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Monthly Cost:  $20.00 USD

Payment Due:  the 2nd of each month

List of Awesome Donors:

Minecraft Server Info

Server IP: Please login to see the server IP.

Ranks & Permissions:

(1) Default - can do nothing but explore the creative world.
(2) Builder - can build in the creative world. Building powers are given only to referred members.
(3) Architect - a builder who can use World Edit in the creative world. Architect powers are given to trusted members who have at least 500 posts on the forums.
(4) Mod - an architect who can ban people, set up warps, and do other mod things.
(5) Admin - can do anything, because they keep the server running.

(*) Survival access is granted on a per-person basis. Just ask for survival permissions and a mod will grant you access.


Spoiler: Things you can do in both Creative and Survival

Spoiler: Things you can do in Creative

Spoiler: Things you can do in Survival

Benefits For Donating:
If you donate to the server (details above), then you get the option of a custom color for your name and/or having the world you're in appearing in gold.  Both are optional and there is no donation minimum.


Contact Livio (livio@interguild.org).
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Monday, January 24 2022, 10:33 pm EST
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mop

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Location: New York
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Today I decided to take a tour of all the stuff I'd built on InterServer. This didn't go so well, however: I discovered that my rank has been reset to [default] instead of [Architect], meaning I don't have permission to use any commands (this made getting around pretty tedious); and also that the compass teleportation doesn't work anymore, that I don't have access to the Survival world, and that the interactive map is down. Also, atvelonis' big map in Spawn City got destroyed again for whatever reason.  

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Friday, February 18 2022, 1:51 am EST
Apocryphal Ruminator

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It's always destroyed! I am never sure why. Maps are the worst because entities are the worst. I can fix it sometime.

jellsprout said:
As a kid I always thought tennisballs looked delicious and I liked biting them. I still remember the feel of the fuzz on my teeth and tongue.

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