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Author: Aerizo
Game: Aeon (Demo)
Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 10:38 am

Part of the Series: The Catalyst Trilogy

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This is my first Aeon Level and the first level in The Catalyst Triolgy. I wanted to make one since I've seen many levels being made and I wanted to have my own take on a level.

This level incorporates many different puzzles that aren't very difficult. I didn't make this level very difficult since I wanted to make it enjoyable. I hope you guys enjoy the level!

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6.3 out of 10
2 votes
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1.4/5 — Easy
2 votes

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User Comments (2)
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Wednesday, October 26 2016, 10:59 am EST
The Shepherd

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1.5/5 — Easy
This level wasn't anything spectacular. None of the traps were really that original or well made besides the last one. You could crawl under the first two arrows and break some to make the trap easier for yourself. You could cheat the second part of the first trap by letting the arrow hit the treasure before collecting the treasure, so that the platform on the right would never be destroyed.

Everything was pretty easy except for the one jump out of the crawlspace at the bottom of the level. The majority of the level is made up of three speed traps, yet the hardest part of the level is a jump? That's just unbalanced difficulty and poor level design.

Pretty average level overall, the two traps in the top room worked as intended at least.
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Wednesday, October 26 2016, 5:06 pm EST
Apocryphal Ruminator

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1.2/5 — Easy
Not bad for a first level, but there are certainly of ways it could have been better. The cave is quite easy, with the only moderately difficult part being that jump after you get the treasure on the bottom. The top section is a normal trap section, nothing really to criticize there. The lower section is easily cheatable if you collect the treasure at the same time as the arrow hits it, rendering the rest of the trap useless. I also don't really understand the point of the treasure chest to the left of the starting position; it seems out of place as there is no trap to actually get it. Fairly easy and bland level, but not terrible.

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