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What is the Uploader Glitch?

The glitch first appeared in January of 2008, and it is triggered when you use two use two arrows on the same line that face in opposite directions away from each other. For example, if you have a line in the code of your level such as this: ...xx<xxx>xx..., the glitch will be triggered, but if you uses something like this: ...xx>xxx<xx..., then it won't be triggered. It doesn't matter what's between or arround the two arrows; if they are facing away from each other on the same line, then it will trigger the glitch. If you do not fix this glitch, the entire line of code will be omitted when you play the level. Also note that a scenario such as this: xx<>xx will not trigger the glitch because there is nothing between the arrows.

Snowflake of Doom
terrain 2
background 1
water clear
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzz zzzzzxxwwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwwxxxxxxxVxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxKKKxxxxzxx  wwxxxxxxxxxxxww  xxxxxxxKwwxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  K|mwxxxzxw      xxxxxxxww    wxxxxxwo  ooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm  w|mxxxzxV >><<<zzzzzzz       xxxxx    boxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   w|wxxz       xxxxxxxxx      wxxx KKK  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxK   |<xxx|||||  xxxxxxxxxm  bbb xxx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   w|wxwwwwww xxxxxxxxxxx>     |xmm    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    w|x>> ><<^xxxxxxxxxxxmmmmmm|zKK   mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    |<  <   xxxxxxxxxxxxx||||||wwK   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    w   ^  mxxxxxxxxxxxxxwwwwwwmVK===xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxwK|www   w    m   ^^ xxxxxxxwxxxxxxx    b|mKK  wwwwwKwwwwxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxmK>|  [|   |  |   |<mxxxxxxx"xxxxxxxm    |wKK     o K   mxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx K|   K|||w Vw   w xxxxxxxw|wxxxxxxx mmm| wK   |KK K   xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxmK|mm Kwww      mKmxxxxxxxo"oxxxxxxxmK|K|  K] m|KK K Vmxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>||K           |^xxxxxxxwooowxxxxxxxwww|  KK/K|KK    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmmm|||||||||^  wKxxxxxxx<KKK>xxxxxxx   |     m|KKmKmmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     wxxxxxK||||KwxxxxxV   | xxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm<    xxxxx|wwwww xxxxx  ^ w<xxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     wxxx|w      Kxxxw b b^xxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm<    xxxw       Kxxx >   mxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     wxw    x   KVxw     xxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>    |xK|  mx  /K x V  <mxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|   mw<K| xxx  K^w     xzzzxzxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   [==]^Kmxxxm K |>   ^xzzzxzxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxooxxxxxxxwwwwwKwww |K      zzzxx V<        m    Kwxxzzzzxwwxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxw|ooxxxxxxx> KV<Km<  |K     mxx+xxm    ||||||||||K <xxzxxxxmmwwxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxww ||ooxxxxxxx ^   K   |K     xxxzxxx               Kxzxzxxxwww bmwxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxm   |oozzxxxxxm    Km  |K     xxxzxxx     mmmmmmmmo mxzxzxxx     wmxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx / ||oozzzzzxx    xxxzxx     wxx+xxw |  mxxxxxx=[==xxzxzxxw      zzzxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx    |ooxxxxzxxm   xxxzxxm     xxzxx     oxxxxxxK  bzzzxzxx   bKmKxxzxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxz   KKooxxxzxxx    zz+xxx     wxzxw     zzz+zz>K  xxxxzzxw  mmwwxxxzxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxz    KooxxxzxxxK   xxxxzzm    <xzx  |  mxxxxxx    xxxxzxx K ww mxxxzxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx    KKKxxzxxxx  [wxxxzxx     wzw     xxxxxxmm mxxzzzzxwmw  m xxxxLxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxm>  w|wxxzzzzz^   xxx+xxm     z     ^xx+xxx||1Kxxzxxxx w  Kwmxxxxzxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx  = w Kxxxxxxx   wxxxxxx     V    <xxxzzzwww xzzzxxxw    w xxxxxzxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxK <  K xxxxxxx VVVxxxxxx   [] [==] xxxxxx] = xzxxxxx       xxxxxzxxxxxx
