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Author: krotomo
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009 - 1:30 pm

Part of the Series: Alphabet

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Dimensions: 45x125 — Treasures: 11 — Water: None

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User Comments (4)
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Saturday, September 26 2009, 7:00 pm EST

Age: 22
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Ok so from the beginning,

The first trap: it looks like you were meant to stay within the ring of spikes and then move left and right to dodge the boulders, but I moved to the right and jumped the boulders from there. Either way I found this trap quite tedious when I had to play the level several times over as it was time consuming, easy (the way I did it)/too hard (the possibly correct way?).

The gem: This was pretty clever, but I only got it once and then didn't get it again.

4th trap: the spikes on the third tile killed me a couple of times before jumping to the platform and then the timing of the rest of that trap was very good.

5th trap: took me one try to figure out then it was a good difficulty.

6th trap: this one was the one that really annoyed me, I found the timing a little bit too quick and then I forgot to realise that after the first duckjump (I found it easier to duckjump) you can fall into the next pit to jump rather than a second duckjump which usually fails either speed wise or not getting into the gap... Maybe if you put a tutorial arrow (up) in the pit where the metal crates fall it would be easier to work out.

the very annoying spike jump after the 6th trap:


This is only allowable in CSD's caves where it doesn't make the already almost 0 chances of beating the level any less. I alway go cautiously incase I die and then I usually die anyway so get rid of it.

7th trap: was fine.

8th trap:was good

9th and 10th traps: fairly similar, that close to each other I'd be tempted to make them more different, but your choice.

11th/spike drop: I really liked the tutorial arrows!

[Checkpoint created]

12th trap: this killed me quite a lot so I didn't like this trap very much, it also feels very over used (triathlon, bad memories). I died on;

The spikes near the wooden dynamite
Not setting off the wooden dynamite properly
not getting in the crawl space in time
shock wave thing from the metal crate being destroyed
crawling out of the crawlspace to avoid being killed by the shock wave thing from the metal crate being destroyed

13th trap: this was pretty good, at first I didn't realise there were two parts to it and died, but after that it was fine.

14th trap: pretty easy.

15th trap: I found getting the treasure quite hard to do, but that was the only hassle.

[Checkpoint created]

16th trap: I liked this one, both of the metal crates fell down at a good time.

17th trap: this one was also good.

18th trap: This one was too hard for me to do very often, you had to land on the boulders very soon after they had stopped moving: the timing was just a tad too much; I liked it better when I found you testing it accidentally, it was too easy then, but it was more fun.

[Checkpoint created]

19th trap: very cleverly joined to 20th and good timing

20th trap: timing wasn't quite as good.

21st trap: I really thought this one was impossible until I realised you're pretty much crawling on air to beat this trap, that was cool.

22nd trap: basic, but well executed

23rd trap: basic, but well executed again

24th trap: basic and badly executed, sorry, but it has been done tonnes of times before and this one was particularly boring mainly because there wasn't anything you needed to do.

25th trap: a bit too hard but pretty good

[Checkpoint created]

26th trap: basic, but fun

27th trap: pretty cool

28th trap: well timed and fun because it Though I never died on this trap it felt hard.

29th trap: good dynamite trap.

[didn't collect heart]

30th trap: this was pretty original/at least not your ordinary speed trap so this was very good.
unfortunately there was another unneccessary, horrible, difficult, hannah killing spike.

31st trap: Better than the last one like that, but still not great.

32nd trap: maybe you could fool some junior players into having trouble with this trap, but probably not.

33rd trap: I couldn't beat this one.


34th trap: pretty good

35th trap: reasonably original and well timed.

Sorry for any typos hope this helps

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Saturday, September 26 2009, 9:09 pm EST
Baaa Majesty, Sheep Lord Kroto

Age: 16
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Ok. I made SOME fixes to the level. I fixed all the
jumps. I also made the dynamite drop/12 trap a little easier.

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Sunday, September 27 2009, 9:26 am EST

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Nice cave . But I can cheat at some traps .  

Timezone : GMT+8
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Sunday, September 27 2009, 10:03 am EST
Baaa Majesty, Sheep Lord Kroto

Age: 16
Karma: 202
Posts: 3768
Gender: Male
Location: My chair
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sinpokman said:
Nice cave . But I can cheat at some traps .  
such as? it doesn't help if you don't tell me.

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