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Author: Sefro
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2007 - 12:00 am

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Scar of Virulence was a challenging cave to make. It was designed so that there is one path that branches into two or three or four paths along the way, and then comes back to one. The point of this was that you, the player, would be dying very often, and it would make sense to add some replay value to spice things up as you went, and to encourage people who've completed the cave to play it again.

That said, I'm the only person ever to have beaten this cave, so...

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's my favourite cave of mine.

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9.9 out of 10
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3.9/5 — Challenging
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Dimensions: 133x54 — Treasures: 1 — Water: None

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User Comments (2)
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Wednesday, November 25 2009, 12:31 am EST

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3.9/5 — Challenging
I just came across this using the quick browsing thing, it is probably the cave of yours I play most, but I seem to nearly always get stuck trying to get off the ladder and jump from beside it in time to run across the cascading metal crates if I make it that far. That being said I have beaten it and it is a shame that I can rarely do it because there are some great traps on the right hand side. I'm also sad that the walkthrough was muted because the piece of music was awesome I probably watched it 20 times because it was so good. I found all of the alternative paths I think other than the one near the bottom right, because I've only got that far once and I did it the way you did in the video.

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Wednesday, November 25 2009, 12:45 am EST

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Aw, thanks Harumbai. Yeah, this one was made before I started making my caves easier (although this was still easy compared to other caves at the time...) so there are some pretty stupidly tough parts. I'm very impressed you beat it, though! I could barely beat it, although that could be because I fail at playing caves in general.

I've been meaning to take all my videos down and upload them to a new account, and change the music of the muted ones. There are three or four videos on this account that aren't mine (a friend and I were going to share the account for some reason I don't remember) and one of them contains some pretty harsh profanity, so yeah, I should get on that sometime before one of our impressionable youngsters sees it...

If you liked the music, though, you can find it on FrostWire:  it was Rondò Veneziano by Rondò Veneziano.

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