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What is the Uploader Glitch?

The glitch first appeared in January of 2008, and it is triggered when you use two use two arrows on the same line that face in opposite directions away from each other. For example, if you have a line in the code of your level such as this: ...xx<xxx>xx..., the glitch will be triggered, but if you uses something like this: ...xx>xxx<xx..., then it won't be triggered. It doesn't matter what's between or arround the two arrows; if they are facing away from each other on the same line, then it will trigger the glitch. If you do not fix this glitch, the entire line of code will be omitted when you play the level. Also note that a scenario such as this: xx<>xx will not trigger the glitch because there is nothing between the arrows.

terrain 1
background 1
water clear
x x                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x#x                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x x                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x       >     V      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xmb                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxm     ^>>>>        xwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwx
xxxm>   |>>V         x                   x
xxxxm                x                   x
xxxxxm               x V <>             <x
xxxxxxmb       VVVVVVxV<"                x
xxxxxxxm     x|||||||xV "x               x
xxxxxxxxm     V      xV "x^V=            x
xxxxxxxxxm b         xV "x |K==V=        x
xxxxxxxxxxm m        x>|"x^KKK||K =V=    x
xxxxxxxxxxxmx        xmx"x   KKKK K|K =V=x
xxxxxxxxxxxxx        xxx"x^       KKK K|Kx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx        www"x            KKKx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx  bbbbb   > m^mmmmmmmmmmmmmDx

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