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One problem that has always bothered our users is that there are several great games out there that include level editors but have no proper way for users to share those levels. The purpose of this website is to provide that service to fans of any game. With our multi-game level database, you can upload and share your levels easily. You can also use the Interguild to find videos, guides, and even other games that you may be interested in. Get involved in the overall community, meet some of our members, and participate in our frequent competitions.

The community is a central part of the Interguild. Some members have been with us since we first started out in 2006, and even relatively new members feel as though they can help with the progress and development of the site. The website was designed and programmed by Livio, and it's also managed by the Staff, a group of members with the ability to moderate posts and keep the site updated.

A very important part of our community lately has been the Aeon project, an ambitious attempt to create our dream game. Even though progress is slow, we've already exceeded many of our own expectations by releasing a few early-build demos. If you're interested in contributing to the project, visit the Aeon Discussion Board.

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