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Author: buboy24
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 7:31 am

Part of the Series: Another Alphabet

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Jumping jellyfish! New level from Buboy?!

So after a month of experimenting and trying to bring back my skills in HATPC, I finally finished this one. It serves as a comeback so I became ambitious and automatically set the size into a large one which I rarely do. I also utilized ladders this time! I noted that someone suggested to make a cave with more space so this is my attempt. The design pattern is unusual though.

In making the cave, I somehow became attached to it, playing it over and over again in the process of making it. I made 1 or 2 traps daily. It's called Jailbreak Jumble due to the large (not pure) metal wall in the middle. There's also a background story about that: Hannah was locked in jail but she dug the ground to escape but soon, she found out that the wall is extended up to the bottom.

I also encouraged everyone who wants to review the cave to tell his/her favorite trap (so I can recreate something like that) and the most annoying trap (to avoid it next time). Try to get the heart and the gem if you want to. Trivia: I only used the secret area tile once for a great purpose.

I almost forgot, it's up in playacave (my new account since I can't open my old ones). Open your HATPC window now!

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9.7 out of 10
1 vote
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4/5 — Hard
1 vote

Dimensions: 80x80 — Treasures: 0 — Water: clear

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User Comments (5)
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Thursday, October 27 2016, 6:05 pm EST
No. I'm an octopus.

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this is really cool

i havent made it too far yet (area beneath the first sighted water crates) but this is very fun and just the right difficulty level

edit a few minutes later: i have now made it to the top left corner.
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Thursday, October 27 2016, 9:20 pm EST
Resident Goody two-shoes

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I'm not far enough to rate, but so far I can say it's incredibly frustrating how non-straightforward the traps are. I rarely ever finish a trap on my first try, let alone my 5th try.


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lol. i didn't ask if you're british. i asked if you can speak the British language! you know, it's like English, but with a wierd accent!

pronouncing "rare" as re-ah, or 'the hobbit' as lah-ob-eat.
no 'r's alive, you can't hear a british guy says 'there' the-r. it will always be 'the-ah'...
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Saturday, October 29 2016, 5:50 pm EST
The Shepherd

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4/5 — Hard
This level is very good. Every trap, while difficult and sometimes non-intuitive, is well-timed, creative, and fun. It was definitely too hard to beat (for me at least) without the use of checkpoints, though I feel like making the level easier would lower the quality of the traps. I also find it hard to complain about the traps being non-intuitive because while I did have to play many traps multiple times before I figured them out, you usually did design them so that you could see the entirety of the trap before activating it. The aesthetic is as good as it gets. The only thing this level is really lacking is a unique layout. Despite its open aesthetic design, the level is very linear.

I found it really hard to come up with a favorite and least favorite trap for this. My least favorite trap was the one in the bottom right (with the five arrows), simply because it's too bland. I couldn't come up with a single trap that I liked the most, though ones that come to mind are the one with the falling crates in the water section, the trap directly after my least favorite trap, and the one directly to the left of the one in the top right corner.
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Sunday, October 30 2016, 9:49 am EST

Age: 20
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I can see why that trap is bland. I noticed that you can "cheat" by going down directly rather than going up to avoid the arrows. I edited that part out but maybe it's too late.

It's good to be back.
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Sunday, October 30 2016, 6:57 pm EST

Age: 26
Karma: 260
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Location: New Zealand
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Will look at this soon, life got hectic, but I was enjoying some of your past caves and am looking forward to checking this out!

Upcoming HatPC level: Sanctuary, coming soon to an internet browser near you...

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