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About: Super Mario World/Lunar Magic

Lunar Magic is a program one can use to hack a Super Mario World ROM. Super Mario World is a simple game where one has to dodge enemies and defeat Bowser and rescue somebody. One must find the goal to proceed to the next level or a secret level. There are nine worlds: Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Twin Bridges, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, Valley of Bowser, Star World and Special Zone. If one completes the special zone, a change will happen to the map. Lunar Magic is a program with both complicating and simple features. It has both an overworld editor and a level editor. One can use these editors to simply edit the levels, or change the game entirely. The level editor has buttons that are used for different things. (ex. Sprite Properties) The buttons will open a window that either has lists of objects and sprites (object&sprite editors) or a dialog box with options. The overworld editor is like the level editor, but different.

Note that it is ILLEGAL to distribute or link to original ROM's, and that you'll have to download both the ROM and Lunar Magic in order to edit levels.

We at the Interguild suggest using a search engine to find a proper ROM.

To upload your level, you'll have to find another site such as RapidShare or FileFront, upload the file there, and then link to that site. But, do NOT upload the Rom that you have created. You must use a program like Lunar IPS (somebody make this into a link) to create an IPS patch, and upload that instead. Any hack submitted in Rom format will be rejected, and any attempt to post links to Roms will result in (at least) an immediate suspension.

Created by: FuSoYa (Lunar Magic) Nintendo (Super Mario World)
Added to our System: Apr 19, 2009
Category: Other Games

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