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Author: Snarwin
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Friday, December 7, 2007 - 11:29 pm

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7 out of 10
1 vote
Difficulty Rating: (Log in to rate)
1/5 — Easy
1 vote

Dimensions: 50x50 — Treasures: 90 — Water: None

Warning: This cave is affected by the uploader glitch. Click here to learn how to play it.

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User Comments (2)
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Wednesday, August 6 2014, 11:30 pm EST

Age: 24
Karma: 747
Posts: 5359
Location: Ohio (US)
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terrain 3
background 1
water clear
x"      xwwwwww   x      x       "z  xxxxzzxxxxxxx
x"      z"" """   x      x       "z  zzzzzzxxxxzzx
x"      z""K"""   z K  K z     xx"xx xxxxxzzGzzzzx
x"xxxzxxx "+" xxx z +  + z  V  xx"xx wwxxxxxxxxxzx
x"xxxmxxx "+" xxxxx +  + x|||||xx"xx   wwxxxxzzxzx
x"xxxxxxx """ x++"x[====]x     x "xxxx   wxxxzzzzx
x"    ++xmmmmmx++"xmmmmmmxmmmmmx "xxxxxx  zzzzxxxx
x+++++++xxxwwwwww"x   xx x        x    1  xwwwwwwx
xKKKKKKKx x""""  "x   xx z        x       z""""""x
xKKKKKKKz x"++"KK"x x    xKKKKKKK=x[=====]x"    "x
xKKKKKKKz x"mm"++"x xxxxxxKKK   K x  1    x" ++ "x
x>>>>>>>x x"xx""""x x    xKKK   K x       x"    "x
x       z  "xxmmmmx x    z++    K[x[=====]x"    "x
x^      z  "++xxxxx   xx z++ ""   z     ++xmmmmm x
x       xwwww w   x  1   x+++""+++x       x      x
x       x++       z      x""""""""x       z      x
x xxxxx xxxxxxxx [x====] x""    ""x ||||| z     Vx
x   1   xxxxxxxx  x xxxxKz"      "x     |||||||| x
x       z         x xxx>Kz"   #  "x     ++x    | x
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xx   x        x[=]  ++x    | x
x       xxxxxxxxx x ww   x  [==]  x   [==]x    ||x
x"     "x++       x    ^ x ommmmo xmm  mmmxmmmmmmx
x"""""""x  KKKKKKKxxxzzxxx        x++  wwwx wwww x
x       x>>>>>>>>VxxxzzzLx     =  x++     z""""""x
x   1   x KKKKKKK xxxzxxxx        xxxxxxxxx"mmmm"x
x   |   x KKKKKKK zzxzzzxx        x   1   xxxxxx"x
x/||    x^b<<<<<<<zzxzzzzx      b x       z     "x
xxx   |/x^        xzxxxzzx    b   xzxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x"   |||x      +++xzxxxxzx  b     x wwwwwwx      x
x"      z      +++xzzzzzzx mmmmmmmx       z      x
x" wwwwxx    "    x    ++x xww  wwxwwwwwwwx>    <x
x"   ++xz    "    zKKKK++x x      x """"""x>    <x
x"xxxxxxz    "    zKKKK  x x  ++  x "mm"""x>    <x
x"w     z bb " bb xKKKK  x x  []  x "xx   x> ^  <x
x"      x    +    xKKKK [x x  mm  x "xx   x>    <x
x"      x         x||||  x  []xx  xm"xx D x>    <x
x"   m  xmmmmmmmmmx|    <x    xx  xxzxxxxxx>    <x
xzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxzxw"wwwwwx>  ^ <x
x" KKKKKz KKKKKKKKx++    x +++++b x """"" x>    <x
x" KKKKKz KKKKKKKKx++    x KKKKKb x wwww" x>    <x
x" KKKKKx KKKKKKKKx[====]x bbbbbb x """"" x>    <x
x" KKKKKx|||||||||z  +K  x bbbbbb x "mmmm xw^  ^wx
x" +++++z        |x[====]x bbbbbb x """"""x    ++x
x" +++++z>       |x   K  z bbbbbb xmmmmmm"z    ++x

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
Give me +karma. Give me +karma.
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Tuesday, September 16 2014, 3:33 am EST
~Jack of all trades~

Age: 26
Karma: 384
Posts: 8260
Gender: Male
Location: Israel
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1/5 — Easy
Yaaaay first cave rate over monthssssss
by Shos

Alright so this cave is definitely worthy of a COTW winning trophy. The rooms are OK generally, nothing special in them, but the concept of the multiple paths and the fact that some of these have to be done in order, makes it a titbit more confusing. this is not the regular interuigld material, but it's worth the short playing time, it's fun and it's simple for the win.

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