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Author: Rocketguy2
Game: Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Date: Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 1:15 pm

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My god, A decent HATPC level by rocketguy2, in 2018?

This level took about 3 hours to make, so hopefully it's decent.

Uploaded to rocketguy2

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6.4 out of 10
1 vote
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1.7/5 — Easy
1 vote

Dimensions: 76x49 — Treasures: 3 — Water: clear

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User Comments (2)
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Sunday, June 10 2018, 2:16 am EST

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I got to the bottom left before dying to spikes due to not playing in so long and also remembering I have an essay to write. Overall pretty fun. Few pieces of advice: generally, levels are more player friendly if you start out not already in the middle of a speed trap. Also, not sure if the heart crate is possible? and then one note about aesthetics, i noticed that there were some parts where you paid more attention than others. Some of the really flat areas look a bit off (mostly areas where arrows go through). that's about it for now, will either play more later or will play another level if you so choose to make one.

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Sunday, November 8 2020, 12:35 pm EST
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1.7/5 — Easy
man i was sure i rated this level :/
An overall fun time. It doesn't offer much challenge since the traps are fairly lenient, and nothing struck me as new or super exciting, but I had a pleasant experience all the way through and that counts for quite a bit. I quite like the way the gem is set up- not just a single passage to the gem, but multiple actions to set up for the gem at the end. The aesthetics are also pretty neat. Many caves tend to a more cramped style, so the large rooms and smooth gradients are refreshing. Not a bad level!


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