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About: Red Remover

From the same creator of Super Stacker, this is a puzzle game where the goal is to remove all of the red blocks from the screen, while keeping the green blocks in it. You can remove certain blocks by clicking on them, where there are others that must be pushed off the screen using the game's physics. There are different planes of gravity that a block can follow, which can create several types of interesting traps.

After making a level in the editor, you must prove that it is possible by beating it yourself. After that, you will submit your level by uploading it to thegamehomepage.com. Then you will be given a link to it so that you can share your level with friends.

Created by: Gaz
Added to our System: Aug 3, 2009
Category: Puzzle Games

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Newest Levels

Point Blank
--By: sup_mus
--Date: Oct 8, 2014
--Game: Red Remover
--Rating: 8 / 10
A New RR Level
--By: sup_mus
--Date: Oct 1, 2014
--Game: Red Remover
--Rating: 7 / 10
Through the Maze
--By: soccerboy13542
--Date: Mar 29, 2014
--Game: Red Remover
--Rating: None
--By: soccerboy13542
--Date: Dec 13, 2012
--Game: Red Remover
--Rating: 8.9 / 10
Hoofin' It
--By: snipereborn
--Date: Jul 15, 2012
--Game: Red Remover
--Rating: 6.9 / 10
We Will Block You
--By: Yaya
--Date: Jul 13, 2012
--Game: Red Remover
--Rating: None
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