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Author: Equinox
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Friday, December 1, 2006 - 12:00 am

[?] Karma: 0

Any Darigan supporter will love this puzzle cave resembling their leader's floating castle. Uses my "Disorientation" technique as well as a lot of Order of Operations. Has the PCCA logo.  

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Dimensions: 82x82 — Treasures: 24 — Water: None

Warning: This cave is affected by the uploader glitch. Click here to learn how to play it.

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[?] Karma: 0 | Quote - Link
Wednesday, August 13 2014, 11:18 pm EST

Age: 25
Karma: 747
Posts: 5367
Location: Ohio (US)
pm | email
terrain 3
background 1
water clear
x                                                                                x
x                                V> <                >                  V        x
x KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK           V>     V   xxxxx                                   x
x KbbKKKbbKKbbKKbKK        V>         < xx+++xx                                  x
x KbKbKbKKKbKKKbKbK                     |+++++|>                              V  x
x KbbKKbKKKbKKKbbbK                     |+++++|                                  x
x KbKKKbKKKbKKKbKbK                     |++G++|                                  x
x KbKKKKbbKKbbKbKbK                     |xKKKx|                                  x
x KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK                    xxxKKKx x                                 x
x wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww                    xxxKKKx x"                                x
x                                  x>>>  VKKKx x"xx                              x
x           V V V                  xxxxxx KKKx x"xx                              x
x                          >  >  >        |||x^x"xx                              x
x           ^ ^ >                             |x"xx                              x
x                                   x           "xx  ^                           x
x                                   x           "xx                              x
x                                   x    mmmmmm "x                               x
x                                   xxx x||||||xxx                               x
x                                    |x=xxxxxxxx|   []                           x
x>                                   |   xxxx   |                               <x
x                   4         4   4  |   xzzx   | 4    1          1              x
x                           ^  ^  ^  |   xzzo   |      []                        x
x                       m            xxxxxzxxxxxx                                x
x                       K            xxxxzzxxxxx       V                         x
x                       K"          xxxxzzzxxx    []                             x
x                       K"KKKKKKKKKKxxxxzzxxxx                                   x
x                       K"KKKKKKKKKKxxxzzxxxxx                                   x
x                       K"KK        xx  zxxxx  []                      mmm       x
x                       K"xxx           xxVm               >           |||      <x
x           ^ ^ ^       x"  xx          xx xx                          www       x
x                       x"   x         xxx xx                  []                x
x                       x"   x        xxxx xxx                                   x
x               4       x" " x    xxxxzzzx V <          <xxxxx                   x
x                       x=="=x  [xx   zzzx  xxx       x xx   xx          []      x
x   V      <|||||       x  " x   x     xzx  xxx o    xx x     x]                 x
x          xxxxxx       x  " x   x     xzx  xxxxx===xxx x          xxxxx         x
x        [=xx   xx"     b  " b   b     xzx  xxxxx   V  <x +   x   xx   xx"       x
xV     m    <    x"     b  " b   b  + ozzx. xxxxxx   mmmx==]  x   x     x"  m    x
x      x   x     x"     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.>    Vx   xxxx     x]  x     x"  x    x
x      x   x^    |         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx xo  xxxx     b   b   +Kx"  x    x
x      xx  x|    |       bb    +  +  +...<|>...< xx  xxxxK    b   b  KKKx"  x    x
x      xx  xxxxxxxx    [xxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxLxxxxx xx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"  x    x
x      xx  xxxxxxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxx xx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        x    x
x      xxx     "xxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxx xx  xxxxx"   "   "         x    x
x      wwx     "xxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxxxxxxxx xx  xxxxx"   "   "     xxxxx   ^x
x        xxxxxx"xxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzx xx  xxxxx"   "   "xxxxxxwwww  [=x
x        wxxxxx"xxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxV <xzzzzzzzzzx xx  xxxxx"   "   "xxxxxw        x
x         wwwxx"  "xx   xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxzx xx  xxxxx"   "   "xxwww         x
x            wx"  "x    xxxxxxxxxx x^x  xxxxxxzx xx    xxx"mmm"mmm"xw            x
x             xxxx"x   xxxxxxxxxxx x       xxxzx xx       "xxxxxxxxx             x
x             wxxx"x  xxxxxxxxxxxx x       wwwww ww       "xxxxxxxxw             x
x                x"x   xxxxxxxxxxx xx+               o "  "xxxxxxww              x
x^            <   "x      xxxxxxxx xxxxmmmmmmmmmmmmmmxx"xxxxxxxxx                x
x                 "xx         xxxx xxxx||||||||||||||x "xxxxxxxxx                x
x             [==xxxxxx          x xxxx      "         " xxxxxxxw                x
x                wwxxxxx            xxx      "         " xxxxxwV <               x
x                  wwwxxxxx           x....xx"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw                   x
x                     xxxxxxxx             xx"xxKxxxxxxxxxxxw                    x
x                     wxxxxxxxxx           xx"xxKxxxxxxxxxxx                     x
x                      wxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx"xxKxxxxxxxxxxw                     x
x                       wwxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx"xxKwwwwwwwwww                   <  x
x                         xxxxxxxx> m Vxxxxxx"xx                                 x
x                         wwwwxxxxxxxx xxxxxx"           "                       x
x                             wwwxxxxx xxxxxx"           "                       x
x                                wwwxx xxxxxxxxxxx======]"     |                 x
x                                   ww wxxxxxwwwww       "     | ^               x
x                                       xxxxx            "     |        [=]      x
x                                       wwwww            "     |                 x
x                                                        "     |                 x
x                                                        "     VK||||            x
x                                                        "                       x
x                                                        "                       x
x                 [=]                                    "                       x
x   >             |||    [=]         mmm                 "                       x
x                   >    |||   [=]   |||                 "                       x
x                          >   |||   xxx   [=]                                   x
x                                    wxw         [=]                             x
x                                     w               D #                        x
x                                                    xxxxxx    >  ^              x

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
Give me +karma. Give me +karma.

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