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Author: sup_mus
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 12:29 pm

Part of the Series: Water

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I have finally made a level instead of just logging in and playing my old levels like a Narcissist.

I know only the first half of it is really the "Speedy" part and the rest isn't. Its hard to make a full speed level. Gem should be fun to get too.

100% possible

As always, Enjoy!

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6.8 out of 10
1 vote
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2.9/5 — Normal
1 vote

Dimensions: 85x86 — Treasures: 16 — Water: clear

Warning: This cave is affected by the uploader glitch. Click here to learn how to play it.

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User Comments (1)
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2.9/5 — Normal
This level was a bit of fun and it had a few neat traps, but almost every trap is hindered by a really messy vibe.
The opening trap is uninspired. It seems like a lot of people try to start with a simple arrow trap like that and it gets really tedious since you have to deal with it every single attempt, especially since the center of the ground is destroyed.
The rest of the top really struggles with the mess. A pet peeve of mine is having to wait behind a traps arrow trail (especially because of the janky arrow explosions) and the top traps suffer from that quite a bit. You can always just tighten the timing or add some barrier where the player has to wait without risk of dying from going too fast. Sometimes some of the dynamite in the right trap of the top section (before going down) doesn't all activate and while that's super minor I think it would pay overall to make everything have a bit more purpose. Why does that trap need a full row of dynamite to fall and a full row of arrows?
the boulder trap is fine conceptually and in execution
after the boulder trap there's a lot of chaos combined with really harsh timing, which is kind of an awful pair. After crawling through the arrow trail to hit the dynamite, you have to jump through all the explosions and the oncoming arrows, all while avoiding the down arrow that was just meant to destroy the wooden dynamite. The player can't really pay attention to all that so it almost feels like a gamble if you'll make it through that trap at all, and even if you do you'll hardly make it in time through the steel crates. After dealing with all of that, you're thrown directly into another really tightly timed trap, which would be fine on it's own but after gambling your way through the last part it's pretty rough to die there.
The next layer is pretty much fine, but the player has to do a few things for no reason at all. (what's with that first stack of boulders??). The puzzle is solid.
The underwater part is another section with a lot happening but not a lot of substance. The idea of having to figure out all the arrows while worrying about air is pretty neat, but I'm not sure it should've come so late in the level and the air definitely should've been more accessible before you get locked in. (also the air pocket in the middle of the room is pretty bold)
the right side is just holding up. could've at least been shorter, if not more interesting. the last arrow trap is plain filler, and i don't think ending a level on filler is very great for the player's experience.
This level has a few traps that have cool ideas or are designed well, but a couple design decisions end up making it really tedious and not very satisfying to succeed. I wouldn't recommend playing it tbh


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