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This week's update is once again brought to you by Thomas:

I made this deal with Livio so now I have to write a weekly update this week and next week.

Minecraft has taken over all site activity so to protest, upload a level for a game that isn't minecraft.

Go choose a new avatar for Quirvy!

Bmwsu has a blog.

I don't read the joke thread but it's been active for a few days so maybe there's some good jokes.

Livio finally completed part 3 of the Interguild history so go read it and comment.

Apparently Jazz is hosting mafia game #3.5 so go /in!

Only 3 new levels this week:
- Squash (Red Remover)
- secret there and back (secret climb) (HATPC)
- level twenty uploader fixed (HATPC)

Post of the Week!
There was a tie here but I don't know why Livio's post got karma so I guess that makes jell's post the post of the week.

Fail of the Week!
Shos was spam rated. Jell started it so everybody should minus rate him and once his karma gets to the lowest possible value for a 32-bit signed integer (−2147483648) his karma should wrap around and go into positives, lol.

Dud of the Week!
Just like the post of the week, there was a tie but Darvince's post was more spammy than Captain Oblivious' so it's all yours CO/Quirvy.
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Sunday, October 23 2011, 3:43 am EST

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So for those of you who missed it, Isa posted this update first, but when I logged in, I noticed that I had a PM from Thomas with the update inside, so I immediately posted it. It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized that we had essentially double posted the weekly update.

But it turns out that, unlike Isa, I actually read the update before posting it, and I fixed some big typos. And that's why Isa's post got deleted instead of mine.
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Sunday, October 23 2011, 3:55 am EST
the clique shall prevail

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My bad, I forgot to read over the update before I sent it.

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