Sat. 2:04am - [color= Hello
Sat. 9:44pm - Livio lol
Sat. 9:41pm - Yimmy holy crapl Livio?
Sat. 12:00am - Livio what's up?
Thu. 1:33am - HB join the discord SHOS
Tue. 2:20pm - SHOS It looks like youtube has changed SO VASTLY since I last uploaded a cave. You can upload tens of videos simultaneously and everything is automatic and so hightech lol
Tue. 2:20pm - SHOS Sup yall!
Tue. 2:19pm - SHOS S?? ????
Sun. 7:52pm - atvelonis go birds
Fri. 2:51pm - SHOS Lol Q definitely. But I also do miss you guys some. It kinda amazes me how we made beautiful, beautiful things so young
Sun. 2:59pm - Yimmy i know a guy who knows something about masonry
Wed. 3:29am - HB i, myself, for one, do not
Tue. 4:30pm - atvelonis does anyone know anything about masonry?
Tue. 1:04pm - Rocketguy2 you know what they say, all toasters, toast toast!
Wed. 7:44pm - Soccer interesting time to log in to
Wed. 2:12am - Quirvy Wow shos doesn't miss us he only misses having free time
Mon. 5:01pm - Jebby Hello there
Thu. 1:07pm - SHOS Or, well, I've been missing the time when I had time
Thu. 1:07pm - SHOS sup yall I've been missing you
Wed. 3:53pm - HB i did not know you were in seattle but i will see you in seattle at some point between october and december
Mon. 5:59pm - Soccer i am also still in seattle
Fri. 5:59pm - Yimmy yo??
Thu. 4:20pm - HB hello Teo_pl
Wed. 3:56pm - Teo feels good to see some activity here
Wed. 3:56pm - Teo hi guys!
Mon. 1:19am - Quirvy FWIW, I am still in Seattle
Tue. 4:00am - HB i am not in seattle
Wed. 4:35am - HB if anybody is in seattle still please hit me up for i shall be in seattle later this month
Sun. 12:01am - atvelonis Moved into Philly. Cute city
Fri. 2:39am - Silver still alive o/
Wed. 1:01am - atvelonis Hi Linda how are you. my granddaughter said the Face Book is where she writes her friends like the post office. See you at church Love Barbara
Sun. 6:09pm - Rocketguy2 anyways what in the goddamn is a facebook
Sun. 6:09pm - Rocketguy2 holy smokes I just got censored by the interguild member chat box
Sun. 9:20pm - HB you too quirvy
Sun. 2:52am - HB add me on facebook shos
Thu. 12:43pm - SHOS sup yall
Wed. 2:31am - HB now that i am the age dando was in 2007, what i find most incongruent with reality is her willingness to hang out with teenage boys
Fri. 10:27am - Livio Hey guys!
Fri. 10:24am - Rocketguy2 goodbye, Livio
Fri. 10:21am - Yimmy hi Livio <3
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