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Author: jellsprout
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Saturday, March 29, 2008 - 12:00 am

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The numbers are not there to represent numbers, but to represent what text would show up where:

1. Welcome to Hannah and the Pirate Caves. Provided it won't glitch up, this is one of most fun games on Neopets.
2. This is a door. You must go through this to beat the level. Too bad it's closed. Sucks, eh?
3. Woops! Looks like a dead end! Well, actually it isn't. You can actually jump through those wooden platforms in this game! Odd universe Hannah lives in. Also some future advice: if we say you are stuck in a dead end, we are lying. You can get a Gem if you keep playing.
4. Didn't I say Hannah lived in an odd universe? In this universe, blocks of earth can actually float in the air! Wow!
5. This is monster. They are evil. Despite being much smaller and weaker than Hannah, touching them causes you to die. So don't. Really, don't. Unless you are a Bori.
6. This is a treasure chest. If you collect each one in a cave, the door you saw in the beginning magically opens! No, we don't understand either how a few pieces of gold can open stone doors.
7. This is a Gem. They are worth much, and are hidden away in each level! Well, actually they aren't but sssh about that. It's just too fun watching people trying to get those Gems.

Unplayable unless you manually remove the numbers from the code.

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Dimensions: 21x19 — Treasures: 1 — Water: None

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