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Interdimensional Idiosyncrasies
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by: Sefro

Length: 02:46 | Aug 14, 2008

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by: aych bee

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Interdimensional Idiosyncrasies - More Info
Made by: krotomo on Apr 03, 2017
Length: 03:05 -- Views: 579 -- Game: HATPC

A walkthrough for my cave, Interdimensional Idiosyncrasies. (Includes heart and gem)
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Monday, April 3 2017, 2:59 pm EST
Are You The Next In Line?

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At first when I saw the title of this walkthrough, I was like "I have no memory of this level existing"

Then I looked up the level, looked at the preview map, and I was like "I have no memory of this level existing"

Then I started watching the video and I suddenly remembered this level existing. I guess that's the perils of me only making vague comments about playing the level in the chatbox.

Not really sure why I stopped playing it, uh... life is hard. I believe the furthest I got was getting killed by the falling boulder at 2:40 (I did not get the extra life or set up the gem). So I guess I was decently close to the end, but I definitely do not think I would have been able to beat it.

Nice, polished walkthrough. Pensive music for a pensive cave

COMING SOON: Whoooooooo knoooooooooowssss
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Saturday, May 6 2017, 8:53 pm EST

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Wow that was a really neat cave. I wish I was better at hatpc so I could have actually appreciated it when I played it a few months back. I really really like the level design.

spooky secret

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