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Because we don't allow our members to use html, many sites provide their members with an alternative way to modify their posts using the system of BBcode. It's similar to html, but instead of using the < and > symbols, we use the [ and ] symbols. To add a setting to a specific piece of text, you must surround it in the BBcode tags. For example, the tag for bold text is ['b']. To make your text bold, you would type in the bold tag, type in your text, and then close the tag with [/b]. The forward slash means that your ending that type of tag. According to the previous example, the full text would've been this: ['b']text[/b]. But the final appearance of the text when you submit your post would be this: text. The following is a complete list of all of the BBcode tags that this site has to offer:

Bold Text:
CODE: ['b']text[/b]
FINAL: text

Italicized Text:
CODE: ['i']text[/i]
FINAL: text

Underlined Text:
CODE: ['u']text[/u]
FINAL: text

Strike-through Text:
CODE: ['s']text[/s]
FINAL: text

Colored Text:
CODE: [font color="blue"]text[/font]
FINAL: text

Font Size:
CODE: [size=18]text[/size]
FINAL: text

URL Link:
CODE: [url=http://www.google.com]click here[/size]
FINAL: click here

Quoted Text: Use this to quote what someone said.
CODE: ['quote']text[/quote]


ALSO: [quote='Name']text[/quote]
Name said:

Code Text: Use this to post things without triggering bbcode
CODE: ['code']<b>Bold Text</b>[/code]

<b>Bold Text</b>
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