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Ten years ago today was when the first two HATPC-related guilds joined forces to create The Interguild.

At the time almost everyone in the community was in either middle school or high school, with plenty of free time to make levels, play them, and mess around on the forums. As we grew older, we also grew busier. And while we still played HATPC from time to time, many of us definitely seemed to have had our fill of the game.

Eventually Minecraft brought back a good amount of activity to this site, without necessarily replacing HATPC as the game at the center of this community. The Interguild Minecraft server has been running for over five years now, with the utterly massive Creative world that has survived countless server upgrades and (often disruptive) game updates.

I'm not sure I expected the Interguild to last this long. Ever since its early days, the Interguild has shown an almost absurd resolve to not die. Even now, coming onto the forums every now and then seems to be the main way to keep in touch with the rest of the community, despite the fact that many of us now use Steam and Slack and Facebook. Staying alive this long is definitely a real feat.

Happy birthday, IG
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Wednesday, September 28 2016, 9:51 am EST

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HOORAY! We are almost as old as me!

whoop whoop!

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Wednesday, September 28 2016, 2:44 pm EST
Interguild Founder

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A remarkable achievement! I never expected it to last this long. Here's to the next 10 years!
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Wednesday, September 28 2016, 2:45 pm EST
~Jack of all trades~

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10 years. Damn. I never would have guessed either

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Wednesday, September 28 2016, 6:11 pm EST

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It's absolutely impressive. I have no idea what would happen if HatPC wasn't as awesome as it is. Ten years old when I was 8, there were hundreds of web games I have checked out, but HatPC was just different, more ambitious, which made me play it for months until 2008 when I've found The Interguild. The community of people, who appreciated the HatPC ambitiousness and have taken out all the potential of this game across 10 years. Hope this never ends.

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