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1. You must start your cave's title with the word "tutorial", case insensitive.
2. After the end of the cavecode, add 10 lines all starting with a question mark: ?
3. Write your tutorial messages after these questions marks.
4. Tutorial messages are inserted into the cave using the numbers 0-9. You can put each number into the code multiple times.

Result: The message after the first question mark will be displayed when you approach a 0 in your cavecode, the 2nd message will be displayed when you approach a 1, etc. Each number will display its message once, but if you encounter another copy of the same number, that number will display the message once again.

Note 1: You cannot have enemies in levels whose titles start with "tutorial".
Note 2: If you put a number in a level whose title starts with "tutorial" but don't supply a message, you will get a shockwave error when the message tries to display.
Note 3: Any lines after a line which begins with a question mark are ignored and will not be used as part of the cavecode, regardless of whether or not the level is a "tutorial". Question marks in the middle of cavecode still function as fake crates.
Note 4: I think profanity in a tutorial message likely doesn't cause a failed profanity check upload error, but I don't recommend that anybody test it to see, because you will lose your account in the off-chance that it does.

tutorial 1 (basic training)
terrain 1
background 1
water clear
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   )              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxxxxxxxxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       +    )       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxww              xxxxxxxx      xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx               xxxxxx====x +++        )      xxxxxxxxwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxxxx+xxxww          )      xxxxx"        x
xxxxxxxxxxxxx                   xxx  n xxxxxx===xx                           wwxxxxxxbwww                    xxxx"        x
xxxxxxxxxxxxx     )          u   xx    xxxxxx   xxx                             wwxxwb             xx         xxx"   )    x
xxxxxxxxxx                       xx====xxxxxx   xxxxx    5                         + b          )  xx        u xx"9     D x
xxxxxx              1       b    xx  n xxxxx    xxxxxxxxxx   )                   + b b             xx   xx     xx"   xxxxxx
xxxxx            xxxxx   bbKbbbbKxx    xxxx     xxxxxxx             )  )         b            n  xxxx   xxxx     "n   xxxxx
xxx            xxxxxxxx bKKKbbbKKxx====xxx      xxxxxxx                        )      )          xxxx    xxx     "     xxxx
xx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx  n xxx  (   xxxxxxxx"xxxxxxx     ++                   xxxxx    xx    xxxx 8     ++  oxx
xx         n  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx  4        " xxxxxxxx"xxxxxxx  xxxxxxx       7         xxxxx    xx      xxxx    ++++ooox
xx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx=="=xxxxxxxx"xxxxxxx  xxxxxxx   ===K====K===   xxxx     x       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x            xxxx        (    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  " xxxxxxxx"xxxxxx    xxxxx       K    K       xx      x        oxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x            xxx  2           xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  " xxxxxxxx"xxxxx      xxx        Ko   K       xx      xo 6  o ooxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x          xxxx    ====xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn " xxxxxxxx"xxxxx      oxo        Koo  K       xx      xx "xoooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x          xxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  " xxxxxxxx"xxxxxx6   ooxxo6    oxxxxoxxo 6   oxxo 6  oxx "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x   )     xxxxb           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  " xxxxxxxx"xxxxxx"ooxoxxxx"oxooxxxxxxxxxx"ooxoxxxo"oooxx "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x #   0 xxxxxbb++      )     xx       xxxxxx  " xxxxxxxx"xxxxxx"xxxxxxxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"xxxxxxxx"xxxxx "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxbb++b           3    )    xxxx n " xxxxxxx " xxxx " xxxxxx " xxxxxxxxxxxx " xxxxxx " xxx  "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxx   " xxxxoo n"n    ("   (   ("    (    (   ("   (   ("    ( "  ooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          " xxxoooo "      "        "              "        "      " oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
? Climb up the rocks to the right by jumping. The green arrows will guide you to the end of the level. And don't worry - nothing can hurt you on this level!
? Bash through the wooden crates and get down the hole. You cannot bash the metal crates.
? Below are some treasure chests. You must collect all the treasure on each level! The red number at the top of the screen shows how many treasure chests remain.
? You have to crawl through these narrow gaps. Press down and right at the same time to crawl through!
? You can jump up through the wooden platforms to climb up this part. And remember to keep collecting any treasure that you find.
? Now some big jumps! Keep heading to the right and jump over the holes. If you fall into a hole, you can go back around to try again.
? Oops! You fell into a hole! Don't worry.. climb down the ladder and head left. Then you can climb back up to try again.
? There is some treasure above you! Press up to look upwards. Jump up and bash the crates to make them fall down.
? When you have collected every treasure chest on the level, the exit door will open.
? To reach the exit door you have to jump off this ladder! Press right to begin moving off, then hit jump almost straight away.
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Sunday, September 18 2016, 7:23 pm EST

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Any opinions on how the Cavemaker should be updated in include this functionality? It could get a little bit messy...

Also, it seems that leading and trailing spaces are now trimmed by the uploader? For how long has that been going on? I probably have to add a cavemaker text-formatting function to get around that too, except there's no good way to do that, is there?

(This should probably be a blog post so feel free to convert it.)
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Sunday, September 18 2016, 8:39 pm EST
HATPC Reborn Dev

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Very cool. I'll obviously be implementing this in my remake too, and I think I'll also add the ability to have up to 5 messages on levels that aren't named tutorial by using the unused numbers.

And while we're updating the cavemaker, we might want to add some codes for steel arrow crates.

Rictory for Ralkyon!

HATPC Reborn home page
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Monday, September 19 2016, 4:32 pm EST
~Jack of all trades~

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I think it's amazing that we actually find new things on this game lol

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Monday, September 19 2016, 7:14 pm EST

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And this means it's quite possible there's still stuff to discover

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