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Author: soccerboy13542
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 5:46 pm

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a short little level
up on;; llttss

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7.4 out of 10
2 votes
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3.9/5 — Challenging
2 votes

Dimensions: 160x40 — Treasures: 0 — Water: clear

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User Comments (3)
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Saturday, April 1 2017, 12:32 am EST

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3.5/5 — Challenging
I liked the general design/visual concept of the cave, the simplicity of the early parts of the cave, and I thought the trap design in the second half of the cave was neat. After getting maybe about halfway through the cave I decided I wasn't motivated enough to trudge all the way back to the middle just to die again, so I uploaded a checkpoint version of the cave on one of my side accounts so I could continue along. I am very glad I did, because I thought the second half of the cave was significantly harder than the first half.

For me, a lot of this cave was "try this trap, die because I needed to know what to do and I did not think about what to do ahead of time". Which to be fair describes a lot of traps we've all made, and maybe me not liking it now is a sign that I'm super rusty nowadays (or lazy). In all I thought the traps were pretty cool, and designed well, but I didn't think that the second half of the cave was very fun to play through if I'm completely honest. Which leaves me with mixed feelings for this cave, because I liked part of it, but didn't have fun with another part of it, but still thought that it was as a whole well designed.


Given how lazy I have become (and presumably everyone else since nobody else has commented on your or my cave), checkpoints in fleshed out hatpc levels are a big need, so good on Droid for actually implementing that feature in hatpc reborn

spooky secret
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Wednesday, June 7 2017, 11:54 am EST
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Finally got HATPC to work, woo

Unfortunately, I can't even solve the first trap.


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Saturday, November 7 2020, 11:52 pm EST
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4.2/5 — Hard
every couple of months i'd get this whole "gotta rate every cave!! no cave left behind!!!" idea and then i'd get to archipelago and lose for an hour and give up (a few times i'd give "to and fro" a shot but ew, thinking)

I'll open with the good: as to be expected of Soccerboy, the design is superb. The stuff he manages with boulders is always impressive, the zero g implementation is smooth and exciting, and the aesthetics and general style are entirely unique and executed effectively
Gameplay wise, I think it fell quite a bit short. In stark contrast to Quirvy, I really hated the first half. It feels like a compilation of annoying jumps (the first two water crates are the worst offenders) complemented by some annoying birds. Maybe this is a stly that other enjoy, but I'm prepared to rationalize it: Precision platformers are fun because you get to feel cool and the action is exciting, yet the precision this level offers delivers on neither of those fronts. Some jumps I am forced to line myself up with a visual cue which is slow and feels like a chore. I hardly feel cool, as if I narrowly avoided death, because after I've lined myself up I can be fairly confident I'll succeed before I jump. Thanks to the birds and long arrow trails, I'm forced to wait after every few jumps which messes with the flow and if I fall it takes extra long to get back into the action.
After the dynamite wall is a strong shift in gameplay, for the better. The chaos of the first clump of boulders and steel that you have to jump into is a bit jarring after the ridiculously tight, controlled action of the first half. I think that the entire second half is mostly very good (the platform with two boulders was odd and the behavior was inconsistent so that was eeeehhh). Unfortunately, I had to die a few times in the first halg every time I wanted to see the good part which really bummed me out
I really very much like the design of this level's traps and appearance. Unfortunately, the precision and pace of the first half made it hard to feel good while playing the level and that outweighs the design merits.

i wonder if i wouldve liked this level more if it didn't take me three years to figure out how to break that second water crate


Interguild discord!! People use it!!

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