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Sunday, September 23 2018, 4:22 pm EST
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Inspired by 360Chrism's playthrough, I did my own expless playthrough of Pokemon Red. I already had the hacks on my computer for years and I have tried it some time ago, but I got bored around Fuchsia and quit.

My ruleset was a bit stricter than 360Chrism's:
- Play on a game with the experience modded out (duh).
- No glitches.
- No leveling of any kind, so no daycare but also no Rare Candies.
- No permanent stat boosters such as HP Up and Protein.
- Species Clause. I was only allowed to have one of a Pokemon species in my team at the same team. I was allowed to upgrade, for example catching a level 6 Pidgey before Brock, then later replacing it with a level 8 Pidgey before Mt. Moon.
- No Legendary Pokemon. Zapdos and Articuno make the endgame far too easy.
- The optional Rival battle west of Viridian City is mandatory.

Completed with a playtime of 11:36, and I have to say it was actually easier than my regular playthroughs. Usually I beat the E4 with Pokemon in the mid 30s, now I had several Pokemon above level 40.

My strategies:
- Rival 2 and Brock: Level 6 Pidgey to Sand Attack all opponents to minimum Accuracy, Nidoran-F and Spearow with Growl to reduce them to minimum Attack, then just slowly Tackle everything to death. I think I only needed one Potion for Brock, to bring Pidgey back up to full health after Geodude.
- That one random trainer with an Ekans on route 3 that is secretly the most difficult fight in the entire game: Restarting until Pidgey didn't get OHKO'd by Wrap and was able to throw in a Sand Attack, so that he would sometimes miss when attacking the other Pokemon, allowing them to actually be able to attack.
- Rival 3: Geodude to defeat Pidgey and Rattata, something to defeat Abra, Sand Attack Pidgey to bring down Squirtle's Accuracy, with Clefairy, Ekans and Rattata finshing him off.
- Misty: Just Oddish with Pidgey throwing a few Sand Attacks at Starmie first.
- Rival 4: Level 31 Dugtrio.
- Lt. Surge: Level 31 Dugtrio.
- Giovanni 1: Level 31 Dugtrio. Things got quite stale around this point.
- Eirika: A little bit of level 22 Doduo, but mostly level 31 Dugtrio.
- Rival 5: Level 31 Dugtrio.
- Koga: Level 31 Dugtrio and a Nidoking from the Safari Zone.
- Rival 6 and Giovanni 2: Rhyhorn, Tauros, Nidoking and Exeggutor from the Safari Zone, with some help from trusty ol' level 31 Dugtrio.
- Sabrina: Mostly the level 38 Golduck and Slowbro that I caught in Seafoam Islands, with a little bit of Tauros and Exeggutor.
- Blaine: Golduck and Slowbro.
- Giovanni 3: Golduck stomp.
- Rival 7: Rhyhorn took care of Pidgeot, Tauros of Alakazam, Exeggutor of Exeggcute, Slowbro of everything else.
- Lorelei: Hitmonlee sweep. Due to him being a Fighting type, Dewgong spams only Rest. This allowed me to get to +6/+6 with Meditate and X Speeds, allowing Hitmonlee to OHKO everything except Slowbro, who only spams Amnesia against Fighting types.
- Bruno: Slowbro KO'd the first Onix and Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee only has Normal and Fighting moves, so Haunter could easily get to +6/+6 against him with X Special/Speed. OHKO Hitmonlee with Thunderbolt, Onix with Mega Drain and 2HKO Machamp who couldn't do anything back because his only non Normal/Fighting move is Fissure which doesn't work against faster opponents.
- Agatha: Exeggutor was able to Hypnosis the first Gengar and bring him down to half HP with Psychic. At this point Agatha switched to Golbat, who got taken down to half with Psychic and nearly go KO'd before confusion hax did Exeggutor in. Electrode came in and Thunder'd Golbat down, Graveler then came in and took care of the rest.
- Lance: Electrode OHKO'd Gyarados with Thunder. None of Lance's four remaining Pokemon could do anything against Haunter, who simply X Specialed up and slowly defeated his remaining Pokemon.
- Rival 8: Graveler defeated Pidgeot, Slowbro got a Toxic off on Alakazam, after which he and Exeggutor were able to stall him to death thanks to a few Hyper Potions, Haunter was once again impervious to Rhydon and Mega Drain'd him to death, Graveler came back in to defeat Arcanine, then Haunter again faced an opponent that couldn't damage him in Exeggutor, which allowed him to use X items to fully power up, then he defeated Exeggutor and OHKO'd Blastoise with Thunderbolt.

Final team:
- Level 26 Haunter caught in Pokemon Tower
- Level 27 Exeggutor caught in Safari Zone
- Level 30 Hitmonlee obtained in the Dojo
- Level 39 Slowbro caught in Seafoam Islands
- Level 42 Electrode caught in Power Planet
- Level 43 Graveler caught in Victory Road

Other MVP's:
- All the various Pidgeys with Sand Attack
- Dux, with Cut, Fly and Sand Attack
- Level 31 Dugtrio caught in Diglett Cave
- Nidoking, Tauros and Rhydon caught in the Safari Zone

In the end it was pretty fun. Brock was very tedious, as I absolutely needed a 1% encounter rate Pokemon to defeat him at a point were Repels were pointless and even with that Pokemon the fight just took a very long time. Other than him all the other boss fights were surprisingly easy. The AI is just so broken in this game that anything is possible.
One final thing, if you want to try this yourself I recommend forbidding Dugtrio. He is incredibly overleveled for the point where you catch him and like the legendary birds he just makes the challenge far too easy.


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