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Author: krotomo
Game: HATPC Reborn
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 6:10 pm

Part of the Series: Alphabet Again

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Finally continuing my Alphabet Again series in HATPC Reborn!

This cave has a good mix of traps and puzzles, but is definitely more puzzle-y than my usual caves. It's also non-linear.

To beat the level, you have to push 7 boulders into the pit at the start. However, there are 9 boulders scattered around the level. I took a different approach to the gem, where you don't have to complete the whole cave perfectly to beat it. The gem is for people who want to complete the whole cave in one go. HatPC can be a pretty unforgiving game, and I didn't want to punish a player too much for making a couple of mistakes they didn't catch.


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8.9 out of 10
3 votes
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3/5 — Challenging
3 votes

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User Comments (6)
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Wednesday, August 30 2017, 6:11 pm EST
The Shepherd

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Accidental comment, ignore
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Monday, September 25 2017, 8:37 am EST
The Shepherd

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Alright, so the checkpoints for this cave should work now with the latest update.
aych bee
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Sunday, October 15 2017, 3:06 am EST
Staff Member

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3/5 — Challenging
Ok I'm disappointed that this cave has no feedback because it's a very good A+ cave, obviously well thought out. i spent a while playing it right after it came out and i was actually motivated enough to finish it which is rare when it comes to me and caves. i forgot to write a review though so here it is i guess.

eta 05/07/2018: changed from 9.8 to 10 due to yimmy's unwarrantedly low rating.

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Sunday, October 15 2017, 4:45 pm EST
The Shepherd

Age: 17
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I didn't think this would get rated, thanks
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Tuesday, November 7 2017, 6:46 am EST

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2.5/5 — Normal
This is a genius level. It makes the most of the checkpoint function (this number of boulder puzzles would be so much more tedious without checkpoints) and each of the puzzles is interesting and to me original. I was so doubtful when I saw the 5 boulders in a row on top of the wooden crates, but it was so satisfying to separate them all. There were a few tricks that caught me out for a while, I hadn't realised you could run over a single gap so it took me a while to find the right side of the map (and the solution to the top middle puzzle). I thought the level was just super neat overall, nothing was super hard, but I found the puzzles a good challenge. My favourite part might be the ladder trap on the left because it's something so unique to this new game, but it felt really satisfying.

Oh and I had 55 deaths on this level when I finished with the gem. Mostly me not knowing the mechanics well and jumping into spikes or arrow crates...

Upcoming HatPC level: Sanctuary, coming soon to an internet browser near you...
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Friday, November 17 2017, 11:43 pm EST
Resident Goody two-shoes

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3.6/5 — Challenging
clearly being concise isn't my strong point

First thoughts (my opinion after playing casually and not really analyzing anything): This level was not very fun. I enjoyed a couple traps and like most of the puzzles, but the amount of boring, tedious jumps really outweigh the positives. (btw I completed it with 66 deaths)

I do like the boulder concept, and the checkpoints were well done (although they stopped activating when I had 2 boulders left)

Starting with the rightmost boulder (and another one that's completed on the way): Immediately we have to navigate this ghost area which is barely fun the first time and unbearable the 20th. Immediately it's followed by a needless ladder jump with very little risk. It's merely added to make me press a few more buttons, as far as I can tell. It's followed by a mildly fun, albeit incredibly unoriginal trap. The ladder area proceeding that is pretty cool, although the wooden crate on the bottom can be super annoying. We then get to push a boulder through the ghost area making it marginally more fun. It's not fun the second or third time, though.

Proceeding is another decent trap, but once again, it isn't very original. Next, we get a boulder puzzle, but It requires very little thought IMO

Now, we need to get another boulder to make the boulder up top possible. First, there's a pointless, difficult ladder jump that is just there to make getting to any actual traps a little harder followed by a jump out of a nook which is made very difficult in HATPC reborn and could've easily been avoided. More pointless, tricky jumps followed by an incredibly inspired trap utilizing an arrow and two steel crates. The boulder puzzle after that is my personal favorite in the level, due to it appearing deceitfully simple. The trap afterwards seems pretty cool but the execution isn't super exciting.

to be clear, i fully understand putting in tricky jumps to make navigation more exciting, but considering boulder puzzles for me end up being a lot of trial and error I ended up having to do those jumps over and over and over and over.

That aside, we move on to the bad boulder. Obtaining this boulder can be summed up very simply: A bunch of boring, slow, jumps with a difficult trick right at the end. If you didn't realize it was a puzzle until too late, well... Have fun doing those exciting jumps even more with the added tedium of completing a puzzle! I probably died around 20 times on this boulder alone, which wasn't very fun.

Another boulder puzzle in which you must navigate the ghosts to access it. fun. The puzzle itself is actually pretty cool, though

The big ol block of wooden blocks is incredibly tedious (unless the intended solution doesn't involve pushing two boulders at once in which case I'm making things way harder for myself). But hey, you don't have to navigate the ghosts! That's a first!

The top boulder is more of the same: An annoying jump, an unoriginal speed trap, and a pretty decent puzle

On to the right side: Look at that! More boring, difficult jumps (although this one could be branded a trap, still not fun) The trailblazer afterwards, albeit a bit bland (seems to be a theme at this point) is somewhat fun. Then another somewhat uninspired speed trap. The boulder trap is pretty cool, though (it's a little annoying if you don't see it coming though)

The final puzzle is also really good. Not really much to say here, tbh.
oh and the dynamite trap is cool

TL;DR nearly every puzzle in this level is fun, but they're all blocked off by tedious jumps and unoriginial speed traps.

I feel like maybe I would've enjoyed this level more if I didn't fail the puzzles so much, and thus am worried I'm judging it unfairly, but, what can I do.


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