xxxxwww>>www     K Vwww<w>  |    www  V        wwwww    < bw V     =   wwwwwwwwxxxx
xxxw      |K   m  =  K                         K|  []     K|            ||| |||3xxx
xxx   >   |K  m|m  < K                   o     K|     <   K|     >   >  |    |  xxx
xxxm      |K m|K|m   K                   o     K|     ^   K| <     =    |||  | 3xxx
xxxx D^^^ mm>|K"K|   K   ^    mmm m     ooo    K|<<<     m||           mmmmmmm<xxxx
xxxxxxxxzxxx w|K|w xxxxxxx 1  xxxzxx    ooo    xxxxxx    xxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxzxxx  w|w mxxxxxxx   mxxxzxx   ooooo   xxxxxx    xxxxxxx     mmxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxzxzK   w  xxxxxxxw   xxx+xxw   ooxoo   wxx+xxx m wxxxxxxxm   Kwmxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxzzzK     mxxxxxxx    xxxxxx   oooxooo   xxxzxxm|  xxxxxxx|mm w wxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxK   ^  xxxxxxxw   xxxxxxw   ooxxxoo  K zzzxxxw   xxxxxxx|w b  mxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxw ^   mxxxxxxx^  mzz+xxx   oooxxxooo K xxx+xx    xxxxxxx|m    wxxxxGxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxK ^    xxxxxxxo o xxxxxxw   oozzzxxoo K wxxxxxx / wxxxxxxx|mmm   zzxzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxK     mxxxxxxxomo xxxxxx    Koxx+xxoK^  Kxxxxxx   Kxxxxxxx|w|wb  zzxzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxKKm    xxxxxxz KKK   w       ^xxxxxxx^ []KwK>K  ^ m<wxxxxxxx|w m  wzzzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxKKKmb mxxxxxxz K       [==]  |xxxxxxx|     K|K  mmK Kxxxxxxx|m w<mmxxzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxKK  xxxxxxx     o           |xx+xx|      w|K KKKw Kwxxxxxxx| mmxxxxzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxmmxxxxxxx>  m=^ m         |xxzxx|       |K      mmxxxxxxx|mxxxxxxzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        w|xzx|w       wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         |xzx|     [=] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw     x   w|z|w  3x     wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     mxm   |x|   mx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxV|  < xxx   w|w   xxx     wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>    Kxxxm   |   mxxx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw     xxxxx   w   xxxxx     wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx K  V xxxxxm  ^  mxxxxx      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw  w  wwww>wKK   xxxxxxx     xxxxxxx     wwwwww>wwwwVxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   K    o   ^    xxxxxxxm   mxxxxxxxmmm          KK< xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>   K b< K   | V ^ xxxxxxx   xxxxxxxw=K|          K|< Kxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx           b    | [xxxxxxxmmmxxxxxxxK Kw        > |K< Kxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxw   m>m     K     K wxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxwK K           K|<   xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxmm mK Km          Km xxxxzzz#xxxxxxx K=^    b    ^ KK<KK xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxx         | wxxxzxxxxxxxxxwmmmmm mmmmmxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxxx        Vw  xxxzxxxxxxxxxK||||KmK|||Kxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzz   ^  x ^  mVVxxzxxxxxxxxww w^wwx  Vwwwxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxV     xm > |||xxzxxxxxxxx       z      xxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxw     xxx   wwwKxzxxxxxxxw   K  xxx  ^  wxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxx|mm  mxxxm     Kxzxxxxxxx  KKK mxxxm ^   xxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxx1|||m<xxxxx       zxxxxxxw  www xxxxx      xxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxmK ^K[zzxxxm    KKxxxxxxxm      xxxxxK^<  <zzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxxmmmxxzxxxx^   xxxxxxxxxxx  b xxxxxxx  mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Errors on Lines: 23, 27, 44, 46
Total: 4 Lines Affected

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