx xxxxxxx"x"xxxxxxxxxxx wwxxozxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxw xx===xwx zxxxxxxzz"xxxx  xxxxx   xxbzxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx^xxxxxxxxx  xxx      zxxxxxxxx" >|<  xxxxxxx xxbxxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"  |<x xxxxxxx    xxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx^<w<ww<ww xkzz/<lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx  xmxxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx|k>|wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>ww>w>| xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      >         <z"x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx^xxxx"  xvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxx"xxxxxxxxx xxxx"  x xkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxx^<<<ww<ww<xxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxx"xxxxxxxxx^xxwx"xxx^xkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxx" xxxxxxxx x  x"xxx xkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxx>>>>vxxxx^xxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxx"    >    ^   x"xx oxkxxxxxxxwwxxxxwxxxxoxxx xxx>>>>>|vxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxxxx"xxxxxxxxx    k"x  =xkxxxxxx><vxwxxxxxxxoxxx^xxxxxxxxx ||xxvxxxxxx
x xxxxx|"x>wwww<ww  <|k"x xxxoxxwwxxx vxxxxxxwxxv       <xxxxw|  |v|xxxxxx
x xxxxx|"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=xvxbxxxxxxx^vxxxxxxxxx xxx^xxx xxwxxxkkx |xxxxxx
x xxxxx|"xxwxxxxxxxxxxxx v<|x xxxxxxx vxxwxxxxxxmxxx xxx^xxxxxxkkx |xxxxxx
x xxxxx|"xxvxxxxxxxxxxxx  x^x^xxxwwxx^ xxxxxxxxxwxxx^<<<|<<<xxx||x |xxxxxx
x xxxxx|bxx xxxxxxxx||kox x x xxxxxxx|wwwwwwwwww   w|<xxvxx xxx  x |xxxxxx
x xxxx|x    xxxx>|<<||kwx|x x  xkxwxx|              |<xxvxx xkx^vx |xxxxxx
x xxx|   <  xxxxxxxxx|<<xwk  =xxkxxxx|  bbbbbb      |<xx xx x@ ||x |xxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxx^x>|v<<xxvxx ==xxx xx|xxx|x xxxxxxxxx x=xxx     ^ @   x |xxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxw  >|>v xx||k x xwx xx|xx|kxkxxwxxxxxx x x   xkxxxxxx  x||xxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxb  >|v< xxxxx=xxxxx=xx| x|x| xxxxwxwxx x x xxxxxxwxxk^ x  xxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxk|k>|||^      xwxwx xx| xx|x xxxxxxxxx|x   xxwxxxxxxw  <m xxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx   |      www<xxxxxw|kxxxxxxwxxxxk  xx xxxxwx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx||||xxwxxxxxxxxwxxxxxwxxbxxxx  www x
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx     +x
x wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww      xxxxxxxxxxxwxxbbwxxxx  xxxx=xxxxxx
x       >      <>               < xxx   xwxwxxxxwxxxxxb   xkkk xxxx"xxwxox
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zxxxx xxxxxxwxxxxwxx>    ||kxxxxx"xxxxox
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxx xxwxxxxxxww xxxxx  kkxxxxxx"xwxx=x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzo xx xxwwwx   xwxw  xxxxxxxxx"x>xw x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xw   x   xxx            "x=x  x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ww w    w   wxx            "x x  x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #                 xxxxxxxxxxz^w>^x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm                D zxxwwwxxxxz~  mx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzwwz  mxx

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