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A while ago, Livio made it possible for the staff to hand out custom awards. This means a lot of things, including that the old game of "Find Interbot" can resume. Also "Badges" is another name for "Custom Awards". The following custom awards have been added:

I Found Interbot
The game is simple. The staff members have hidden the phrase "Interbot was is here", in the title of one of the pages around the site. Find the location, post it here, and you'll receive an award! Whenever someone does that, the location will change and the hunt will begin again. Obviously, since Interbot can find Interbot, he is currently the first recipient of the award.
Recipients: Bmwsu, Interbot, Jazz, Krotomo, Quirvy, imtimi, Isa, Yaya, Thomas, soccerboy13542, Rocket Guy2, FlashMarsh, Shos.
Going For The Record
In order to get this award, you have to stay online for at least 24 hours. This was related to the Neezles Account Takeover, when "a_neezles_a" tried to break the online-time record.
Recipients: Bmwsu, a_neezles_a, jellsprout, soccerboy13542, Thomas, Darvince, Jorster, Teo
Your Overlord D52
This award is only available if you are actually Dando52.
Recipient: Bmwsu, Dando52
My Imagination Is Always Thinking... OF IDEAS!
Based off of an old joke, this award is given to those who suggest an idea that the staff ends up implementing. This includes new awards, so for suggesting this particular award, Yaya is a recipient. As well, FlashMarsh is a recipient for suggesting the entire custom awards system.
Recipients: Bmwsu, Yaya, Thomas, Jazz
My Imagination Is Always Thinking... OF IDEAS!
Just like the previous one, except for those who care about energy efficiency and the environment.
Recipients: Bmwsu, FlashMarsh, imtimi, Silver, Yimmerly7
Ruby The Brave
You get this award for contributing some pretty artwork for potential use in Aeon. This is based off of an old joke from the old forums, in which "Ruby the Brave" was suggested to be Aeon's main character.
Recipients: Bmwsu, aych bee, jellsprout, FlashMarsh, krotomo, Kittikyana, Silver, Dekudude, soccerboy13542, DeathBunni X
Full of Win!
You get this award for writing music for potential use in Aeon. This is based off the April Fools Day 2010 build of Aeon, and the "full of win" text is a reference to the screen that comes up when you beat a level in the first few Aeon demos.
Recipients: Bmwsu, canadianstickdeath, Dekudude, the_grimace, rosabellis, FlashMarsh, Harumbai, Cedric_09_
Close Encounter
To get this award, you have to be seen online at the same time as Haily. Yeah right.
Recipients: Bmwsu, Haily, jazz, kk66464522, canadianstickdeath, Dando, imtimi, Livio, Dekudude, krotomo, GF4, Thomas, DBX, jellsprout, Isa, Cedric_09_, Yaya, Quirvy, Yimmy7, Teo, Jorster, Bang_jan, Buboy24, Silver, Shos
Beware: Super Stalker
This award was made specifically for a_neezles_a.
Recipients: Bmwsu, a_neezles_a
Neopets' Cave of the Week Award
This is awarded to those who win Neopets' Cave of the Week
Recipients: Bmwsu, canadianstickdeath, cheopspyramid, soccerboy13542, krotomo, Dekudude, Quirvy, Isa, Silver, dabigkid, GF4, jorster23, Harumbai, Teo

As previously, feel free to suggest your own ideas for an award, and if yours is accepted, you'll find a shiny one on your look-up. If you can provide an image that's about the same size as our current awards, please submit that as well, for increased chances that the staff will accept your award.
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Monday, May 17 2010, 7:21 pm EST

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So, how are you going to find everything?
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Monday, May 17 2010, 8:19 pm EST

Age: 28
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Do we get a hint?

Also, I got some award ideas:

1. Lots of Free Time- View every single topic on the Interguild at the current moment.

2. Ankle Slasher- Be hidden while one other member is online.
I couldn't really find a picture for this one.

3.Bright- Have one of your award ideas approved by the staff

4. Junkie- Let your Pm inbox get full.

COMING SOON: A giant meteor. Please.
Give me +karma. Give me +karma.
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Monday, May 17 2010, 8:43 pm EST

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how about negative awards like this?
George Bush- get a karma per 100 posts ratio of less than -250
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Monday, May 17 2010, 9:26 pm EST

Age: 30
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Broken Sound Barrier - gain more than 100 karma

Fixed Sound Barrier - gain less then -100 karma
(the previous picture but flipped)
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Monday, May 17 2010, 11:16 pm EST

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You know, out of absurd ideas come some good ones, so I'm just going to suggest anything that comes to mind in this post of suggestions, that is just remotely reasonable.

Not like the idea of getting a reward for staying online 24 hours straight isn't absurd, anyways...

Clean Record
Be a member of at least 1 year old, and never have a run-in with the staff members
Award is removed when you have a run-in with a staff member.

Be suspended at least twice(I actually think a good amount of our staff members might qualify for this award)

<this doesn't need a name, because no one will ever get it>
Win first place in two competitions that Harumbai entered into.

Close Encounter
As someone already suggested, be online at the same time as Haily

Constant Success
Have at least two posts that are rated 5 or more karma

And on the opposing side

Constant Failure
Have at least 5 posts rated -3 or less, or at least 2 posts rated -5 or less.

Consistency Award
Have 1000+ posts, and do not have any of your IP's match that of another member(IE: Interbot)
This would also go back to the old interguild.

Get into an argument with a staff member and win

Secret Test Board
Discover the Secret Test Board's location, and notify a staff member about your discovery.
Notifying the public about the location of the secret test board will result in you losing your award(and everyone else not being able to get it)(this would require Livio to do some work to make i

Submit a video, guide, or game, and have it be rejected.

Have received at least 5 interguild warnings

Blatantly Apparent Boy!
Post something that someone soon afterwards replies to with, "Hey, that's Captain Obvious' line!"

Forum Success
Start a topic which gains 100 posts before going into inactivity(must be from the random chat board)

Forum Failure
Start a topic which only gains less than 10 posts before becoming inactive(must be from the random chat board)

D52 Supporter
Given to anyone who has a bunny in their avatar

Maybe I'll add some more later, but these are just some suggestions.

spooky secret
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Tuesday, May 18 2010, 12:12 am EST

Age: 34
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I made a quick edit to the news post to clarify where exactly the Interbot phrase is hidden. It's hidden in the page title. Here, the title is "Custom Awards Available", but if it were hidden here, it'd instead be the interbot message.

I also add information about the third custom award that we have right now...
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Tuesday, May 18 2010, 2:54 am EST

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Location: Canada
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Well, I think these awards are things that members should strive for... so I don't think we should give out awards for things like getting a video rejected, or making a poorly karma-rated post, or getting suspended twice .

Other than that, I do like the awards and I think they have a lot of potential to be awesome. But we should focus on the awards for good/cool stuff.
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Tuesday, May 18 2010, 2:54 am EST
No. I'm an octopus.

Age: 30
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Location: Uppsala, Sweden - GMT +1
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I'd like to remind you that so far, staff members can't (thankfully) see what you're doing on the Interguild, and we can't see if your PM inbox is full.

Still, keep the suggestions coming.

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