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[10:11.41] <+Dar|kraft> odang
[10:11.58] <+Dar|kraft> kip|uncraft your acct is about to be deleted at interguild unless you prove you are nawt me
[10:12.01] <kip|uncraft> what
[10:12.05] <kip|uncraft> whatt
[10:12.09] <kip|uncraft> kolok
[10:12.09] <kip|uncraft> idc
[10:12.16] <+Dar|kraft> erry1 thinks yu are me
[10:12.19] <kip|uncraft> ...kol
[10:12.21] <+Dar|kraft> because your location is "darvince"
[10:12.28] <kip|uncraft> shud i change it
[10:12.41] <+Naru523> change it into darvinse
[10:12.41] <+Dar|kraft> yes
[10:12.54] <+Naru523> that way no one will know you are dar
[10:13.04] <+Dar|kraft> kip|uncraft did yu try to make your username poo in binary

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kolkon sitei

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020 10:23 pm
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June 18, 2012
February 7, 1988
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the city state of darrunterliegende rises
--Date: Feb 15, 2014
--Game: Minecraft
--Rating: 9.5 / 10
derrida's bridge
--Date: Jan 28, 2014
--Game: Minecraft
--Rating: None
darvince's house on blacraft
--Date: Jan 23, 2014
--Game: Minecraft
--Rating: None
Pojic Luzzle
--Date: Nov 18, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None
wow many life
--Date: Oct 14, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None
i found your bedroom
--Date: Apr 27, 2013
--Game: HatIC
--Rating: None
escaping darvince's intestines: you are a communist
--Date: Apr 16, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None
well that escalated quickly
--Date: Mar 30, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None
suggionic formation
--Date: Mar 7, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: 6 / 10
inside my womb
--Date: Mar 5, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None
--Date: Mar 4, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None
--Date: Mar 1, 2013
--Game: HATPC
--Rating: None

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